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British Gas is one of the largest energy provider in UK. It is extremely client oriented company and provides valuable client support. It supply services like places security services, drain glade services and overcharging. It besides provides installing and care of domestic cardinal warming and contraptions.

More than 9000 applied scientists has been employed for supplying these services.

Human Resource Management:

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The construct of Human Resource Management has been deriving prominence and concentrate in direction during the last two decennaries. Human resource

is considered to be the centre of all development procedures of the economic system. While HRM has been known from ages, its rediscovery has been necessitated by the deteriorating societal conditions, increased competition and rapid technological promotion. By seting the head capablenesss to the proper usage, this individual unlimited resource i.e. , human resource, will happen solutions to the societal and material jobs faced by world. As I have been appointed as the HRD of the British Gas, I can able to place and verify three HRM functional areas/activities in British Gas.

Recruitment, Selection, Promotion and Transfer

The advancement of any organisation depends on the quality of people who work in it. Merely a committed and qualified work force will be able to accomplish the ends and marks set by the organisation. Therefore it is really of import to put adult male in the right occupation so as to do optimal use of his assets. This increases the importance of a strong system of enlisting and choice.

Concept of Recruitment:

Recruitment is the procedure of placing and pulling the right campaigners for a occupation It must follow the work force planning procedure.

Before get downing the enlisting activity, I must see

Whether the vacancies should be filled up from within or outside the organisation.

Whether enlisting should be done locally. Nationally or internationally.

The methods and media to be used for pulling appliers.

The enlisting activity is affected by the undermentioned factors:

Organizational policy

The rewards and compensation construction

Government policies

Labour market

Image & A ; repute of the organisation

Campaigners penchants

Recruitment Procedure:

The procedure of enlisting consists of the undermentioned stairss:

Manpower be aftering – It defines what resources the organisation needs to run into its aim. It must stipulate the quality of work force needed at a peculiar day of the month in future.

Job analysis: It consists of

Job Description – It is statement of the constituent undertakings, responsibilities, aims and criterions of public presentations expected from the employee.

Job Specification – It is a specification of the accomplishments, cognition and qualities required to execute the occupation.

Personal specifications – A reworking of the accomplishments, cognition and qualities required to execute the occupation.

Designation of vacancies – it can be had from the demands of the work force program or by a occupation requisition from a section, subdivision or office which has a vacancy.

Preparation of budget – the Company must make up one’s mind the sum it wishes to pass on enlisting. The method of enlisting would depend on the clip available and budget allotment.

Preparation and publication of information –

a. Advertisement – It is an effectual manner of seeking recruits. It must be clearly worded, reference all the demands and must look in the right topographic point that are likely to be read by the possible applier.

b. Internet – It has become a popular method of enrolling people. Many organisations have their ain web pages where prospective appliers can obtain informations about the company, its merchandises and services, employment opputunities and application processs.

6. Reception of application signifier – Once the application signifiers are received, they must be screened for eligibility standard. Those froms, which do non run into the lower limit, needed criterions of age ; making, experience ect. , must be rejected.

Aspects of enlisting

Options to recruitment

While the personal program may propose that extra employees are needed, it might non be possible and practical to enroll because of the cost and public presentation of recruitment.The options to recruitment are as follows:



Impermanent employment

Cost effectivity of enlisting

Some facets of the enlisting procedure provide information on the cost effectivity of the method used for e.g.

Beginnings of recruits

Method of enlisting

Internal & A ; External Recruitment – There are a figure of factors which determine whether to advance people from within or enroll from outside. Internal arrangement is desirable when

There is a big endowment pool

Internal development is a forces issue

Business conditions are stable

Building cross functional capablenesss is a strategic aim of the organisation

Skill required to execute the occupation can be developed in house.

External arrangement is desired when

There is a limited endowment pool

Performing one capableness is a forces issue

Business conditions are radically altering

There is an pressing demand to upgrade the managerial cell.

Concept of Selection

Choice is the procedure by which an administration chooses from a list of Applicants, the individual who best meets the standards for the place available taking into history the current market conditions.

Standards for choice:



Physical features

Personal features

The Selection procedure

Preliminary showing


Employment trial

Mention cheques

Medical scrutiny


It is delegating the higher degree occupation to an employee from within and this upward motion is called as publicity.

The advantages of virtue evaluation evaluation system of publicity are:

Better use of resources at higher degree

Competent employees of resources at higher degree

Plants as a aureate handlock sing employee turnover.

Encourages the employees to get the new skill/knowlwdge for all unit of ammunition developmet.

