Modern administrations have continuously come to exercise and spread through human life. Therefore, these administrations need to be flexible and modern-day in order to fulfill the demands of human being. However, some administrations are far behind flexibleness and most of them tend to be bureaucratic in nature. If these modern administrations manage to accomplish flexibleness as one of their chief preoccupation, the thought of bureaucratism to certain extent is non applicable. This diary will explicate the bureaucratism construct and its restrictions, if any, the primary aim of administrations whether to accomplish flexibleness or non and assess whether this theory is applicable or non.

Nature of modern administrations and their bureaucratic nature

Probably, Max Weber ‘s most outstanding work of all clip is his theory of bureaucratism. Modern disposal and administration in some grade are progressively and necessarily – bureaucratic harmonizing to him. “ This is true non merely in the domain of province, but in all spheres of societal life ” ( R. Brubaker, 1984, p20 ) . Well, what is bureaucratism at first topographic point? Bureaucracy means the regulation of functionaries based on rational logic ( Giddens, 1997, p286 ) . The enlargement of bureaucratism is inevitable in modern societies, hence bureaucratic authorization is the lone manner of carry throughing the administrative demands of big – scale societal systems. In fact, bureaucratism is non merely a rational type of human organisations ; it has the possible to supply the scene both for constructive human relationships and for single originative look and satisfaction ( Jaques, 1976 ) . There is an ideal type of bureaucratism as described by Weber ( 1978 ) :

There is a clear cut hierarchy of authorization in an administration which means, power tends to be concentrated on top of the hierarchal construction. Each member has a clear position what precisely they have to make, and there is occupation specialization within the administrations.

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There is formalism – which the administration has a officially articulated and differentiated construction and regulations are set in order to pull off and modulate the whole administration.

There is separation between the undertakings of an functionary within the administrations and the functionary ‘s life outside.

No members own and have any entree to material resources, in the other words ; members do non have the agencies of production.

Modern bureaucratism is really effectual in forming and pull offing big figure of people. It can be implemented through the procedure of continuity and consistence within the members of administration. Furthermore, there is career patterned advance chances based on accomplishments and certificates of single and wagess are based on single ‘s public presentation. These accomplishments and certificates are the primary factor of the societal mobility within the administration.

Universities, political parties, economic endeavors, authorities bureaus, infirmaries, ground forcess, are all topic to the grim progress of bureaucratization. There is a hierarchal construction on every university for illustration. The power of Dean tends to be concentrated on top of this construction. As a affair a fact, there is specialization of work in which every member from the lectors, pupils and even the staffs have their ain function to play. Students can non merely go a lector and a dean. It besides consists of regulations, groupings and sanctioned systems of processs. Students for illustration, must compel certain regulations set by the university or else, actions will be taken against them. Furthermore, each member do non have the material resources for illustration, pupils do non have the talk notes and books.

Not merely universities, authorities administrations – infirmaries for illustration are besides bureaucratic in nature. Hospitals can be regarded as one of the most influential establishment in human life. They are the one who deliver us in this universe, tag our advancement through it and see us out of it when we die. Hospitals like universities have their ain, alone construction of administration. Hospitals are big and mammoth administration which needs to be managed decently and carefully. Theory of bureaucratism was through empirical observation tested by Hall ( 1968 ) in a survey of 6 general infirmaries in the Netherlands. A preliminary probe of Hall ‘s graduated tables for the dimensions of bureaucratism revealed that there is a hierarchy of authorization, division of labor, presence of regulations, procedural specifications, impersonality, and forces criterions of proficient competency ( Jozef, 1982 ) which makes up the bureaucratic nature.

Merely imagine, what if the universe administrations are non run based on bureaucratic rules? – Chaos! Peoples will non be rewarded or promoted based on their public presentation or accomplishments. All the plants done are worthless and the syndrome of nepotism tends to turn like a public violence. Apart from that, most administrations will be deficiency of answerability and unity as one of the universe ‘s greatest Nemesis – graft will be practiced among all members of administrations. Peoples will make whatever it takes to acquire a better occupation, wage or even working status and graft is one of them. In fact, people do non hold lucidity of their occupation or undertaking on what they suppose to make and as a consequence of this, degree of turnover and absenteeism tends to originate. This will convey negative impacts non merely to the administration itself, but to the economic growing every bit good. However these impacts are arguable by some of the sociologists who critique the work of Weber.

The bounds of bureaucratism

Equally far as how great bureaucratism is concerned, there are still restrictions to it and its reason. And the best solution to these restrictions is by traveling towards another type of administrations through flexibleness procedure. Bureaucracy sometimes see as a boring and pathetic procedure by most sociologists ( Trevor, 1983 ) . There are excessively many paperwork or frequently described as ruddy tape within administrations and hence, a simple job or issues can sometimes take ages to work out it. This is because, one demand to follow certain processs for illustration, finish a signifier, do a call and set up a meeting. Not merely that, overtly bureaucratic administrations can take to internal failures of working due to rigidness, inflexibleness and uninvolving nature ( Giddens, 1997 ) . In fact, there will be an Fe coop phenomenon where workers are dehumanized, alienated and impersonated. This is because they do non hold any entree to the material resources and agencies of production. They can non throw any thoughts or suggestions to the higher authorization and their sentiments are normally neglected. Furthermore, bureaucratism does non promote any excess enterprise, invention and creativeness as certain people merely specialised in certain type of undertakings. As a consequence of this, legion administrations are passing themselves to go less, instead than more hierarchal and travel towards a new attack of organizational design ( Reed, 1992 ) .

