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Britney Spears, “One of the most controversial and successful female vocalists of the 21st century,”(Wenner) has been searching for stardom since an extremely young age. America considers Britney Spears highly controversial because of her sexual lyrics and actions. In an interview Britney Spears had on ABC, Diane Sawyer says, “It is one thing to not want to be the role model anymore and its another thing not to know that a lot of young girls are looking up to you. ” (Sawyer) Spears know that there are many young people that look up to her, but it is not her responsibility to satisfy the needs and wants to all demographics.

Although many people across America view Britney Spears as a terrible role model, because of her drive, courage, and sexuality, she has positively influenced women across America. Britney Spears began performing as a singer and dancer at a very young age. (Dinh) Unfortunately, being a prodigy also contributed to her heavy scrutiny and criticism by the media. The New Mickey Mouse Club and Star Search were Britney Spears’ first exposure to fame all before the age of eight. (Dinh) With these popular television series already under her belt at such a young age, this encouraged her to continue her search for stardom.

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Britney Spears then went to New York at the age of fifteen and set about auditioning for pop bands and recording demo tapes, one of which eventually landed her a deal with Jive Records. (Dinh) This record deal with jive was the beginning illustrious of her career. One of her first most popular singles “Hit Me Baby One More Time” brought particularly negative publicity from the media because of it’s so called sexual references. However, most would believe that the song was good-hearted, and fun. Hit Me Baby One More Time” only was seen in a negative light because the media expected so much out of Britney’s squeaky-clean Mickey Mouse Club image. This single immediately shot to the top of the Billboard charts. (Dinh) From then on, many knew that Britney Spears would be a huge success. The next album “Oops! …I Did It Again” entered the charts at number one and sold over a million copies in its first week of release. (Dinh) This set a new record for a female artist for single week sales. (Dinh) The success of this album gave her the courage to branch out and pursue other musical outlets.

Released in late 2001, the album “Britney” tried to present the singer as a more mature young woman, and was accompanied by mild hints that her personal life wasn’t always completely puritanical. This became her third straight album to debut at number one. (Dinh) The album In The Zone reflected a wish by Britney Spears to be taken seriously as a mature adult. By 2004, there was no longer any illusions of Britney’s personal life being as perfect as everyone thought it out to be. Spears and Federline married in September 2004 and were tabloid regulars in the months after the ceremony. Dinh) Despite this negative publicity and false accusation, Britney Spears always found a way to stay true to herself and not stray from who she really was. This positively influenced women of all ages through out the world by allowing them to aspire to portray her independence and individuality. Her first son Sean Preston Federline was born in September. (Dinh)

In 2006, Spears discovered she was pregnant again; shortly after the birth of her second son, Jayden James Federline, she divorced Federline thus sparking a long string of custody battles that were eventually settled in Federline’s favor. Dinh) This all began the negative publicity of Britney Spears by society. Spear public image was dealt with more blows in early 2008, when she lost custody of her children, made several court appearances, and was placed on involuntary psychiatric hold two times in one month. Throughout all of this, Britney Spears still had the drive and courage to come out with a new album. In December of 2008, Britney released the album Circus that was designed to fuel Spears’ comeback. Dinh) The album has been a huge success across the world and has proved once again to everyone that Britney Spears has talent. Britney Spears has a drive deep inside of her to do the things she loves no matter what which that has positively influenced women. Despite the Paparazzi constantly following her, gaining weight, or shaving her head she has always found a way to do what she loves, which is making music. In the song “Stronger,” Britney Spears expressed “Stronger than yesterday/ Now it’s nothing but my way” (line 8-9).

Britney Spears is obviously expressing her dislikes towards her critics. On Spears’ documentary on MTV Britney: For the record she states, ”It never really stopped being fun for me, I really always liked what I did. ” (Spears) This is saying to women that they should have fun with what they do regardless to what other people think. Britney has had to hop many obstacles on her way back up to the top including constant battles with her now Ex-husband Kevin Federline, including losing custody of her kids, which has really affected her.

