Qantas is recognized as the universes taking long distance air passages which was established in Queensland in 1920, being the 2nd oldest air hoses of the universe. Today, the air passages provide flight services across a web of 173 finishs in 42 states covering all over the universe with about 35,000 employees. The Qantas group besides offers subordinate concerns such as budget air hoses, Jetstar, and other concerns in specializer services: Qantas Catering and Qantas Holidays ( Qantas, 2010 ) . To analyse the alterations and challenges that Qantas confronts in the selling today, we should place the scope of merchandises and services available by utilizing Marketing Mix construct. Then, we will analyse the chances that may be available over the following 5 to 10 twelvemonth by utilizing SWOT Analysis.

Lake ( n.d ) indicated that the selling mix, or called as 4 Ps, is the combination of marketing elements that are used to function clients and company end. The company offers are controlled by the undermentioned variables in selling: Merchandise, Price, Place ( Distribution ) and Promotion. For Qantas Airways instance, their selling mix can reason as follow:


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Qantas offers a broad scope of merchandises and services including premium trade name, Qantas, and low cost trade name, Jetstar. Qantas has divided in to international and domestic flight. In term of international flights, Qantas offers foremost, concern, premium economic system and economic category, which passengers receive different services of place, dining, and agreeableness aggregations as they paid. In instance of Domestic flight, Qantas offers two travel categories: Business and Economy. Domestic inflight services include repasts, bites and audio-visual amusement. Qantas ‘ Cityflyer provides riders going between Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney added more flights and seats than other air passages with excess services such as complimentary newspapers on forenoon and complimentary vino and beer after 4pm weekdays.

Jetstar is a low cost air hose in Asia-Pacific and Australia. In Australia, its operation is wholly owned by Qantas Group. In Asia, the Qantas Group has extended the trade name with their investings in Jetstar Asia ( based in Singapore ) and Jetstar Pacific ( Vietnam ) . As a consequence, Jetstar ‘s operations have covered 50 finishs across South East Asia and Asia Pacific.

Furthermore, Qantas besides offer non-flying concerns, which are and Qantas vacation and Qantas catering, doing perfect merchandises and services for going clients and other air hoses concerns.

Monetary value

The monetary values of flights are different harmonizing to the distance of finishs and the category of place clients selected. Particularly, for Jetstar, its monetary values are competitory with other low-priced air hoses that make tremendous net incomes to the company. As its monetary values are various, clients can do a determination based on the services Airlines offered. In add-on, for Qantas vacation, it besides offers ‘Price Promise ‘ plan that clients can acquire guaranteed low monetary values on transportations, auto hire, hotel or activities when they book on Qantas will fit monetary value rate and give 1000 excess points to clients who find another web site which provide better rate than Qantas.

Topographic point or Distribution channel

Customers can book their flights via assorted different channels which are, Telephone gross revenues, Qantas travel Centers, Qantas airdrome locations and other travel bureaus. Customers besides can pull off their flight via the web site and their nomadic phone.


There are many sorts of publicities to promote gross revenues such as price reduction air menu, purchase one ticket acquire one free tickets, upgrading place and trueness plan: Frequent Flyer member.

Frequent Flyer plan is really popular in air hoses industry. Qantas offers three degrees of ranks which are Silver, Gold and Pt, excepting Bronze entry degree. Each rank has different privileges: Qantas Club and business/First counters, extra kg for luggage allowance, point fillip, precedence cheque in and so on. The higher rank level the better privileges members can have and gain awards.

After we identified 4 Ps for Qantas, we will analyse the SWOT analysis to better understanding the organisation. SWOT stands for strengths, failings, chances, and menaces. Strengths and Failings are internal factors that the company can command, while Opportunities and Menaces are external possibilities which need more company attempts: support chances, or prevent and cut down menaces.


Strong corporate image

Qantas is the leader airways in Australia domestic and international and renowned as the 2nd oldest air passages. Furthermore, the company is outstanding in strategic markets which are Asia-pacific and Western Europe.

Frequent Flyer Program

Qantas Frequent Flyer plan, the most popular and largest air passages trueness plan in Southern portion of the universe, possess about 6.8 million clients with more than 400 spouses. This is an of import selling scheme to retain clients and crate trade name trueness to new riders.

Excellent client service

Qantas is devoted to offer rider with a wide-range of outstanding services. It employs more than 700 international client service directors and supervisors. Over 1,600 First and Business flight attenders were selected by their merchandise cognition and extended service experience and trained to offer a premium service to riders. Besides, many flight attenders are multi-lingual. They can talk a figure of linguistic communications such as Gallic, Italian, German, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, and so on. Furthermore, Qantas besides has acknowledgment for utilizing inflight defibrillators and besides on-board aeroplanes provide physician kits which include medicine and medicine.

Corporate societal duty

Qantas are disquieted about the concern of environment changing and are dedicated to pull off its operations and development in an environmentally sustainable attack.

They have launched the plan ‘Fly Carbon Neutral ‘ plan to arouse people refering on cut downing C emanations that riders can lend little sum of money to countervail their flight emanations.

The Qantas group established the Qantas Environment and Fuel Conservation group to responsible for environment issues. They have decreased aircraft noise around airdromes, provided suggestion on acquisition appraisal of new aircraft and new concerns, applied environmentally patterns and public presentation, and to call but few.

In add-on, the company besides donated to back up assorted ‘not-for-profit ‘ plans or organisations such as Great Barrier Reef Foundation, Flora and Fauna International, Clean up Australia Day, and so on.

