“Being a leader is not about you.

It’s about the people that are on your team and how you can help them be successful.”In the early 1800’s, we are introduced to a incredible woman known as Maharani Jind Kaur who was renowned for her beauty,energy,and strength of purpose.Who knew a woman born in the beautiful city of Gujranwala to Manna Singh Aulakh and Mataji Kaur would became such a magnificent leader.

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Maharani Jind Kaur learned to never fear anyone and she stood her ground against the British.A woman who faced obstacles and got past them without giving up.Even in the final days of her life she never stopped dreaming that the Sikh Empire will rule Punjab once again.   Maharani Jind Kaur never feared anyone, she stood her ground against the British.

The First Anglo Sikh War  was caused by the British because of their expansionism into the Sikh Empires territory.When Maharani Jind Kaur came to know about this situation,she declared a war because she did not want the remarkable Sikh Empire to be destroyed.Battles of blood were fought at Muslim,Ferozeshah,Aliwal,and Sobraon resulting in a defeat of the Sikhs,but Maharani did not let the Sikhs give up,and tried to keep their beautiful empire safe.The British had feared Maharani Jind Kaur’s qualities so much that she was dragged from Lahore to Chunar Fort where she was kept.Jind Kaur still never gave up and she disguised herself as a servant and escaped the fort.Later on,Jind Kaur was replaced by the British Regency.

Committee and was put into prison.This was when she couldn’t stand her ground against the British anymore.The courageous mortal was was forced to give up during this obstacle but she had not given up on most of the obstacles she faced in her life.    Jind Kaur had faced her obstacles with bravery and was also able to break right through them.The obstacles she faced were Peshaura Singh Kanvar was trying to replace Dilip Singh as a Maharaja,feudal chiefs wanted a reduction in the taxation imposed on them by Hira Singh and they also wanted a restoration of their jagirs (lands which they received income from).In fact the army wanted a increase in pay and Sikhs were becoming enemies among each other in the search of power.Also Gulab Singh had took most of the Lahore treasury leaving Maharani Jind Kaur with barely any treasury.

Maharani Jind Kaur was also really smart but not only brave,and she was able to come up with a solution for each problem.Companions of Jind Kaur had killed Pashaura Singh Kanvar and got him out of the way,and Hira Singh was replaced as Jagir so there was a reduction in the taxation,and they were also offered Jagirs.The beloved Sikh army of Maharani Jind Kaur was given a increase in pay and after Dilip Singh was bethrothed to the daughter of Chatar Singh Atarivala which provided Jind Kaur with a lot of power.Finally Gulab Singh was brought to Lahore to face charges of stealing treasury and was put on a condition that he could only enter Jammu if he pays a fine of 68 Lakhs.Matter of fact all these obstacles Sikh Empire had faced made great stories in influencing Dilip Singh to become a true Sikh.

   In the last days of the brave womans life,she still saw a dream of the Sikh Empire ruling Punjab.After being 13 and a half years away from her son.She was able to meet him and accompany him to London.The final 2 years,she spent with her son at Mulgrave Castle in Yorkshire.The Maharani told Dilip Singh him about the Sikh heritage and how once the Sikh Empire was once his to rule.The Maharani Maharani influences Dilip Singh to convert back into a Sikh from Christianity and she also influenced him to go back to India and being the Sikh Empire back but he was captured at Aden while going to India and brought back to London.

Overall she failed to keep the Sikh Empire alive but who says she failed in becoming a good leader.    Maharani Jind Kaur is one of the most incredible leaders in Sikh History.Without having sense of fear in her remarkable eyes,Jind Kaur stood as a obstacle for the British as long as she could.A brilliant mortal she was,Jind Kaur had knew how to mentally and physically face her difficulties.She was also one of those great human beings that never gave up on their dream and tried fulfilling it until their last breath.Jind Kaur has proven a woman is no less than a men.Also what Jind Kaur did to save the Sikh Empire,will anyone do anything like that under those circumstances now in our world and do we even respect our Sikh Nation after all these warriors have sacrificed their lives so we can have a honourable identity.