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Bill Of Rights Essay, Research Paper& # 65279 ; The Declaration of Independence is the papers, written by Thomas Jefferson, thatseparated us from British regulation and gave us Americans our freedom. The Bill of Rights is the first10 amendments that protect and guarantee us this hoarded wealth we call freedom. These sacredpaperss have given us so much, but do we truly give our deathless committedness and dedicationto every nook, crevice, and article of these documents? I think non. If you can demo me a individual whohas non in one manner or another disagreed and or shown apprehensiveness towards a specific portion of theBill of Rights, so I can demo you a babe who has non yet left the uterus.Everything we say and do does non ever conform to the Bill of Rights. Many of theseissues test or push the Bill of Rights to the bound.

For illustration, gun control. This is a hot subjectthat is invariably debated and is besides a really arguable issue. The Constitution, specifically the Billof Rights, provinces that we, as Americans, have the right to bear weaponries ; nevertheless, many measures havebeen submitted to Congress to restrict and or get rid of our rights to possess pieces. Hey, make upyour heads, can we hold guns or non? Another hot issue is the Ku Klux Klan. By jurisprudence, the KKKhas the right to process down the streets and publically show its hatred towards the AfricanAmerican society. Now, merely because many of us do non O.K. of or even accept this group asportion of our society, does it give us the right to lapidate and endanger them? No, it does non.

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Eventhough it is an obvious fact that the KKK does harm to the black community, our Bill of Rightsprotects them.The first amendment gives us freedom of faith, speech, imperativeness, peaceable assembly, andthe request of authorities. This is likely the most famed amendment of the fundamental law.It is besides the amendment of which people are most frequently deprived. When it comes to freedom ofaddress and imperativeness likewise, people are invariably given bounds by higher governments as to what they cansay or compose. Whether it is damaging towards a individual or organisation, people have a right todo it cognize, every bit long as the truth is spoken. Correct me if I am incorrect, but when bounds areplaced on what a individual can state, are they truly given freedom of address? Not by a long shooting.

It is cases like this that wholly contradict and ignore our Bill of Rights.In certain ways, passing morality perfectly shatters the Bill of Rights. It is theauthorities s manner of commanding what we do and how we act. To an extent, this control isapprehensible, but when it moves into things like homosexualism and erotica, it is merelytraversing the line.Decisions determinations.

Just how can one make up one’s mind? Majority regulation is how we, the UnitedStates, have made determinations for 100s of old ages. Hey, it is even the method we use to choose theleader of our full free state. However, some issues are better off left open than to make soby bulk regulation. Controversial issues like abortion, the combustion of the flag, and gun control arepremier illustrations of subjects that should be left untasted by bulk regulation. The chief job withbulk regulation in controversial issues is that excessively many people are left unsated. This can ensue infarther jobs, and the procedure is started all over once more. We truly wear T need the excess fuss, Imean, can t we all merely acquire along?