Disadvantages of virtue based publicity are:

Measurement of virtue is extremely hard

Many people distrust the direction are subjective

the techniques of virtue measuring are subjective.

Besides there publicities based on Seniority


It relates to mobility, which is restricted to motion of an employee from one occupation to another occupation in the same degree of hierarchy.

Types of transportation:

Production Transportation.

Replacement transportation

Rotation transportation

displacement transportation

remedial transportation

penal transportation

Reasons for transportation

1. Impermanent transportation

Permanent transportation

Company Initiated transportation

Training and Development

Training and development is an of import constituent of every organisation ‘s endurance scheme. Technology is altering really fast and so is the information detonation terrific. Under such fortunes persons every bit good as organisation detonation terrific.

Training and development is really of import

To confront the tough competition in every field and survive gracefully.

To accept and accommodate to the alterations in the field of scientific discipline and engineerings.

To upgrade and sharpen one ‘s accomplishments that are needed to make the occupation successfully.

To larn the right manner of making things the right manner.

For an improved occupation public presentation and accordingly better occupation satisfaction.

The aims of preparation of the employees:

To increase productiveness

To Improve quality

To assist a company fulfil its future forces demands.

To better organisational clime

To better wellness and safety

Obsolescence bar

Personal growing

Designation of preparation demands

The demand for preparation arises due to assorted reasons-

To impact to new entrants the basic cognition in their present places by exposing them to the latest constructs, information and techniques and developing the accomplishments they will necessitate in their peculiar Fieldss.

To help employees to work more efficaciously in their present places by exposing them to the latest constructs, information and techniques and developing the accomplishments they will necessitate in their peculiar Fieldss.

To construct up a 2nd line of constituent officers and fix them to busy more responsible places.

To broaden the heads of senior troughs by supplying them with chances for an interchange of experiences within and outside with the position of rectifying the narrowness in the mentality that may from over specification.

To impact client instruction for the intent of run intoing the preparation demands of the corporation that trade with the populace.

To cut down supervising clip, cut down wastage and spoilage of natural stuff and produce quality merchandises.

To cut down defects and minimise accidents rate.

To absorb engineering in production

Beginnings of placing developing demands:

Performance Appraisal

Career Plans

System Introduction

Employee Training methods:

On the occupation preparation

Apprenticeship plans

Job Instruction Training

Off the occupation preparation

Classroom Lectures or Conferences


Simulation Exercises


Experiential exercisings

Performances Reding

Performance guidance is the really of import activity that helps the employee to cognize themselves better. Performance reding refers to the aid provided by the a trough to his subsidiaries in objectively analysing their public presentation. It basically focuses on the analysis of public presentation and designation of preparation and development demands for conveying about farther betterment.

Features of Performance reding

Conditionss for effectual guidance

A clime of trust, assurance and openness is indispensable for effectual guidance.

It is necessary that the subsidiary should experience free to take part, without suppression or fright, in the procedure of reappraisal and feedback.

The chief intent of guidance is employees development.

Performance guidance stages

Rapport Building


Action Planing

Procedures in Performance guidance


Pre- Interview readying


Aims of above activities are:

Recruitment and choice: enlisting is concerned with developing a pool of campaigners in line with the human resource program.

Choice is the procedure of fiting people and their calling demands and capablenesss with the occupations and calling waies. It ends with the ultimate hiring of a campaigner.

Training and development: This involves designation of single potencies and assisting in the development of cardinal competences through a planned acquisition procedure.

Performance guidance: It refers to the aid given by a trough to his subsidiaries in objectively analysing their public presentation.

By implementing these aims to the British gas company as a HR, I can guarantee for the development of the human resource that leads to the development of the company. The chief end of the company can be achieved with these aims.

HRM theoretical accounts:

Guest Model by David Guest

The writer say “ This theoretical account of HRM has 6 dimensions of analysis ”

HRM scheme

HRM patterns

HRM results

Behaviour results

Performance results

Fiscal results

The theoretical account is normative in the sense that it is based on the premise that HRM is distinctively different from traditional forces direction ( rooted in strategic direction, ect. )

It is idealistic, implicitly incarnating the belief that cardinal elements of the HRM attack ( basically those of the Harvard map ) such as committedness have a direct relationship with valued concern effects.

However, Guest has acknowledged that the construct of committedness is ‘messy ‘ and that the relationship between committedness and high public presentation is hard to set up. It besides employs a flow attack, seeing scheme underpinning pattern, taking to a assortment of coveted results. The employee relationship is viewed as one between the person and the organisation.

