This Study is a Proposed System for the development of billing processes occurred in Pasacao Water District (PWD).

Replacing the traditional method of recording and manipulation of important data’s into a fast and accurate transaction. To adapt a new method that helps to lessen the time consumptions of every labor, save a lot of cost and insures secured transaction. The study of proposed Automated System of Pasacao Water District was focused only in expanding the company’s methods of transaction starting from the recording of consumers’ consumption until to its computation and security of every record, and reports.Develop into a faster and growing institution using the latest technology of computer gadgets and modern methodology to become more competitive and innovative establishment.

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This proposed system is an output study conducted by the researcher through the methods of informal interview, analytical and the requirements analysis methods. Those processes help the researcher to formulate this study on what will be the functionality is being required to the institution in order to make each transaction counts.In this particular manner, every business institutions can be more satisfied when they are going to adapt a new and much wider method of conducting every transaction.

Automated Systems can ensure a good quality of services and provides a great percentage in obtaining accurate results. The Proposed System was designed in order to provide a much more secured, smooth and accurate manner of processes. At least realize the adaptation of modern methods is an effective way to develop and improve the transactions that happens inside the system itself.The researcher found out that the institution needs an automated system in order to increase its capability and affectivity in handling lots of records.

Although it is being said that the traditional system had been very effective but the assurance of having a secured data and labor productivity can be maximized if they are going to adapt the new method that could generally improve the effectiveness of every transaction.