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Question 1



The staff all could hold taken her electronic mail in a figure of ways, such as some may hold been really irritated with Sarah and saddened to see that their one time trusted fellow employee could move out in this manner.Sarah has lost a batch of regard by directing out this electronic mail. She was mad at the clip that the electronic mail was typed and at the clip she was angry at one employee but she so lashed out towards multiple employees. She didn’t take into consider that some employees have other duties, such as spiritual or household affairs, so they may from clip to clip hold to turn to these other issues. Sarah wants the occupation to be finished every bit shortly as possible so she is non traveling to concentrate excessively much on quality and therefore she is traveling to hotfoot a batch, but she needs to understand that some employees like to bring forth a high quality of work and that takes clip. The perceptual experiences of this electronic mail is traveling to be different to everyone, some may believe that it is really unethical, while some may believe that this is a wakeup call and truly get down concentrating on their work.

Every employee is in a different environment and has their ain force per unit areas to cover with and Sarah need to come to footings with that.

Q1.2 ( Fielding & A ; du Plooy-Cilliers, 2014 )

  • Participant as transmitter: It is of import as the transmitter in this instance Sarah that you are to stay ethical and impartial when you are encoding the message. In this electronic mail that was direct she used unneeded capitalization in her electronic mail and emoticons, this is really unethical in a work environment, because the capitalised letters could be received as a menace.

  • Participant as receiving system: The receiving systems are the employees and would construe this electronic mail as threatening because Sarah did state that they would lose their occupations and this caused disturbance and now some employees are seeking other employment for fright of being fired. A receiving system sent feedback to Sarah vacating from the company ; this may impede the company and decelerate down advancement on the large undertaking.
  • Message: This electronic mail was sent out to catch the attending of the employees, but this message was typed when the transmitter was huffy and therefore she went overboard and scared employees into seeking for other occupations.

    This electronic mail is full of mistakes and bad utilizations of punctuation and she even sent the message out as a representative of the company, seting the company in a bad visible radiation from the point of position of the public if this of all time was released to the populace.

  • Medium: The medium that has been used here is an electronic mail that has been sent to all staff, this medium is how the concern would usually pass on between employees, but there are rigorous guidelines to directing electronic mails that are work related. Her pick of medium in order to turn to everyone would be email because it is the fastest manner.
  • Channel: This emails channel was the full company, because she sent the electronic mail to all the employees, even the Chief executive officer of the company, this may non hold been the best channel to utilize because the people that she would hold been desiring to turn to would be those that are working on the undertaking with her, so a downward channel would hold been the ideal channel to use.
  • Feedback: The feedback from this electronic mail was atrocious, doing terror among the company and even holding a “highly skilled technician” resign from the company.

    The CEO has acted on the feedback and made a statement to quiet down the terror from the menaces of employees being fired. The feedback has reached the support company and the populace ; this is bad in footings of our corporate image.

  • Noise: The employees have lost their regard for Sarah and are likely non to swear her really much in the hereafter ; this isinternal noisethat the staff is making in response to the electronic mail. This incident will likely set a Sarah in a tough place and do it hard to work within the workplace. Sarah when directing the electronic mail was likely believing that she was making right, so her reading of the electronic mail was semantic from everyone else’s reading. When Sarah composed this electronic mail she wasn’t believing about the different state of affairss that other staff are in, like household and other duties.
  • Context: The context in which Sarah was talking was non as if she was turn toing an full company but it was informal and ill-mannered, this type of communicating was non suited for a big group, her diction was non suited for a workplace environment.

    This type of context was non suited and she should hold gone to higher direction and logged a ailment alternatively of seting the company’s image at interest.

  • Consequence: The consequence of Sarah’s electronic mail was non effectual as the message that she was seeking to convey was non the message that the staff received and hence there has been really hapless communicating and it is largely the mistake of Sarah for non understanding how the staff were traveling to comprehend it and for non taking in to see the extent of how detrimental it is to label an guiltless party into her ailment.

Question 2

I think that the company needs to construct on public dealingss practises and besides the behavior of staff.

With the recent events sing the electronic mail from Sarah, I think that adequate clip has passed that we can now look at bettering ourselves and the company from that incident. In order to better our image that the populace has of our company since the incident with the electronic mail got leaked to societal media, we are traveling to hold a selected few from our staff to take part in events that will help the community. Such as a few staff will travel to schools and speak about clean energy and the different ways in which we can salvage electricity in our families. The company will donate and put in mini air current turbines to the community to supply electricity to those that are either excessively hapless to pay for electricity or merely don’t have entree.There have been studies that one of the individuals that were mentioned in the Sarah’s electronic mail has been treated negatively because they were mentioned in this electronic mail.

