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Beer is the 3rd most consumed drink after H2O and tea throughout the Earth. Beer is manufactured chiefly from the ingredients which are Barley, malt, hops, H2O and barm ( Nelson, 2005 ) .

Among the assorted beer trade names, Grolsch beer is one of the most premium trade names of Deutschland which is widely known for its rich gustatory sensation, high quality they maintain and the design of the bottle with swing cap. In 1615, Willem Neerfeldt started Grolsch beer in Groenlo. Later on de Greon household bought the Grolsch trade name from William Neerfeldt. In Netherlands they foremost started their beer fabrication unit. De Greon household held the interest until November 2007. ( BBC, 2007 ) .Now, the fabrication unit is located in Enschede which has became a portion of SABMiller group from March 2008.Grolsch is the 2nd largest beer trade names in Netherlands with annual production of 3.2million hectoliters.

Now, Grolsch is willing to come in one of the emerging states which are portion of BRIC ( Brazil, Russia, India and China ) . In BRIC, now a twenty-four hours ‘s Brazil is going much stronger than other states by demoing changeless growing of economic system and changeless growing in beer industry. So, Brazil is the best topographic point for come ining in beer industry.

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2. Market Potential ( SUMANTH ) :


Brazil is the largest populated state in Latin America. Brazil population occupies 2.735 % of overall planetary population. Brazil was on 5th place with 190million people in July 2012 (, 2012 ) and with mean one-year growing rate of 1.102 % in 2012 ( Anon, n.d. ) .There is 67.1 % of people in Brazil are aged between 15-64 old ages, which means major per centum of people are targeted by drink industry. So, Beverage industries have greater chances in Brazil (, 2012 ) .

Demand –

Brazil is one of the largest turning beer markets. Beer ingestion per capita is 65 liters in Brazil and it may be grow faster than old twelvemonth in the hereafter. The urban population of Brazil is 87 % of entire population which was estimated in 2012 ( CIA, 2012 ) .Brazil ‘s maximal population live in urban countries merely in all major metropoliss those are Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre and Brasilia. Pilsner is the upper limit consumed beer in Brazil. Pilsner occupies about 90 % national portion in beer market. There is a immense competition from both national and international trade names. There many national trade names in the market, few of them are skol, Antarctica, Brahma and Nova Schin. Brahma is the most celebrated national trade name. Due to the major urban population the chances of beer market is immense ( Goingtobrasil, 2012 ) .

Size of the market –

Brazil is one of the largest markets for beer industry globally. Beer ingestion per capita is 65 liters ( Anon, n.d. ) .And the production of beer is increasing twelvemonth by twelvemonth, which says about the market size ( schillmalz, 2012 ) .In brazil 67 % of population falls under the age groups of 15-64 old ages which is making an chance for beer company ‘s.Most of the population live in urban countries merely. About, around 87 % of entire population of Brazil live in major metropoliss which were estimated in 2010. The estimated growing of urbanisation will be about 1.1 % by 2015. All these information say that the size of the Brazilian beer industry is giving many chances to new companies.

Customer Quality-

In recent periods Brazil is demoing good economic growing.From past four old ages Brazil has demoing impressive addition in their GDP Purchasing Power Parity. Brazil was at 8th place in footings of GDP Purchasing Power Parity with $ 2.324 trillion in 2011 ( IMF, 2012 ) and its GDP PPP per capita income is $ 11,900 per twelvemonth in 2011 ( CIA, 2012 ) .It was approximately calculated that each and every twelvemonth 3,000,000 new possible beer consumers reach legal imbibing age. Brazil authorities is besides doing attempts to minimise the spread between rich and hapless to experiment the premium beer trade names. Childs are most willing people to seek new premium and imported trade names ( Euromonitor, 2012 ) .

Growth of the Industry-

Day by twenty-four hours the per capita of beer ingestion is increasing in Brazil. Brazil is one of the largest beer manufacturers in the universe. Brazil was on 3rd place in bring forthing of beer in the universe in the twelvemonth 2011. Brazil made a singular 18.2 % addition in beer production in the twelvemonth 2010 and it besides recorded an impressive 3.4 % addition in 2011 and stood on the top three list of beer manufacturer for two old ages in a row globally. By these statistics we can easy come to conclusion that there is a immense growing rate of beer industry ( schillmalz, 2012 ) .

