When it comes down to watching a movie or reading a book, most people grab the DVD remote control quicker than you would think. The truth is that watching movies takes much less concentration and effort. In a world where people are looking for the easiest route to take, it makes sense that they would rather watch a movie than stimulate their brain mentally. So, a great reason not to watch movies is to find something better to do with your time. Firstly reading is much better for everyone. Reading allows the mind to be more motivated and you can actually learn a thing or two.Even when reading fictional books, you are mentally stimulated more than when you watch a movie or TV. In addition, most books are much less violent than today’s movies.

So, if you want to have a more positive outlook on life, stay away from the negativity from movies, TV and choose to read a book instead. Secondly reading is a great thing that should be encouraged for children. Children who like to read are better learners overall. They do better in school and have more self-confidence as well. So, instead of allowing your children to watch movies constantly, encourage them to read and not watch movies as often.Thirdly you can carry around your book while your TV is at home. You can read your book in the park, boat, train and etc.

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You can break the TV, which would be expensive to repair, or you might need to buy a new one! In the movies there are other people and toddlers who make a lot of noise and you can’t here the voice of the actor and when people are eating all you here is crunch, crunch, crunch. It is so annoying! I believe books are better than watching TV/Movies because books have interesting parts, it takes longer to read and it helps with your education E. g. comprehension, spelling and English overall.