Versatile concerns

Apart from its chief concern, Flying Activity, Qantas besides has invested in non-flying activities which are nutrient catering, travel bureau, airdrome and aircraft technology that enable them to increase the company ‘s net incomes and represent new chances to its present concern.

A batch of flight and paths

There are many paths covering worldwide provided by Qantas. Qantas group operate about 5300 flight a hebdomad including about 60 metropoliss domestically and over 900 battles per hebdomad in 173 finishs in 42 states. This aid the Airways is recognized in many states and spread out its market portion.

Double trade name scheme

Qantas Group can cover a broad group of clients because it offers premium trade name, Qantas, and low-priced trade name, Jetstar. This creativeness allowed Qantas to take advantage of mark budget rider and premium travellers to hike its net incomes and fulfill degree of operation.


Employees relationship

Qantas had struggles with its applied scientists in making an understanding on a pay difference earlier in 2008. However, via media was eventually completed with a predictable one-year pay raised between4 to 5.8 % ( Brigden, 2009 ) . This is an of import issue if it occurs once more ; employees will hold negative trust to the company that brings negative effects to overall operations.

Dependence on individual market

In malice of spread outing to international part, Qantas still depends on the domestic market for its chief grosss. This over-dependence on individual market leaves the Airways vulnerable to any political relations state of affairs or economic depression and in Australia.

Gyrating costs

Although in 2008 Qantas group has provided schemes to cut down the impact of increasing fuel costs, it was forced to cut down other operations cost such as occupations and flight capacity to go on competitory place in the market.


Open Skies Agreement

There were many attempts between Australia and other states such as the US, New Zealand, and so on to O.K. an unfastened skies understanding. As a consequence, it has created new chances to run unrestricted capacity over any routing they choose and with every bit many flights as they desire in beyond markets.

Asia-Pacific possible market

Harmonizing to Datamonitor ( 2009 ) , ‘The Asia-pacific air hoses industry had been turning at a healthy rate over 2005-2008, but showed a diminution in 2009. This will increase one time once more in 2010…’Experts besides predicted that the industry ‘s volume is likely to increase to 794.3 million riders by the terminal of 2013, demoing a compound one-year growing rate of8.6 % for 2008-2013 period. Therefore, there will be tremendous chances to increase company grosss and net incomes.

Utilization new engineering

Technology is bettering presents. The Airways can use it in many ways including increasing the service to clients and bettering aircrafts design. In November 2009, Qantas reveal the undertaking, which will get down in the mid-2010, to restitute domestic airdrome check-in times for riders at Cityflyer ports across Australia. The rank cards including intelligent bit that can transform the information interior into personal embarkation base on ballss linked to the bag ticket, and allow riders to swipe their card on a reader and base on balls to an easy luggage bead. Non-frequent circulars will besides fulfill with major ascents to their check-in by utilizing hosted booths and rapid bag bead.

Strategic Alliance

The growing of strategic confederations is expected to convey about several returns including an drawn-out path web, more frequent flights and Frequent Flyer riders and cost and efficiency benefits.


Excessive competition

Low-cost air hoses have become the chief rival of Qantas. Craigie and Bekiaris ( 2010 ) stated that Air Asia commenced flight between the Gold Coast, Perth, Melbourne, and Kuala Lumpur. In add-on, Tony Fernandes, Air Asia CEO, said that Air Asia is traveling to get down winging into Sydney by midyear of 2010. Besides, Air Asia X besides provides inexpensive flight to London from Kuala Lumpur. This enhanced on the whole competition in Asia-pacific and Europe part. The rivals of Qantas are non limited merely Air Asia, the other low-priced air hoses such as Tiger Airlines and Virgin Blue besides have offered the same paths as Qantas or Jetstar.

Aviation Security issue

Harmonizing to the event of 11 September 2001, it decreased the demand for air travel because of the raised concerns about safety issue. Then, the cost of travel was raised as a consequence of the demand of geting earlier for going, the increased rate of holds follow-on security breaches, and new protection surcharge ( Coughlin, C.C. et Al, 2002 ) . Qantas besides has flights service between Australia and the US, so the air passages have been affected straight by the increasing in security cost.

Deficit of pilots and staff

Pearson ( 2008 ) indicated that about 19,000 pilots will necessitate to be trained annually until 2026 to run into estimated demand as air passages grow holding to International Air Transport Association ( IATA ) . As a consequence, it is of import to observe airways regulators will face the challenge of developing pilots better and faster which need more cost to absorb.

Congestion and Airport capacity issue

Because the industry developed quickly, a job of airdrome capacity is possible, restricting the entire figure of aeroplanes winging to Australia as occurred in other parts of the universe.

All things considered, after studied both marketing mix and SWOT analysis, I would wish to urge the company to better its operations as follows:

Focus on both domestic and international markets to diversify the hazard of domestic economic, political relations, societal state of affairss.

Offer new publicities to riders. For illustration, when it about reaches the day of the month the flight taken topographic point, company should dismiss air menu if those flights have remained excessively many seats to countervail the cost of operations per flights. See about employees relationship, supplying proper preparation, rewards or benefits and figure of working hours.

Use new engineering and well-trained employees for bettering air hoses services.

Find new confederations and retain the relationship of current confederations that can portion benefits to the air hoses.

Continue ‘company societal duty ‘ and ‘Saving Environments ‘ undertakings to keep good company image.