Introduction to the instance

This instance analyze fundamentally revolves around the Australian biomedical/pharmaceutical industry. Bill Mason, a biomedical research worker, after working for many old ages in North America returns to Australia and starts his ain house. The house, Medtech, starts with 3 employees including Bill and within a few old ages the work force expands to 120 people. Medtech specializes in ‘Red Biotechnology ‘ and the company has acquired patents for its merchandises. Due to a deficiency of information, we assume that the company merely has two sections, research & A ; development and production. A high per centum of the work force is extremely skilled, but the R & A ; D section is well smaller than the production section in footings of figure of employees but the employees are extremely qualified. As with any other industry, new competition within the industry has brought some challenges for Medtech. Furthermore Bill has decided to take a leave of absence from the house, due to wellness jobs and has left John Short in charge of the company. John has an technology background and visual perception as he was in the production section which involves working with high tech machinery, we assume he is a mechanical applied scientist. However shortly after John ‘s term of office started jobs began to originate. The methods adopted by him sing how the company should be run and how to pull off employees did n’t travel down all that good with the work force particularly the employees in the R & A ; D section. Consequently this prompted a few of the company ‘s longest functioning employees to look for work elsewhere. Bill has now returned and seeks to convey about whole sale alterations to work out the relevant issues within his house.


Before discoursing the jobs and issues that the company is enduring from it would be appropriate to first speak a small spot about the biotech industry. Biotech is an highly dynamic industry. It undergoes changeless alterations, with new merchandises coming out in a shorter period of clip than earlier and this tendency is increasing ( Theyel, 2000 ) . Second, at the nucleus of this industry is research and development i-e it is a research intensive industry. Thirdly patents and right of first publications hold a batch of importance in this industry due to the of all time increasing competition. Companies need to work harder than of all time to do certain that their research and merchandises remain their belongings and are non copied. The last feature of this industry relates to the legal issues. Biotech companies are invariably at a hazard of confronting legal jobs for illustration if their drugs turn out to be risky in some manner or if companies sue each other for misdemeanor of right of first publications etc.

Now, coming directly to the jobs being faced by Medtech. The biggest job that can be deduced is the deficiency of a proper HR section, which is critical for a company of this size. The absence of human resource direction caused the company jobs in assorted countries. At the head of these jobs is an effectual public presentation direction scheme. After Bill ‘s leave of absence John introduced his ain method of public presentation direction which to state the least proven uneffective. Here Bill besides exhibited his rawness as an decision maker by go forthing the house at a important clip and besides showed a deficiency of judgement by go forthing the company in the custodies of a individual who might good be a good employee but proved to be an uneffective leader. His position on how to convey about positive alteration in the company accordingly proved to be wrong. While his public presentation direction schemes might work in the production section, they backfired in instance of the R & A ; D section. The attack he adopted was more quantitative instead than being qualitative which is inappropriate for a house dependant upon research and development. The job with the R & A ; D section was n’t inefficiency but instead an issue of invention. A deficiency of competition meant that the company became self-satisfied and were satisfied with their existing merchandises ; therefore invention took a back place. Their attack became reactive alternatively of being proactive. They merely got into action after the outgrowth of new rivals. The above treatment points to two jobs. First it seems there was a deficiency of sequence planning in the company. The company was non prepared to manage the absence of it ‘s CEO. Secondly it besides indicates that there were no preparation and development plans in the house. Effective HR direction might hold forecasted such state of affairss and could hold avoided these jobs.

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As indicated the company now besides faces possible judicial proceeding, after one employee who was sacked for unjust grounds is believing about actioning the company. This can besides indicate to jobs related to employee satisfaction. The success of a steadfast depends on employee satisfaction. Employees require an equal sum of encouragement and support. They need a certain degree of freedom and flexibleness to exhibit the productiveness that a house expects. This is more relevant than anything to research based houses. Furthermore there was no construct of work-life balance enterprises in the house which is highly of import particularly for today ‘s working female parents which accordingly leads to employee dissatisfaction.

Employee dissatisfaction is besides so straight related to keeping. An unhappy employee is difficult to retain particularly if he is extremely skilled because that employee is cognizant of the fact that happening a new occupation would non be that hard for him/her. Skilled biotech employees have considerable chance to travel from one company to another, doing trueness a cardinal concern of employers and a critical factor in organizational and direction patterns ( Eaton, 2001 ) . In this instance every bit good, we know that the Medtech employees particularly those working in the R & A ; D section are extremely skilled and qualified and rather a few of them want to go forth the company. Therefore employee keeping is another major issue.

Another job is based on the premise that Medtech does n’t hold any confederations or partnerships within the industry. This could take to jobs such as bad industrial dealingss every bit good as issues related to the sharing and direction of cognition.

