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Bennett Fees Some of the problems that coral reefs face are that they are dying at an alarming rate. One of these reasons are that the PH level of the ocean is changing therefore changing the conditions that the reefs need to live.

Some of the other reasons include overfishing and large amounts of predatory fish. Also du to the fact that humans are dumping sewage into the ocean it is also making a lot of the reefs die. In the process of eutrophication there’s a sharp spike in life but because of this it also causes things to die. This over richness comes from runoff of land and it causes a dense growth of plant life. The effect it has however is that is kills a lot of animal life due to the lack of oxygen. The blue whale which is currently endangered has become in jeopardy because of hunting primarily. Whaling used to be a very popular business and since blue whales are the largest whales, they were hunted the most.

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Some of the things that they were used for was oil, food, clothing, and other things such as fishing hooks. Some of the things that are being done are being completed by the International Convention For the Regulation of Whaling which was founded to help preserve whales such as the blue whale. First off, you have dredging which is one of the worst way to fish. It involved dragging a mesh net along the seafloor and in result of this is kills and picks up a lot of unwanted things such as sponges or other fish. Another form of unsustainable fishing is trawling which involves a large net that is behind a ship. Trawling also picks up a lot of bycatch too which is not good. One way of sustainably catching fish is hook and lining which reduces bycatch and doesn’t kill to many fish. When watching A Plastic Ocean I learned that one of the best things that you can do for the ocean is to reduce our use of plastic.

Much of the plastic that we use ends up in the ocean and it has gotten so bad that in some parts the plastic outnumbers the alge 2 to 1. Another thing that humans need to do is to clean the beaches so the plastic doesn’t just stay there. Two freshwater areas that were considered very polluted but are now back in good health are the Great Lakes and niagara falls. Both of these regions were once considered polluted due to waste being dumped into them but now due to environmentalist groups they have been restored. Some laws even have reduced overfishing and also stopped the pollution that was ruining the water. Wetlands are very important to the environment and we need to keep them protected because they keep river levels the same and help purify the surface water. One thing that wetlands do is that they collect water when it rains a lot and then when the water levels are low, it releases the water. One specific thing we can do to preserve our wetlands are to install rain barrels and to reduce runoff that comes from our streets that can be contaminated with oil and other garbage.

The plastic that gathers in a certain art of the Pacific Ocean is due to the currents and the wind. Although some accounts have said that this massive plastic pile is the size of Texas, in A Plastic Ocean they actually went to this spot and discovered something even more scary. Although it wasn’t one huge chunk of plastic that they found they did test the water and found that there was twice as much plastic than algae which is a horrifying statistic. Invasive species can be introduced in many ways but the way that ends up harming the environment is when an invasive species is introduced by humans.

Zebra mussels which were introduced in the Great Lakes in 1986 have multiplied rapidly so much so that some of the previous mussel species are no longer alive. In the ocean one invasive species is the green crab which is now being sold as bait to combat its killings of mollusks and worms. Once an aquifer gets polluted it can become very hard to clean. Since most water if filters by it moving down or through something it makes it hard for the groundwater to do this therefore once its polluted its very bad. Two things that can be done are releasing microorganisms to eat the pollutant and the other is to add chemicals to clean the water. Both ways are very expensive however making it a top priority to make sure out aquifers don’t get polluted.