This is really unprofessional of our staff and is to see to it that all of the staff is to go to a work store that will compromise of professionalism and teamwork. This is chiefly cause there is clash among the staff and Sarah, there is traveling to hold to be teamwork in order for the undertaking and future undertakings to be completed.

Question 3

In the instance survey, from Nontsasa’s observation it appeared that Sarah stamping past Nontsasa’s office and so banging her office door, this is a type non-verbal communicating called kinesics or her organic structure linguistic communication, so mentioning to the manner she was walking, she was huffy and annoyed.

In Sarah’s electronic mail she regularly capitalises her text, this emphasises the capitalised text, but besides makes the text loud, harsh as she tries to convey her emotions through the text and this is really discouraging to the receiving system and is called paralinguistic communication.

Question 4

( Business email etiquette rudimentss )This electronic mail is really unprofessional and is full of spelling errors and grammatical mistakes.Paragraph:

  1. There is a spelling error on the word ‘unacceptable’ . There is besides unneeded capitalization of the text and improper usage of exclaiming Markss.

    It is non just to Nontsasa that she is being singled out in this electronic mail, she is besides being portrayed as an confederate, and the usage of emoticons is unprofessional in a concern electronic mail.

  2. Unnecessary usage of capitalization in this paragraph and improper usage of inquiry and exclaiming Markss, there is a really rough and endangering tone in this paragraph and some contemptuous statements that could pique the receiving system. There is a grammatical error on the words ‘don’t ‘ .
  3. There is an mistake on the first line where “were” is supposed to be we’re and there is a spelling error after the words “dumb question” . This paragraph is really baleful as she threatens to fire staff for fiddling grounds. There is unneeded usage of capitalization, this paragraph is wholly unneeded as it does non refer to the original intent of the electronic mail, this is a personal paragraph that shouldn’t be in a concern electronic mail.
  4. She is once more including an guiltless individual in her electronic mail, this leads to prejudice among staff.

    Sarah is indicating out the fact that she works more but she is a calling driven individual who works overtime, she can’t expect the same from her staff that have other duties to cover with. Unnecessary usage of capitalization and spelling error for the word sacrifices on the last line.

  5. Endangering sentence with unneeded capitalization.

    Grammar error on “You’re” .

Question 5


Summary of studyThis fact-finding study outlines the dissatisfaction of the staff after the incident with Sarah’s electronic mail and ways in which this incident can be dealt with.Reason for studyThe ground for this study is that there was a unprofessional electronic mail that was sent out to all staff by the companies pull offing manager, that sent a moving ridge of terror and uncomfortableness among staff who feared for their occupations.

Main intents of the sum-upstudy

  • Illuminate staff discontent with the recent affecting Sarah’s unprofessional electronic mail.
  • Outline any biass that staff have been exposing towards other staff or could expose.
  • Wayss in which we can work out this state of affairs.

Procedures used to garner information

  • Interviewing employees on their feedback from the electronic mail in secretiveness
  • A study which was emailed to all staff on their personal sentiments
  • External group was asked their sentiment
  • Interviewed some staff that may be capable to eschewing because of electronic mail

Decisions based on informationMy decisions based on the information that I have gathered is:

  • Employees were shocked and offended that Sarah could move in such a manner, many of them say that they were in fright for their occupations until the CEO made that statement about the electronic mail. I find I that it will take clip for the staff to recover trust in Sarah after this incident.
  • Teamwork will be missing and this incident may hold merely caused the undertaking to be tardily on completion.
  • The company is in a bad PR state of affairs as this makes the concern seem unprofessional in the visible radiation of the populace and SAAIG.

  • The external group concluded that Sarah seek out preparation on professionalism and electronic mail etiquette.

The Main recommendationsI recommend that:

  • Sarah non be fired but be given a warning since she is a extremely skilled applied scientist and that she submit a public apology to all staff, hopefully this may assist staff to see that it was all a error, this should halt any favoritism to any guiltless staff mentioned in the electronic mail.
  • The company should outsource a company that would put up a workshop on squad edifice for Sarah and the staff.

    If the undertaking is late it could be dire for the company so outsourcing some professionals to help in this undertaking will hopefully acquire the undertaking finish faster.

  • The company demand to demo the populace and SAAIG that they are professional and a respectful concern, the PR section should lend in some Corporate Social Investment, by donating to schools and the community.
  • Sarah should have one on one preparation with person to assist her more understand her mistakes and better on them.

The consequences of the probeMy findings following the probe are:

  • That the employees are really displeased that their higher-up is moving in such a mode.

  • That Sarah keeps her place for the balance of the undertaking but her place will be revised based on the consequences following the feedback of the undertaking.
  • A replacing for the employees that we lost due to the electronic mail dirt.


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