In the book “Princess”, the author is quoted as saying, “Britney Spears clearly shows drive and ambition throughout her career in many ways. ” (Lion) It is difficult for people to see and believe this because she is an easy target because she is a celebrity. Britney Spears was quoted saying on her documentary “Britney: For the Record”, “I’ve been through a lot in the last few years and there is a lot a people who don’t know, sometimes it can get somewhat lonely; you don’t open the gate up that much. Your guarded, you have to be that way, I am stuck in this place and it is what I like to do. (Spears) She is having a constant battle with the life she would hope to live and the life she is stuck living. Despite all of these negative complications, Britney Spears chooses to continue doing what she loves doing because of her drive and ambition to be successful and the greatest she can be. While Britney is known for many horrible things, one of her lesser-known and looked over characteristics is her courage. Britney has had her fair share of mess-ups, but its not like she is alone. Stars are subject to immense criticism even over little mistakes that they make due to their popularity.

Even with this criticism, Britney Spear still finds the courage to fight back with her lyrics; “They say I’m crazy/ I really don’t care/ that’s my prerogative/ They say I’m nasty/ But I don’t give a damn. ” (Lines 5-10) Some people make it, some people break it but the true stars find the strength and fearlessness to keep going on without caring about what people are saying. Britney Spears life since she was a teenager has been under constant scrutiny by the media, causing her to have a harder than normal career as she transferred from a teen singing sensation, to an idol to girls all over the world as she grew up.

Lion also states in his book, “Britney has the courage to continue making music even though she has such negative reviews. ” (Lion) While the tabloids and paparazzi pick on Spears for making mistakes, there are few people in the world that could do what she does everyday. You have to possess the courage to not care what has been said about you, Spears just continues what she loves doing, singing and performing. Britney Spears’ also shows us a lot of sexuality through her music.

This sexuality displayed in her lyrics is a reawakening for all women to become more in touch with their own sexual side. Spears’ single “If U Seek Amy” from the most recent album circus was one of her biggest hits that did stir up some controversy with the media because of its explicit lyrics. In the chorus there is a use of a double entendre, which can be interpreted “all the boys and all the girls are begging to F-U-C-K me. ” (Spears) This song has a significantly greater meaning than just her having a double entendre and sexual lyrics such as those.

Tabloids and the media expect Britney Spears to have this perfect image, but in actuality she knows that ‘the perfect housewife’ is not who she really is. She is more in touch with her seductive and sexual side and is trying to show women across America that it is okay to break out of your shell and be a little naughty. An author once stated, “Sexy, and not afraid to do what she wants. ” (Lion) Even though the media depicts everything and everything Britney Spears does, especially her sexual side, this will never stop Spears from trying to display that image of sexuality to inspire and influence women.

One of the most popular lines in the chorus from the song “If U Seek Amy”, Spears says, “Love me hate me say what you want about me but all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek Amy,” (Spears) That line repeated over and over in the chorus is expressing that she does not care what everyone does says about her. Throughout the years, Britney Spears has always stayed true to herself and done what she makes her content even if some demographics see it as being overly sexual and inappropriate.

There are many people who disagree that Britney Spears is actually a positive influence on society. Many people think she is a bad public example, “Britney Spears and Paris Hilton and go commando while wearing teeny- tiny outfits exposing her goodies to the world. Good luck explaining that to your boys when they’re older. ”(Watson) Some feel that she sets a bad example for children because of her inappropriate actions in public. Also, many others believe that she is a horrible role model, “then Britney shaved her head…covered it up with a tacky wig…so much for female empowerment. (Watson) This shows that Britney is someone who parents do not want their kids looking up to. Even though she appears to be a bad role model and a negative influence, the negative things are more defining rather than the positive things by society. Britney Spears had admitted, “I’m not perfect, I make mistakes everyday. ” (Spears) With constantly being watched by the public eye, there are bound to be mistakes made on her part that will be looked down upon. In today’s society, being true to oneself and being original are characteristics that should be portrayed by a good role model.

Britney Spears in an example of a good role model because she has admitted that she is not perfect and that everyone makes mistake. Also, Britney Spears has never been afraid or ashamed of any of her actions. Although many people across America view Britney Spears as a terrible role model, because of her drive, courage, and sexuality, she has positively influenced women across America. Britney Spears has always had a positive attitude and loved what she does regardless of the insane life she has to live.