Undertaking 2:

Methods of HR Planning:

The four methods by and large used to find the demand of forces are:

Annual estimation of vacancies

Long fury estimations of vacancies

Fixed minimal adult male specification demands

Specific place appraisals

Annually, the top direction squad and the managers must analyze their administration construction and its adequateness for the assigned maps every bit good as its adaptability for alterations anticipated in the close hereafter. This analysis or audit included a reappraisal of the current vacancies and likely hereafter alterations in the organisation ‘s forces.

For illustration, equal prognosiss of organisation alterations can bespeak the figure of executive places which will hold to be filled every bit good as the responsibilities and duties for such places. From this can be ascertained the nature of preparation and development required for the bing staff to suit these places adequately. A crystallisation of the future occupation demand can assist choice of individuals who should take part in the future occupation demand can assist choice of individuals who should take part in the direction development programme. In this manner, manpower planning is helpful in both the choice and developmental activities. It guarantee that equal individuals are selected good in progress so that they may be developed for the administration.

Stairss in human resource planning:


The demand to expect and supply for future work force demands has made manpower be aftering a critical map today in the country of staffing or the personal map. In big administrations, where a personnel section exists, this map is of course performed by such section as a staff map.

Manpower planning can fundamentally be done by detecting the undermentioned three stairss:

First Measure: Determine the period for calculating demands of work force in the hereafter and calculate the work force required at the terminal of such period.

Second Measure: From the figure available at the beginning of the period, subtract the expected wastage through deceases, surrenders, retirements and discharges. This would give the work force available from bing staff at the terminal of the period concerned.

Third Measure: In instance of deficits, make up one’s mind how such deficits, make up one’s mind how deficit are to be met and whether any preparation or development installations would be required for this intent.

Dr. Ram Tarneja emphasises, “ Management can guarantee control of labor costs by avoiding both deficits and excesss of work force through proper work force planning. ” He stresses that under- appraisal either sing quality or measure of work force demands would take to deficits of public presentation, whilst over-estimation would ensue in evitable costs to the administration.

Example of Human resource planning at LARSEN & A ; TOUBRO LTD.

In this company, there is no sophisticated or elaborate work force be aftering done covering the current and future demands of the full organisation. What is done is that different units of the organisation are asked to show yearly their work force demands for the properly trained and developed to take attention of altering engineering and the future demands of the company.

Planing occupation demands and descriptions

An of import measure in human resource planning consists of be aftering occupation demands. The demands of a peculiar occupation must hence be

Delineated through a minute survey of the responsibilities to be performed in that occupation. A occupation analysis has first to be made to procure the relevant information about the occupation.

Job information helps in many ways and more peculiarly for the followers:

Adequate enlisting

Adequate preparation

Adequate salary constructions

Fair assessments

Skills Analysis

The accomplishments required in different occupations must be analysed in footings of the occupation description following the occupation analysis. As the facet of direction accomplishments is more hard, it will be dealt with in some item.

Desirable Managerial Skills:

Collier views a director as one who can enterprise in its entire complexness, the ultimate values in his sentiment being the ability to incorporate point of views, the capacity to accommodate to alter and the ability to travel beyond the normal value construction.

Features of Human Resource Development

M.M.Khan: HRD is the procedure of increasing cognition, capablenesss and positive work attitudes of all people working al all degrees in a concern project.

Nature and range of human resource development:

The dynamic environment in which an organisation maps demands regular updating of occupation demands. This is necessary to guarantee a uninterrupted flow of qualified individuals for the alteration occupation. Its range can be understood with mention to the undermentioned points:

HRD is a system made up of reciprocally dependent parts. Therefore, the design of the systems can non be considered in isolation. It must take into history its linkage with other parts of the organisation.

HRD is a proactive map. Its map is non simply to get by with the demands of the organisation, but to expect them and to move on them in progress in a uninterrupted and planned manner.

HRD purposes at developing the capablenesss of all line directors so that they can progressively manage maps like industrial dealingss, wagess and penalty, public presentation assessment etc.

HRD accent on constructing the right work civilization in the organisation. The work civilization should place, raising and utilize the capablenesss of the people.

HRD accent a batch on the demand to actuate people. It considers informal organisation, occupation enrichment, participative direction, ECT, , as motivation forces.

HRD considers that the better use of human resource leads to improved public presentation. This in bend consequences in improved occupation satisfaction and morale.

