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In a secular country like India where the constitution itself speaks of secularism and the freedom to practice any religion, an individual still believes in making a world of their own with superficial figures existing in fantasy. The research done tries to focus on Bollywood movies released especially during 1990-2010. It specifically studies about these movies focus on religion or supernatural existence. There are movies that speak of horror or supernatural beings and their presence of a spirit into the world.

The research tries to find out how much significance and importance do these movies have in one’s life as compared to those of the religious one’s. Statistics also show that there were almost more than 30 Bollywood films released since 1990-2010 which displayed life beyond existence. While religion has not been a way to enforce a particular religion on the society, nevertheless, we find movies that dominate a universal state dominant religion through movies. Literature Review

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During the beginning of the 1990 era, we observe that there was a sudden rise in the romantic film genre, with the entrance of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and the other back to back films that gave the charts challenging hits in a row. But, it is infact amazing to see these were the very years when there were a number of movies released on the belief of supernatural powers being the primary focus. Moreover, in the last few decades it was also seen that movies have started falling prey of the supernatural phenomena, making the audience believe all that they portray on screen to be true.

What is religion in India? India’s religion goes way back to 4,500 years, from where the ancient theory of belief began. With Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Zoroastrians etc in India, the term religion has blurred in the years. Since India is a secular country, one is free to practice the religion of his choice. The Belief about religion and media Most of the times it has been noticed that media tries to bring about only the new and the current happening topics into the picture, while ignoring the others. Infact, media rarely tries to define religion or showcase it.

It is noticed that if any religion takes up to following its norms and rules accordingly, then it has no significance in media, since the core intension of media is to bring about news which is something that is not common. Therefore to have something uncommon means to hurt religious sentiments, thus no media dares to fiddle with religion as a whole. Religions in movies have been a dominant factor. Where marriages, culture and tradition is concerned, the Hindu marriages are shown. Even though we find people of other castes in the movies we see them marrying in the Hindu style.

Though this is not always the case, the situation persists in most of the movies. Bollywood and Supernaturalism For decades together there has been a vibrant and noticeable change in the portrayal of horror in Bollywood. It is also said that the horror genre is an interesting one to the industry. Horror movies have shown a new gateway for the Indian audiences in the era where Love, romance had already taken over the blockbusters. The rates at which supernatural belief movies are made are much higher as compared to the religious ones.

To take a closer look at the entire released movie list from 1990-2010 we see that there are 30 horror movies released while barely 10 movies based on religion were released, most of which were animation and children genre based. Eg. Ramayana-the epic, My friend Ganesha, Bal Hanuman, Hanuman Returns etc. Films like Raaz, Phoonk and Darna mana hai made huge money on the big screen; there was definitely a wide audience that accepted the fact that there is someone beyond God whom they believed to be true and this attempt of the Bollywood industry was successful with some blockbusters like Raaz.

The building of fear was well established by Raaz, when the promo’s flashed that “if there is God, there is evil too” and the entire story revolved around this context. These movies are basically a battle between the Good and the evil, wherein most of the times the good wins over the evil. The fear of a power beyond humanity began way before films were actually made. Films are just a medium of entertainment which many audiences think to be true. A Comparison Comparing spiritual movies to those of the horror one’s it is clearly noticed hat Bollywood has been more favourable towards horror than to those making the audiences believe on religion and God. The Media has very well known about its boundaries and has moulded itself in a similar fashion to meet the audience’s views, right from TV, comic books, movies, games etc. Many such horror movies are based on the final take of God over powering the evil. Like Bhul Bhulaiya is an Indian version of “The Exorcists” wherein here the exorcism is conducted in a Hindu way with the help of pooja.

Here too, if we notice, we find Hindu religion being depicted. Conclusion The above was a revised research by “David Richards” on “The Supernatural and the Movies”. The research is in the U. S context. But the research conclusion done by David states that the people in America do not really believe in ‘ghosts’, ‘supernatural powers’ etc. They predict all of it to be fantasy. On the contrary, if we see the same in Indian context, we find more movies based on horror than on religion in comparison, but if compared to the other movies they are minuscule in number.

Religion has always been kept into the prime focus of every act, same implies to movies and the audiences. With religion comes blind faith and with blind faith there is a Belief. Therefore the more there will be movies of such genre made, the more the belief, the stronger the belief will be. Even though we call ourselves secular and free, we realise how deeply we are rooted into the religious grounds, so much that we believe everything that media shows us to be true, we believe.