Growth of economy-

Brazil is one of fastest turning emerging state in the universe. Brazil economic system is holding highest ranking in all South American states ( TradingEconomics, 2012 ) .Brazil is the universe ‘s seventh affluent economic system with US $ 2.2trillion in 2011.Brazil ‘s GDP is turning from twelvemonth to twelvemonth. The growing in GDP during 2010-2011 is about 2.7 % compared with the growing rate of 7.5 % in 2009-2010.The GDP growing rate was decreased due to planetary lag. During planetary lag besides Brazil was holding strong domestic market and besides absorbing stable economic growing ( worldbank, 2012 ) . In the 2nd one-fourth of 2012, Brazil ‘s GDP expanded by 0.40 % . By seeing the addition of GDP from twelvemonth to twelvemonth and stable conditions of domestic market even in recession impresses the companies to put in the state.


3. COMPETITORS ( Prashanth ) –

In Brazil we have competition are from both Domestic and International beer trade names.

Domestic rivals:

Beer is the most competitory sector of the alcoholic drinks market in Brazil, and the large planetary beer companies like INBEV and AMBEV compete strongly for market portion. They are the largest beer manufacturer in Brazil and they besides control more than half of the Brazilian beer market. Ambev convinced locally with concluding that merely with the merge would a Brazilian company stand a opportunity to vie in the international markets ( v-brazil, 2012 ) .

In Brazil AMBEV produces many beers with the different trade name names like SKOL ( market leader ) , Bramha and Antarctica. Skol is the major market leader, where as other two trade names fight with other rivals: Kaiser ( the lone venture of coca Cola company in the alcoholic market ) , Bohemia one of the oldest trade name ( 1854 ) of Brazil but, still existing, Nova Schin and more late ( portugueseblog, 2012 ) . Stella Artois was one of the lone other trade name that appreciated from planetary position, which is now made in Brazil. In Brazil there are many other beer trade names like they are independent, but few such as Baden Baden, Devassa, Itaipava, Xingu and Eisenbahn have late been bought by Schincariol for case which locally and regionally they do n’t hold much trade name value in domestic market.

International rivals:

They are some trade names which compete really strong participants when it come to internationally like DIAGEO universe taking intoxicant company which is celebrated for Guinness and this trade name accounted for about 21 per cent of net gross revenues in last twelvemonth. Heineken trade name is besides celebrated for laager and bill of exchange beer which most of the Brazilians choose ; operated by FEMSA trade name. This trade name has 2nd place and brewed under licence in brazil market. Grupo Modrelo known for Corona which is taking participant internationally and it has 63 per cent of beer market portion. SABMiller other planetary giant of beer market and it is the subordinate for Grolsch beer, which plays of import function in viing with international trade names. It has 75 per cent of beer market as a combined company. AB InBev portion today is 47.9 per centum, while millercoors is partly owned by SABMiller, has 28.9 per centum in beer markets ( Beer Universe, 2012 ) .


Domestic Trade names

Brahma, Antarctica, Bohemia and Skol trade names

International Trade names

Heineken, Stella Artois, Baden-Baden.

4. Is the Business Profitable?

Brazil is one of the largest economic systems in the universe and fast turning emerging economic systems in BRIC. Brazil economic system is holding highest ranking in all South American states. Brazil is one of the largest beer manufacturers in the universe ( Anon, n.d. ) . Brazil attracts more foreign investors due its addition in economic system and economic growing in the industry. Brazil was the state which stood on the top three list of beer manufacturer for two old ages in a row globally. Brazil made a singular 18.2 % addition in beer production in the twelvemonth 2010 and it besides recorded an impressive 3.4 % addition in 2011.The growing of economic system Tells us the concern in Brazil is safe and profitable. And one more is the population of brazil i.e. 67.1 % of people in Brazil are aged between 15-64 old ages ( CIA, 2012 ) , which means major per centum of people are targeted by drink industries.The domestic companies due to great growing in the gross revenues of their merchandise and strong domestic ingestion, reflecting them to put more and more for their new mills ( Forbes, 2012 ) . In decision, the growing of the economic system, growing of industry and population from the statistics ever say that the concern in Brazil is profitable.


Brazil authorities does n’t supply any peculiar subsidies for peculiar sectors. The general corporate revenue enhancement rate of Brazil is 34 % on net net incomes. The corporate revenue enhancement ( 34 % ) is divided into base revenue enhancement ( 15 % ) , supertax ( 10 % ) and societal parts ( 9 % ) ( Brazil-help, 2012 ) .

When there are any peculiar events or any celebrated plans so they will cut down the revenue enhancement for that peculiar season. For illustration, During the following association football title the authorities announced that the revenue enhancement on imported transcribed beers is reduced from 16 % to 2 % .