3 ) Importance of human resource development:

HRD is a system of presenting alterations in the work civilization and work environment without luxating the operation of the administration. The undermentioned points highlight its importance:

Competent employees: HRD helps in doing people cognizant of the accomplishments enquired for occupation public presentation. There is greater lucidity of work norms and criterions. This consequences in a more competent work force.

Role Clarity: HRD encourages communicating between work- squads. Peoples non merely understand their functions better but besides become cognizant of the outlooks of the other members of the squad.

Committed work force: People become more committed to the occupations because wagess are administered more objectively through the HRD procedure.

Greater trust and regard: By promoting communicating, HRD helps in developing greater trust and regard for each other. Employees become more unfastened and reliable and new values can be generated easy.

Synergy consequence: effectual communicating, participative direction and emphasis on team-work green goods synergism consequence within the administration.

Interruptions opposition to alter: HRD makes people better equipped with problem-solving capablenesss. This non merely makes them proactive but besides brings preparedness on their portion to accept alteration.

Facilitates HRP: HRP generates a batch utile and nonsubjective informations on employees that facilitates human resource planning.

Other benefits: The overall impact of HRD is observed in footings of hogher productiveness, cost effectivity, growing enlargement, variegation and increased net incomes.

By following the above HR Planning and development methods in the British Gas it is possible to get and use employees in an economically most utile place.

In the current globalized scenario, the employees have the option of non merely taking which company they want at, but besides which state they want to work in. The mean stay of entry degree employees is seen to be between 1.5- 2 old ages. With the bulk of the work force below the age of 25, retaining endowment promises to be a tough conflict of the work force below the age of 25, retaining endowment promises to be a tough conflict where merely the fittest will last.

Undertaking 3:

Performance Review Guidelines:

1. System:

The Performance assessment system should been revised. It is simple and brief, but attention has been taken to retain the positive facets of the earlier system. In line with policy on Men, the assessment system should now be seen as an instrument for bettering current public presentation and the development of the possible in each human resource.

2.Salient characteristics

The assessment must be based on ascertained public presentation and behavior on the occupation which requires specific facts to be recorded before geting at qualitative assessment of persons.

The new Systems pre-supposes the pattern of end and mark scene as a portion of Corporate/ Divisional/ Units plans.

Attention is besides focused on the possible and development of each person. Action taken on the Training & A ; Development program for the current twelvemonth and pulling up the same for the

following twelvemonth are an built-in portion of each assessment.

Assessment Paths:

The general rules are

1st Assessor – immediate line Superior of the Assessee.

2nd Assessor – Superior of the 1st assessor

Functions Tax assessors and Reviewers:

The 1 st Assessor has the premier function of entering major assessment inside informations. The 2 neodymium Assessor is compulsory merely if he/she is in place to enter remarks from personal cognition of the public presentation of the assessee. The function of the referee is more in the nature of supervising the assessment system to guarantee uniformity of applicationthe rating of the assessee ‘s public presentation. The referee will guarantee that all Section are filled in, and that grounds is sufficiently complete.

Major Duties and responsibilities:

Job responsibilities/duties should be indicated every bit exactly as possible including the cardinal consequence countries and the assessee ‘s function in these countries. It is necessary to bespeak, in the infinite provided, how long the assesse has been in his/her present occupation.

Performance and its appraisal:

In the portion ( a ) of this subdivision ‘objective set for the relevant twelvemonth with specific facts sooner in quantitative footings, should be recorded ‘ . These can be derived, in most instances, from Corporate/ division/Unit Plans which have been reciprocally agreed between the assessor and the assesse. In the following column, ‘Achievements ‘ the existent consequences obtained should be recorded, without any effort at qualitative appraisal, therefore guaranting factual presentation of ascertained public presentation. Similarly, “ Reasons for Variance should be written in an nonsubjective mode, taking attention that merely echt restraints instead than alibis ‘ are recorded ” .

Critical factors and Properties:

A directors premier function is to ‘Make Things happen ‘ . To dispatch this function successfully he must absorb, sustain and better upon a series of critical factors and properties without which any direction procedure remains uncomplete and uneffective.

Each of these factors are besides defined in the Appraisal organize itself in order to ease your appraisal and which can be brought out in sharper focal point merely through the recording of back uping informations.

Based on the analyses above ways can be recommended through which public presentation measuring and monitoring at British Gas can be improved.


This is critical papers for GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT OF PEOPLE.

Name______________________ Designation____________ Grade_______________ Divn/Dept_____________ Location_________

Age____________________ Service_____________________

Major responsibilities/Duties




Reasons for discrepancy

Remarks by 2nd Assessor II ( B ) Appraisal of public presentation

1st Assessor

2nd Assessor