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Burn The Flag Essay, Research Paper& # 65279 ; Our right to protest can be conducted in many methods. By address,by request, by hoardings, by directing letters, by keeping up marksand walking about in circles, by telecasting concerns, by traveling ontalk shows, wireless shows, and even by firing the American Flag.Flag combustion is merely one of the many methods of negativelook. Today we debate over the American Flag, what does itbase for and what is it s value. First of all, what is a flag? A flag isa cloth used for symbolic intents.

The American Flag may intend awhole batch for some people, but to others the American Flag is merely asymbol, designation, cloth. Under the Constitution, the rightexists for the proprietor of a symbol to destruct it utilizing any methoddesired, whether the gesture be for political grounds, or to run intospiritual or humourous aims, or to project a fiery sticker intoperson s dear beliefs. Any and all flags are merely symbols.Nothing more. A flag can intend a batch to one individual and at the sameclip can be despised by another. It can be lawfully hated or in a heartfelt wayloved. It can be converted into a pride- shirt, skirt, or Bikini, it canbe used on a wing of aauto, or ptyalize upon all without go againsting theFundamental law. Why? Because flags themselves are nil more thanpersonally owned things & # 8211 ; symbolic things.

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In a free state, thingscan be lawfully destroyed at the will of the proprietor. Dissenters whoburn flags, and harangue and rave anti-American mottos on streetcorners, are still Americans. They are Americans possessing andpractising their freedom to show themselves even though theirmethods of protest may be far different from those of others, theirthoughts may be serious. Nevertheless, criminalizing flag combustion withmerely increase its symbolic value, as a consequence there will be more flagcombustion.

If you people think that flag firing degrades ourauthorities, our state, ourselves, think of criminalizing ptyalizing onour evidences, cause that certainly shows discourtesy to our land, ourstate, our authorities, ourselves. The flag is a symbol of freedom,a symbol. The ruddy bars are tributes to the blood shed by thesettlers who revolted against oppressive subjugation, includingcensoring and the inability to protest against authorities policies.Flag firing destruct the flag, but if make an amendment to protectit, you destroy what is stands for.