Natural Materials:

In the fabrication procedure of beer the chief ingredients are Barley, malt, hops, H2O and barm ( Christian Adeler, 2011 ) .Brazil has big and developed agricultural country. The agribusiness sector was accounted for 5.5 % in GDP ( gross domestic merchandise ) in the twelvemonth 2011 ( CIA, 2012 ) . In Brazil, required natural stuffs for beer fabrication are available. As the state is holding a great transit installation they can import the goods from other states excessively i.e. Brazil was one of the top importers of malt in 2007. And barley is besides imported from European Union ( FAO, 2012 ) . Brazil may non hold all natural stuffs for fabricating beer but they have installation to import the needful stuffs from other states due to their strong transit system.

Labour and skilled personal:

Equally far as labour work force is considered Brazil had big labour pool. Brazil has 6th place in the universe with 104.7million which was estimated in 2011.The per centum of skilled labors related to the industry is 14 % ( CIA, 2012 ) .


Brazil is one of the fastest turning states. Brazil is holding good substructure so many other emerging states. Brazil is holding highest figure of airdromes, one of the longest railroads, longest roadway connexions. In Brazil there are 75.982 million cyberspace users.These all services strengths the investing in Brazil ( CIA, 2012 ) .

Type of transit


Globally Ranking

Number of Airports













The capital metropolis and largest metropolis is the first pick of location.By these locations maximum transit installations are available.


Brazil is confronting with different types of jobs like, high unemployment, unequal distribution of wealth, racial inequality, human rights, civilization, entree to knowledge workers and moralss. Therefore, before puting in Brazil, investor must see these issues ( Anon, n.d. ) .

Political Hazard:

The political parties in the Congress makes troublesome alliances it is a normal characteristic of Brazil political relations. The governing workers party is unstable. Riots are normally happens in Brazil.For every three to four months we find at least one public violence. The plus devastation is less in Brazil when compared to other states. In Brazil few countries and topographic points are bit hazardous for employees. Murders committed per capita are besides really high i.e.32.5 % ( Nationmaster, 2012 ) .


Compared to other South American states Brazil it has intense agribusiness, excavation, fabrication and service sector. It has strong economic system and was spread outing quickly before it hit the recession but it was first market to get down retrieve fast compared to others state market in South America ( The universe fact book, 2012 ) . Brazil is now able to stand as attractive topographic point for foreign investors because of its strong growing and high involvement rates ( Reportlinker, 2012 ) .

Similarly, puting in foreign state means there will be presence of currency exchange rate fluctuation and in instance of Brazil an ADR whose monetary value is quoted in dollar or euro represents a Brazilian stock that is traded in Brazil ‘s Bovespa. Therefore, if the value of Brazilian existent goes down, the value in dollar or euro goes down and frailty versa but because of immense capital influx for old ages, the currency started to acquire stronger and therefore authorities took the determination to increase revenue enhancement in foreign investing ( easybrazilinvesting, 2010 ) . In add-on, because of their emerging markets, there is a presence of high instability of assets in Brazil ( Easybrazilinvesting, 2012 ) .

Competitive Hazards:

Corruption perceptual experience index by Transparency International is 3.8 ( CIA, 2012 ) . The companies which are runing in Brazil have to hold with many regulations and ordinances due to the political system. To acquire the permissions for the company you may bride the public functionaries. Therefore, we can clearly cognize that corruptness is a large competitory hazard. Trusts are less in Brazil ; late Administration Council of Economic Defence ( CADE ) stated that there chief aim is to hike the trusts ( Goingtobrasil, 2012 ) .

Operational Hazards:

Brazil is one of the fast turning emerging economic systems. Brazil is holding strong substructure when compared to many other states. Operational hazards in substructure will really less. The offense rate of Brazil is high, which may do jobs to employees. So, in employee aspect the company may confront job. The corporate revenue enhancement is high when compared many other states i.e.34 % on net net income. So, in Brazil there few operational hazards occur which can be overcome by taking few safeguards.

10. Recommendations and strategy-

After analysing all the given facets like Demand, Customer Quality, Growth rate of the state, Growth rate of industry and size of the market. From this information we found that Brazil is the best suited topographic point for Grolsch needs to come in.

Grolsch beer has good challengers from local Brazilian companies and international beer companies excessively. Brazilian population is the biggest advantage for the company. In overall population 67 % are younger ‘s who want to savor a new premium beer like Grolsch. So this the chief factor for Grolsch Company. The chief strength of Grolsch is the scope of merchandises they have i.e. from 0 % to 16 % alcoholic mix, rich gustatory sensation, different design with swing cap and the quality. Grolsch should follow all these strengths and they should besides place their scheme.