As can be understood from the above statements all the issues are inter related with each job giving rise to another job, a concatenation of jobs, if you will with a deficiency of HRM at it ‘s nucleus. All the above jobs fall under the legal power of the HR section which in the instance of Medtech does non be. Therefore there is a demand to rectify these issues to keep the competitory advantage that Medtech holds.

Q2 )

Strategic HRM is an attack to the strategic direction of human resources in conformity with the purposes of the organisation on the future way it wants to take. What emerges from this procedure is a watercourse of determinations over clip that form the form adopted by the organisation for pull offing its human resources and which define the countries in which specific HR schemes need to be developed. ( Armstron, 2006 ) . These focal point on the determinations of the organisation on what needs to be done and what needs to be changed. It is apparent therefore that all the issues discussed in the old inquiry are related to a deficiency of strategic HRM. Below I have given my suggestions on how to cover with those issues and how to forestall their happening in the hereafter. It is deserving observing that science-based houses, i.e. those whose success depends on scientific research – i.e. aerospace, biotechnology and medical technology – rely chiefly on rational and societal capital to achieve their ends ( Finegold & A ; Frenkel, 2006 ) .

Performance Management

In a perfect universe a public presentation measuring system would:

supply an early warning sensing system bespeaking what has happened ;

diagnose grounds for the current state of affairs

bespeak what remedial action should be undertaken.

However planing a public presentation direction system related to research intensive houses is a hard undertaking and sing the fact that Medtech did non hold a public presentation direction system ( PMS ) , the house has to get down from abrasion. For the development of a PM system foremost demands the persons, sooner those involved in the direction, of the organisation to make the system. They have to hold on steps, ways of informations aggregation, duties and agendas. This can be seen as an invention procedure, which includes many sorts of interaction and co-operation of participants. The participants articulate their ain constructs of the company ‘s aims, ends and clients. These thoughts are to be shared and a common significance to be developed in the invention procedure of the PM system development. The designing of a PMS has to be thought of as a acquisition procedure with alterations being brought about with clip harmonizing to what works and what does n’t and non stiffly following the protocol, as John tried to make. Furthermore a distinguishable PMS should be incorporated for each section, as pointed out before what works for the production section might non work for the research & A ; development section. For illustration should the PMS be follow an person based attack, a squad based attack or even a undertaking based attack? The reply is following the attack harmonizing to the section. The employees in the R & A ; D sector like working in squads so the PMS for that section should be based on a squad public presentation measuring attack. Furthermore these employees deserve a small flexibleness in footings of clip. Research does non go on in a fixed sum of clip. Time should non be an issue in R & A ; D but the issues to concentrate on are proper direction of thoughts, quality of ends, practicality and invention ( Rantanen & A ; Oikarinen, 2004 ) . Sometimes even a individual good thought can ensue in success for a house for many old ages.

Leadership and Succession Planning

Sequence planning is the procedure of measuring and scrutinizing the endowment in the organisation in order to reply three cardinal inquiries:

Are at that place plenty possible replacements available – a supply of people coming through who can take cardinal functions in the longer term?

Are they good plenty?

Do they have the right accomplishments and properties for the hereafter?

In the instance of Medtech, it would be safe to presume that there is no good plenty replacement sing the fact that the best individual for the occupation, in Bill ‘s sentiment, really created a batch of jobs. Alternatively of placing replacements the house needs to work towards the development of a talent pool from which to pick out the best adult male for the occupation ( Hirsh, 2000 ) . This is because it is hard in the mutable environment in which most organisations exist, to foretell sequence demands. Each single possesses different features ; therefore a endowment pool will let the house to pick out a campaigner harmonizing to the environment and state of affairs at that clip.

Recruitment, Retention and Innovation

The biomedical invention rhythm is a long and complex procedure. Pull offing it requires a new and complex array of attacks and direction accomplishments to guarantee a smooth development from thought to market as both concern development and research results are pursued. Innovation public presentation requires be aftering that is more strategic, proactive, long-run oriented, and development-focused ( Terziovski & A ; Morgan, 2006 ) . Medtech will necessitate to follow a more strategic and disciplined attack to pull offing the invention rhythm. Their rhythm has become comparatively long whereas with the outgrowth of new competition there is a demand to speed up this rhythm every bit much as possible. There are two ways to accomplish that aim. First is to immensely spread out the R & A ; D section. Assuming that the house is still running successfully, spread outing the R & A ; D section is non traveling to be a job financially. Expansion does non merely intend purchasing more advanced equipment but besides means engaging new people. The enlisting procedure needs to be overhauled so that the right people are hired, intending employees who have abundant experience in research and are extremely motivated and passionate about research. The organisation should utilize behavioural questioning techniques to place persons with the needed experience, expertness and job resolution behaviors to suit the organisation ( Jorgensen, Becker, & A ; Mathews, 2009 ) . In add-on, there is an outlook by the employees that an administration will play a portion in non merely procuring employment but in upgrading employees ‘ cognition, accomplishments and ability, so that these workers remain in demand in the broad employment market. Whilst the construct of job-hopping may go the norm, paradoxically it may be a factor in at least cut downing the turnover ( through on-going skill acquisition ) and doing the administration an ’employer of pick ‘ to return to or urge to other extremely skilled workers as administrations that provide ongoing development chances for these progressively spoting workers ( Turnley & A ; Feldman, 2000 ) . From a resource-based position, the manner administrations attract, develop and retain these human resources will hold to alter. Research indicates that administrations that are prepared to concentrate on developing endowment will be in a stronger place to retain cardinal employees as the alleged ‘war for endowment ‘ intensifies ( Boxall & A ; Purcell, 2003 ) . The demand to develop endowment and go an ’employer of pick ‘ hence places the HR professional and their policies and patterns at the Centre of organizational systems to accomplish these results and advancing the administration as an ’employer of pick ‘ .

