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17 Best Backpacking Recipes For Ultra-Light Backpacking

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Are you going to head
somewhere this New Year? If so, you may be looking for some delicious,
ultra-light backpacking recipes or backpacking food recipes.
These best backpacking
recipes are easy to follow and make delicious backpacking meals.
The great thing about these is that most of these recipes are non-cook meals
and others don’t need hot water.

As far as the
ingredients are concerned, you can find them at a nearby grocery store. You are
free to match and mix any ingredients. So, let’s take a look at 17 backpacking food recipes.

1. Eggs and Bacon

For this backpacking food recipe, you need powdered eggs, mashed
potatoes and bacon bits. This is a great recipe for dinner. Potatoes offer
carbohydrates, while bacon and eggs is a great source of sodium and protein. If
you want a better taste, we suggest that you cook the eggs separately. Eggs and
bacon are ideal ingredients for best backpacking recipes.

2. Trail Mix Butter

For this recipe for backpacking food, you need trail mix, peanut butter and
honey. This meal will be dense as well as nutritious. You know protein and fat
is what your body needs for optimal health, and mixing peanut butter, trial mix
and honey in a bowl will be a great meal for best health.

3. Cereal

For this backpacking food recipe,
you need three things: granola/cereal, powdered milk and dried fruit. The great
thing about powdered milk is that it won’t parish and offer a great source of
calcium despite being lightweight. For best results, we suggest that you opt
for cranberries and apricots as they are on the list of ingredients that make best backpacking recipes.

4. Salmon Bagel

The three ingredients
that you need for this recipe are nuts, oatmeal and raisins. The three things
are on the list of backpacking staples for more reasons than one. The
ingredients are easy to find, prepare and provide a lot of nutrition. You can
choose from a variety of oatmeal flavors for this lip-smacking backpacking food recipe.

6. Nutella Wrap

The three ingredients
required for this one are banana chips, nutella and tortilla. Again, this is
one of the best backpacking recipes. Nutella is a chocolaty and sweet form of
peanut butter. On top of that, banana chips are included for nice crunch.
However, the taste will be great if you include peanuts. Nutella is a favorite
ingredient of most people as far as best backpacking recipes
are concerned.

7. Cheese and

For this backpacking food recipe,
you need meat, cheese and crackers. It’s good to know that hard cheese has a
longer shelf-life than soft cheese. In the same way, cured meats are also on
the list of reliable foods. For some people, it may be heavy, but for most
people, it’s not a problem. This backpacking food is full of nutrition.

8. Pita Wrap

The ingredients you
need are hummus, pita bread, and fresh veggies. As a matter of fact, pita bread
is as lightweight as tortillas and makes a great meal for lunch. You can add
some fresh veggies and hummus. So, if pita wrap is your favorite ingredient,
know that this recipe will an addition to your best backpacking

9. Pizza Wrap

You need 4
ingredients for this backpacking
food recipe: pepperoni, cheese, tomato sauce and tortillas. This “pizza”
is full of protein and can be an easy and tasty alternative to the regular
gourmet brick-oven type. This is a great recipe for those who are looking for best backpacking recipes.

10. Meat and Potatoes

You need to get
chives, mashed potatoes and sausage. You can find these ingredients at any good
grocery store. Both potatoes and sausage are hearty. You can also top it with
some bacon bits. Most people use  meat
and potatoes for their best backpacking recipes.

11. Chicken Couscous

You need to collect 4
ingredients: dried vegetables, chicken, cheese and couscous. Actually, couscous
makes an ideal grain base for using on the trail because it’s lightweight,
contains a bit of protein and is easy to cook.

12. Cashew Noodle

You need to mix
cashews, dried veggies, curry paste and noodles for this backpacking food recipe.
This is a purely vegetarian meal. You can mix curry protein with cashews and
add any vegetables that you can get your hands on. It won’t take you more than
a few minutes to make.

13. Thai Curry

You need around 4
things for this backpacking
food formula: yellow curry, coconut milk, tuna and rice. You can find
yellow curry pastes or powders and coconut milk (in powdered form) in the
international food compartment in any supermarket. If you can get these
ingredients, it will be a lot easier for you to make a creamy Thai curry. Once
ready, you can include tuna or chicken and put it on noodles or rice.

14. Burrito

Burrito requires 4
ingredients: black beans, rice, tortillas and taco mix. If you are OK with
tortillas for dinner, you can make a quick burrito with beans and rice and wrap
it in tortilla. Another great addition can be chicken, veggies or cheese based
on your taste. This will be a great addition to your best backpacking
recipes menu.

15. Jerky Noodle

For this one, you
need beef jerky, soy sauce and noodles. This is an easy-to-make recipe. For
making a lo-mein-like bowl, you can put some soy sauce and beef jerky once the
noodles are ready.

16. Chili Mac

Once you have got
cheese, chili mix, red beans and macroni noodle, you are ready for this meal.
This combination makes a good source of protein and carbohydrates creating a
delicious dinner. Have you added this one to your best backpacking recipes?

17. Tuna Alfredo

If you mix tuna,
olive oil, pesto/alfredo and noodles, you can make this meal. You can get
Alfredo sauce or pesto in powdered form. In fact, it is a good lightweight
flavor. Moreover, olive oil can be used to add additional calories and flavor.

So, if you have been getting
ready to go on a vacation with your friends or on your own, we suggest that you
give a go to these 17 best backpacking recipes
as they are lightweight. You won’t need to carry a huge bag with you just to
put out the fire of hunger. Hopefully, you will find this list of best backpacking recipes
delicious and easy to make.