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In Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. there are happenings that cause the two lovers to arise against assorted things which can turn out black in the terminal. Romeo and Juliet is a drama where two lovers are caught in the center of household feuds and even though they have to mouse around. they will halt at nil to be together. They both go against basic regulations that are set by their households. the jurisprudence. and their ain judgement. They will make anything to be together and make non recognize the effects of their actions.

Although Romeo and Juliet believe they should make whatever they have to make in order to be together. their rebellion against household. Torahs and regulations. and personal judgement proves foolish in the terminal because it causes their tragic deceases. Throughout their lives. Romeo and Juliet have been controlled by their households and in order to be together. they end up arising against their households wants which contributes to their deceases. Juliet’s parents merely want what is best for her. While they want her to acquire married to a nice adult male. she wants no portion in the matrimony because she wants to be with Romeo.

Her parents do non cognize that she wants to be with Romeo ; all they know is that she is being stubborn about get marrieding the nice adult male they have picked for her. Juliet says. “He shall non do me there a joyful bride! ” ( 3. 5. 122 ) . She is speaking to her parents about how she refuses to acquire married to Paris. the adult male they want her to get married. but she will non state them why all she says is that she does non desire to be married. Once her male parent hears this. he is beyond ferocious and Tells Juliet that if she does non hold to acquire married he will kick her out and even if she is stateless on the streets he will merely walk past her.

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Even after her male parent says this. Juliet is still relentless about being with Romeo when she says. “I’ll to the Friar to cognize his remedy/ if all else fail. myself have power to die” ( 3. 5. 254-255 ) . She would instead decease to be with Romeo and give up everything she has of all time had in her life. than merely travel along with her parents’ wants. Juliet betrays her parents when she fakes her ain decease. and she does all of this because she wants to run away with Romeo. If Juliet had non of rebelled against her families’ wants. she would hold most likely been married to Paris. non dead.

Romeo and Juliet are willing to make anything to be together. even though in the terminal some of the picks made to arise against the jurisprudence cause their tragic deceases. The Capulet and Montague households are continually involved in battles and late the Prince told them if they were even in another battle. whoever is involved will be killed. After this proposition is made. Tybalt starts a battle where Romeo ends up killing Tybalt. This battle violates the Prince’s regulation and Romeo did non desire to kill household even though he could non state anyone he was household.

The Prince’s regulation is clearly stated when he says. “Three civil bash bred of an airy word/ by thee. old Capulet. and Montague. /…if of all time you disturb out streets once more. your lives shall pay the forfeit of the peace” ( 1. 1. 91-99 ) . Over the past hebdomads at that place have been three battles between the Montagues and Capulets and the Prince says whoever is in the following battle will pay ; Romeo is ironically seeking to halt a battle because of the regulation and ends up interrupting the jurisprudence and bewraying Juliet by killing a member of her household. Killing Tybalt non merely breaks the jurisprudence. but besides means that he will be on the tally and unable to see Juliet.

Romeo goes on the tally because Benvolio says. “Romeo. off. begone! / the citizens are up. and Tybalt slain/ stand non amazed. The Prince will destine thee death/ if thou art taken. Hence. be gone. away” ( 3. 1. 138-141 ) . Benvolio is individual handedly stating his friend to interrupt the jurisprudence and fly the scene. which merely encourages Romeo to mouse around and see Juliet. No 1 wants Romeo to acquire hurt or acquire in problem because he is merely seeking to interrupt up a battle. but what no 1 knows is that if he is on the tally he can non see Juliet either.

Because of Romeo being banished. he can no longer see Juliet unless they sneak about. prevarication. and seek to run off ; if they had followed the regulations in the first topographic point they might non hold been in this fiasco. Romeo and Juliet thought they were in love and would make anything to be together ; finally seeking to be together leads to their unfortunate deceases. The biggest thing Romeo and Juliet Rebel against. which leads to their deceases. is their ain judgement. They both know in their heads that what they are making is non right. but the feeling of love. true or non. overrule their personal judgement.

Romeo and Juliet make remarks on how rash and speedy their determinations are. but frequently contradict themselves subsequently. They know the hazards of their relationship. but they think they are in love and nil can halt them. Romeo says. “Then love-devouring decease make what he dare. / it is adequate I may but name her mine”2. 6. 7-8. but Friar Lawrence answers. “these violent delectations have violent ends” ( 2. 6. 9 ) . Romeo does non care what happens to him and even though he knows in the dorsum of his head the consequences will likely non be good he still merely wants Juliet.

All he cares about is doing Juliet his no affair what the costs are or no affair what he thinks. Even though Friar Lawrence says this aspiration to do Juliet his may hold a awful terminal. Romeo does non care at all. He does non care what happens and his sloppiness may hold ended up killing him and Juliet. Juliet is the same as Romeo and does non listen to herself. She says. “It is excessively rash. excessively ill-advised. excessively sudden”2. 2. 125 but several lines subsequently. Juliet says. “if that thy crook of love be honourable/ thy purpose matrimony. direct me word to-morrow” ( 2. . 151-152 ) .

She knows that she does non desire or necessitate to acquire married. yet somehow Romeo convinces Juliet that they need each other with his poetic manner of speech production and even though she clearly knows this is an immediate and unreasonable determination she still says she will get married him. In the dorsum of their heads they know what is right. but choose to make what they want to make alternatively. Throughout their relationship. Romeo and Juliet make many speedy determinations that go against their personal judgement and most likely cause their awful deceases.

Romeo and Juliet Rebel against many things in their relationship that include households. Torahs and regulations. and personal judgement which cause their deceases. Even though Romeo and Juliet are childs and may hold really been in love. they made hapless determinations sing how to cover with their relationship. Juliet wholly rebelled against her parents’ wants of her acquiring married to Paris and would instead decease than marry Paris. Romeo and his friends ignore and blatantly disregard Torahs and regulations put in topographic point to maintain order in their town.

Finally. Romeo and Juliet both go against their ain personal judgement ; they both know what the right thing to make is. they merely take to make what they want. Romeo and Juliet both die doltishly in the terminal of the drama all because they were seeking to mouse around. Rebel. and ignore other people and their wants or regulations. In the terminal of the drama all it took for two adolescents to decease is mousing about and seeking to arise against others ; so in the terminal. everyone knows what the right thing to make is whether they like it or non and non making the right thing can do even worse events to go on.