Second manner is to outsource the invention procedure. The outsourcing of invention has important deductions for the commercialization of research. Quinn ( 2000 ) cites an illustration in the country of combinatory chemical science where experimental rhythm times have been reduced by more than 800 times and costs and hazards lowered by more than 600 times. He besides refers to big pharmaceutical companies ( such as Hoffman La Roche ) that have successfully outsourced invention to universities, institutes and authorities research labs that have long provided cardinal research cognition for new merchandise watercourse. The house besides needs to follow a similar way.


Most biotech houses are networked through partnerships, confederations, formal and informal coactions, and understandings ( Powell, 1998 ) . We assume that Medtech has no anterior industry confederations or partnerships. This web increases labour market information, and therefore helps in enrolling a better work force. Firms are intensely competitory for skilled cognition workers. Firm-specific accomplishments involve advanced scientific work on undertakings that are extremely specialized and take important clip to larn. Medtech needs to better its industrial dealingss and the best manner to make that would be through strategic confederations with other houses in the industry.

Reward Management and Employee satisfaction

Within the resource-based position of the house there are three types of resources that act as beginnings of competitory advantage: physical capital, organizational capital and human capital ( Barney & A ; Wright, 1998 ) . In this instance the major issue is with the human capital. Companies that actively promote a positive work environment, and who besides value employee parts while accomplishing a true work-life balance have been found to be more successful at pass oning the thought that their employees are one of their most valuable resources ( ( Mcgrath, 2006 ) . The house needs to look at its work force as a nucleus competence. In line with the resource based position of the house, the attack developed by Hamel and Prahalad ( 1993 ) argues that long-run investing in nucleus competences provides sustained advantage over clip as modern-day competences become baseline capablenesss. To make this the HR section needs to come up with a wages direction scheme. A performance-by-result ( PBR ) strategy might work in the production section but the R & A ; D section requires something different. As pointed out that the R & A ; D employees preferred working in squads, this feature should be exploited by presenting a squad fillip scheme. This would ensue in better communicating every bit good as cooperation between the employees as they would wholly be working towards the same end thereby restricting complacence within the squad. Furthermore the most effectual organisational responses to work/family struggle and to employee leaning to discontinue are those that combine multiple elements, including family-supportive benefits, human resource inducements, and work design. None of these elements entirely is adequate to bring forth positive results for both employees and employers ( Batt & A ; Valcour, 2001 ) . Therefore the debut of all these factors is critical.


Recent tendencies in science-based houses reinforce the demand to pull off HR strategically. These include more intense competition ensuing in schemes to travel more rapidly from find to holding a merchandise on the market ; greater trust on confederations and partnerships with other specialist houses in order to take advantage of specializer scientific or technological expertness in a cost-efficient mode ; more weight being given to protection of rational belongings ( IP ) ; maintaining abreast of progressing computing machine engineering that impacts on scientific productiveness ; and increasing work force diverseness, which has led to new issues such as inventing parttime on the job chances for employees and accomplishing work/life balance ( Farris & A ; Cordero, 2002 )

The work force must be categorized and managed otherwise in line with the organisation ‘s concern scheme. This suggests that HR professionals play a cardinal function in analyzing, categorising and developing differentiated HR patterns and guaranting their integrating and alliance with the organisation ‘s overall scheme. ( Holland, Sheehan, & A ; De Cieri, 2007 ) In the instance of Medtech, whose success depends on invention, it would look critical that the originative persons responsible for the invention be attracted, nurtured and retained by the house. Innovation besides implies organisational flexibleness, which in bend requires that employees broaden their cognition in order to work closely with other specializers. Satisfying these demands for effectual choice, motive and development requires a specialist set of accomplishments that HR forces hold ( Boxall and Purcell, 2003 ) . In decision the coming of an HR section would travel a long manner in work outing these issues.