Psychologists have created a variety of theories to help explain and understand what act and behave the way they do.

Among the psychologists a few of the most famous are psychologist B. F. Skinner and psychologist Ivan Pavlov. The two of them are best known for their conditioned reflex experiment which focuses on other traits of behaviorism. The social learning theory looks at how a person acts when controlled by their environment rather than be influenced by innate forces and conditioned reflexes.Compare and contrast the behavioral and social learning approaches to personality The thought behind the behavioral approach is that the environment we are in causes us to react differently, explaining behavior through observation. The behavioral approach is contradicted by the social approach which believes in learning through the observation of others.

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The observation of behavioral responses of an individual is often influenced by certain stimuli. Positive stimulus prompts the repetition of the behavior that leads to a favorable outcome.For example, a student who studies hard for a test and receives a 100% a test the first time, that student is likely to repeat the same process in preparation for the next test in hope of receiving another 100% (Friedman & Schustack,(2009). The psychologist also hypothesize in behaviorism also that we are born as “a Blank Slate”.

Therefore concluding that out behavior is determined by environmental factors rather than genetic or biological predispositions. Some social learning theorists claim that the way that people think, plan, perceive and believe is an important part of learning.These social learning theorists argue that we learn through imitation, modeling, and observation of other people behavior. If we observe a good behavior from other people, we are likely to behave well but if we observe bad behavior from them we behave badly (Psychologist World, 2010). Analysis of my bad habit Planning ahead is a bad habit of mine, my husband complains about this all the time.

When an event comes up I have to have it all planned out down to the last detail. I will admit I do get an attitude when it doesn’t go the way I planned.My birthday was September 27th, More than a month in advance I had it planned from the time I walked out the door that morning to the time I walked back in at the end of the night. I had exact times of where I needed to be when and in what order things were going to happen. It is like this with every event, my kids birthdays, visiting both sides of the families on the holidays and even in my day to day tasks at home. My husband says it’s because I have to feel like I am in control. I told him this year, if I could have anything for my birthday it would be to not have to plan my own birthday.

He gives me the same answer every year, how can I plan something special for you if you are already planning something months in advance. I am not totally sure how this habit developed because I was not always like this. I think it started once I have my first child. Before that I could come and go as I pleased with no worries but once she got here my world revolved around her schedule. I do believe that is what has led up to my crazy planning. I had to make time for her and still have time for me and it has just escaladed for there.

Breaking a bad habit I do continue to do this, what is why it is my habit.We have tried many times to break this habit. I’ll pick a day (in advance) and purposely not plan anything for that day and whatever comes up that is what we’ll do. I do find it very hard to just go with the flow or to be spontaneous. Planning is like an addiction for me, I need to have it all worked out, I need to know who will be where when. There are things I already have planned for a good portion of 2011.

Based on the behavior theory my habit of always planning came to be once I had children. At that point my environment changed which cause me to revaluate situations.Having children is what stimulates this habit. My response the urge to be prepared and the consequences is my excessive planning. Other than needing to have control I don’t see where the social theory takes place in regards to my planning habit. No one in my surrounding environment is like this, there for I cannot see myself learning it from another person.

Conclusion My personality coincides more with the behavioral theory than it does the social theory. With being bi-polar the environment I am in plays a big part in how my personality or mood will be.The littlest thing will set off a quick change in my mood, attitude or behavior. That may be another reason I have to plan everything.

If it is a stable place where I have some sort of control then I am better able to control the mood swings. I try to stay in am environments where I can be relaxed and clam. By keeping this way it allows me to focus on other things such as my children and family without having to worry about what is going to happen next. I will already know because I planned it that way. Maybe it is more of a defense mechanism than a habit and I just didn’t realize it.