Administrations have to be someplace

Modern industrial societies demand a more modern-day and flexible attack of organizing a company instead than traditional, stiff attack. These administrations are seeking so difficult to accomplish flexibleness and carry through the demands of society and community. Flexibility here means there is room for promotion and betterment with a more unstable and nomadic attack. Flexibility harmonizing to Atkinson ( 1984 ) can be divided into three types. The first 1 is the functional flexibleness, where employees are assigned to different functions required by the market demand, non merely one specific function as described by Weber. Second one is the numerical flexibleness which is the usage of flexible contracts to let staff fluidness reacting to market demands. The last 1 is the fiscal flexibleness where resourcing systems are used to let hard currency flow flexibleness. These three characteristics are indispensable for modern-day administrations in order to fulfill the demands of its employers and employees.

Administrations in modern society to a great extent depend on specialization of cognition and transmission of information. Business corporations for illustration rely on these rules in order to vie with one another in a planetary market place ( Brown, 1992 ) . There is ever need for every big corporations to accomplish flexibleness because of the positive deductions for workers in that peculiar corporations. There will in – deepness of occupation design and higher grade of specialization can be learned by the workers. In fact, there will be lucidity of ends, room for publicities and higher grade of answerability. There is besides a room for creativeness and authorization which one can unleash their ain potency and thoughts taking into history that higher authorization will take serious consideration about them. There will be a monolithic betterment in communicating and interaction forms between the middle class and the proletariat – directors and lower category workers. Lower category ‘ sentiments and thoughts are of import to the company and directors maintain close relationship towards them.

Anthony Giddens and Lyotard come out with an thought of Nipponese theoretical account – a perfect theoretical account on how to run a concern in modern universe. Nipponese companies such as Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda, Sony and Canon are quickly turning and go some of the largest companies in the universe with a short span of clip. These companies diverge from the Weber ‘s theory in several ways. For illustration, they pattern bottom – up determination – devising. They do non organize any type of authorization as Weber portrayed but, workers are consulted about policies and top direction on a regular basis meet with them. Second, there is less specialisation of occupation but progressively rotary motion and variegation of occupation. One individual can really get the accomplishments of another and this can increase the productiveness degree of the company, therefore minimising societal silos. Third, there is occupation security which means that wage and duty are geared to senior status instead than competitory battle for publicity. This will supply equity and equity to the workers. Not merely that, there is group orientated production instead than single places and this can dispute the Fe jurisprudence of oligarchy. By unifying the work with private lives, direction can supply for many of their employees ‘ demands and in return is their trueness to the house. Based on this peculiar grounds, the theory of bureaucratism is no longer applicable because as administrations stray off towards flexibleness, they become more independent, successful and less conflict arise within the administration.

Bureaucracy and flexibleness need each other

Giddens quotation mark ‘are networks affecting a big sum of underside – up determination devising, the way to the hereafter, taking people wholly off from Weber ‘s more pessimistic vision? ‘ ( Giddens, 1997, p301 ) . Well, such position demands to be revised once more. Bureaucratic system presents in fact, is more unstable and less hierarchal signifiers of administration. Administrations still need stableness, control, a strategic allotment of resource and answerability at all degrees in order to last. Answering the inquiry rose above, administrations need to be someplace harmonizing to Foucalt, but at the same clip large administrations today are nowhere. This is because ; some corporations remain strongly bureaucratic and centred in certain state. So, there is a milestone manner to accomplish flexibleness and therefore the thought of bureaucratism is still applicable to certain extent.

Most presumptively the ideal type of administration is when administration managed to accomplish flexibleness and at the same clip maintains some of the bureaucratic characteristics. For illustration the ‘Horizontal Organisation ‘ and ‘Virtual Network ‘ which is introduced by Stewart and Rahul. In this theoretical account of organizing, there is a bureaucratic function incorporated in specific value – adding procedure. For illustration, occupation rotary motion and specification. Workers need to get the hang certain accomplishment for certain period of clip before traveling to other types of work. There is wages on the footing of public presentation without competition within age groups. Everybody has equal opportunity to acquire promoted. In fact, this theoretical account focused on occupation demands but at the same clip focused the demands of the clients. Looking at this theoretical account, there is a mix and lucifer between bureaucratisms and beyond bureaucratism and both of them tends to counterbalance each other ‘s restrictions.


Well, as mentioned earlier, it is incorrect to state that bureaucratism is now diminished through the modern universe. Bureaucracy is now more unstable and going more applicable to modern scientific disciplines. Looking back at modern-day administrations, their chief preoccupation is non to accomplish flexibleness but to happen an ideal and perfect manner to run an administration. Therefore, flexibleness is non the best solution to it. Professionalization with the monolithic usage of information engineering possibly prima towards a general addition in the flexibleness of administrations. The impact of these alterations, nevertheless, at any rate has frequently been overdone. As decision, most administrations are nowhere near to flexibleness and therefore the thought of bureaucratism is still applicable to certain extent. Merely if flexibleness is achieved, the thoughts possibly rejected and to certain extent because if the thought is rejected wholly, the administrations will non run wholly and swimmingly as they would hold been because, someway, they still need the bureaucratic characteristics in the direction and corporations.