bismiAllah hir Rahman nir Raheem Summary – topic: “Key Skill of Design Management”.

pg 76-89 From Design Management:Managing Design Strategy, Processand ImplementationBy Kathryn BestISBN: 2-940373-12-4 Kathryn Best stresses on acquiring those skills needed for design management. Design is stressed while keeping in mind practical business implementations. Kathryn Best also stresses on interpersonal skills that address how to develop effective relations with those people who are around us in business. These include first and foremost how to listen effectively and how to communicate effectively. Listening to others is very important step if we really want to improve our business relations and also improve our production. Kathryn’s emphasize is on the skills required by the designers to fulfill this job.

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Their designing and their production must have practical implications in terms of business. She mentions that communication skills are mandatory for designers. They must be able to communicate effectively during the designing process in order to enhance their business. Communication is the key factor in exchanging information and expressing views and ideas into words that if practically followed can lead to successful management.While design management key skills lie in design value the outcomes are seen in customer satisfaction, quality of work and the cost. The spoken words have everlasting effect on customer’s response. The designing management team must listen to each and every word of customer and then effectively communicate with much clarity and diplomacy.There must be a way to facilitate discussions and explaining the design process and projects to clients.

The designing decisions must be guided in order to continue the flow of business effectively. In addition, designers must be able to write effectively all business related reports, letters and other documents. These are important strategies in designing business. The embedded ideas in designing affect the design function that is ultimately the main strategic resource in doing a business.  References Design Management: Managing Design Strategy, Process and ImplementationBy Kathryn Best ISBN: 2-940373-12-4