Last updated: July 8, 2019
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Being a fresh graduate is like accomplishing a new height of life. The status of being graduated brings us to the next level of life where we have numerous possibilities with endless insecurities. Thanks to the platforms which may help us to land a great job with a kick-start career.  Strategic Assistant Program of Banglalink is one of them which provides fast-track growth opportunity for exceptionally bright fresh graduates to become the digital leaders of tomorrow.

The new generation of fresh graduates is online generation with a lot of enthusiasm towards work and digitalization. Banglalink, one of the leading digital communications service providers in Bangladesh want to empower the online generation by providing young minds this exciting opportunity of getting enrolled.

Strategic Assistants join as trainees and go through challenging job rotations supported by formal learning, and after successful completion of the program, get recruited against a permanent role. The program is a year-long training program that will allow the strategic assistants to work in all the departments of the company and then determine his/her strengths in the respective working areas. The hiring process of the Strategic Assistant Program includes an online Application, an aptitude Test, a primary interview, an assessment Center and a final interview. This competitive platform gives chance to manage and lead crucial strategic projects in different functions as well as gain knowledge about each unit of the huge organization.

The journey through the Strategic Assistant program is designed to ensure you have an understanding of the wider business beyond one role. Strategic assistant program is designed to ensure whether one has an understanding of the wider business beyond one role. Each rotation across the organization is designed to provide necessary training and exposure to empower one strategic assistant to identify the areas in which he/she is the best.


Being a talent hunt program, Banglalink has chosen highly talented business minds to create a progressive career working with Banglalink, one of the top multinational companies in Bangladesh.