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Aim of Case Study

The purpose of this instance survey is to happen that how Business Information system are used to bring forth profitableness and efficiency in the organisations. In today universe when the organisations are viing with each other cervix to make out, Information system can move as a competitory advantage in concern, although the information system are non competitory advantage in themselves, but they act as a accelerator in accomplishing assorted concern advantage. Today ‘s system like Enterprise Resource panning package watercourse line the working of the organisation and introduce best pattern in the organisation. In this survey we analyze Pine Country Resort located in the hills of Manali ( India )

To forestall concerns from rolling apart, it is of import to set into pattern a Business Information System that will integrate e-business and e-commerce operations to utilize the right engineering to drive the concern. This scheme is elaborated utilizing a instance survey of Pine Country Resort.

Pine Country Resort is a new comfort resort in Manali. Located near the hustling Mall Road, Pine Country overlooks the watercourse know as the river Beas, surrounded by pine and cedar trees, which offer you a expansive flight into the breezing and peaceable vales of the Himalayas. The atmosphere of this resort is one of the archetypical wooden bungalows which are sprinkled into a community of its ain. It is an ideal location for honeymoon twosomes, households and tourers, who will happen it as the ultimate retreat for comfort and peace along with luxury.

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There are a figure of of import issues which will be analyzed in this article, all of which attempt to happen out the ground to travel for IS system or non and how it is traveling to assist the Pine Country Resort. And how the direction of the resort ascertain, how they can use a concern information system besides known as BIS by utilizing strategic method to give them the competitory advantage over their challenger or competitory concerns.

The method of question in this instance is the general treatment with the direction through mail and the secondary research done on the cyberspace to understand the concern kineticss of the local market. With the of all time increasing influx of the tourers the operational effectivity is doing job for the direction. The broad type of services and tour bundles provided by the company and the logistics involved in them is making job for the Pine Country Resort and therefore to better the efficiency and effectivity, the resort direction decided to travel for the endeavor resource planning ( known as concern information system ) and therefore to incorporate assorted operations like engagement, inbound and out bound supply concatenation direction, paysheet and human resource direction system. ERP aid to automatize terminal to stop concern procedures and therefore broaden those procedures to the full production ecosystem, which include spouses, clients and providers. Information System usage to increase the employee ‘s productiveness and give them penetrations which are required to do concern determinations that set the organisation apart from other concern and their rivals. Information system ‘s map of transmutation, mechanization and sharing common informations across the organisation aid in the integrating and effectual determination devising by the direction and therefore act as competitory advantage.

The instance will analyze the assorted factors associated with the execution and the advantage generated through the information system.

Undertaking 2: In this subdivision we will seek to make assorted surveies and analysis utilizing the general processs of direction analysis like SWOT and PESTL analysis to happen the assorted environmental factors which are impacting the Pine Country Resort.

SWOT Analysis

Strengths: The Company is good established and located in the hot tourer location of Manali, which is the chief strength of the company.

  • The Resort is unfastened all twelvemonth unit of ammunition, unlike many other hill location, therefore they have an increased turnover.
  • An escapade nine has been made for the new coevals and escapade tourers. Differential booking strategies have been placed, such as different collapsible shelter pitch strategy, to pull clients in the slow season.
  • The Resort has been granted permission to spread out their concern by constructing log cabins to better their entire one-year gross.


  • The extremum season for the concern is when kids have school vacations and summer season. The ground is deficiency of marketing about the escapade and winter athleticss, which may a possible disadvantage. Resort is unfastened all twelvemonth about, but is non making net income all twelvemonth unit of ammunition.


  • Opportunity for the concern is to sell keepsakes and local handcraft of himachal in the little store that they have, which will increase gross revenues and profitableness of the company will besides increase as the traditional points can convey good borders.
  • The confederation with the escapade circuit suppliers and international circuit bureaus can increase their profitableness and can make concern in the slow season besides.
  • The manual engagement system is besides making job and therefore automated booking with the aid of web site can assist
  • The company does non hold working website to advance the resort and therefore making web site is besides an chance.


  • One menace outlined in the concern is that it may lose client inside informations as they have a manual system.
  • Lack of effectual package control over stock list and supply concatenation frequently causes loss of stock list or deficit. Human mistakes are besides doing loss and since the location of resort is in hilly country therefore the stock list and supply concatenation direction is chief job.

PESTLE Analysis

Political: There is no obstruction in term of political issue in forepart of the Pine Country Resort.

Economic: Resort need to see the factors like involvement rates, rising prices and possible tendencies. Besides the initial investing required for the mechanization and the interruption even along with the ROI demand to be justified with the aid of the Cost-Benefit analysis, and ROI route map.

Sociological: Pine Resort demand to analyse their mark market ‘s wonts, wealth distribution and life style, which may impact the current pricing.

Technological: Technological factors will allow the concern to go more effectual by utilizing an online engagement system and the web site will let them to pass on efficaciously with consumers and advance the resort. The online booking installation can be incorporated to increase the concern grosss.

Legal: Legal factors are really of import. Health and safety, employment, and competition Torahs should non be broken.

Environmental: Energy ingestion degrees and waste disposal which are connected to the natural environment should be taken attention for. This will guarantee the sustainability of the concern.

Undertaking 3: Analysis of IT Systems & A ; Process

Execution of hardware, package and communicating is really indispensable for resort to derive a competitory advantage. A house can merely hold advantage when it has the installation to protect itself against competitory forces and has the possible to procure its consumers. This can be achieved by supplying the consumers of resort with all right and superior services at a lower cost and by utilizing distinction to supply improved services so that clients believe that it ‘s worth a premium monetary value. Thus, in order to carry through its aims, the use of the direction doctrine such as the six C ‘s construct, competitory schemes and a tactical chances matrix is of import.

Software Technologies: Resort requires assortment of package engineering in order to better their competitory advantage all over the concern. The different types of package that resort could accept are ERP systems like SAP, Oracle or others. ERP permits a house ‘s functional units to discourse straight with each other and therefore brining results that are rather valuable to the houses overall procedure. If information system merely streamlines undertakings, manage informations and changes the processs which people use to make their work, it is improbable to supply long term competitory advantage. To advance a changeless competitory advantage, houses must be able to utilize ERP in distinguishable ways or in ways that allow the house to accomplish alone results. Firms that have environment that best suit ERP system execution in footings of civilization, construction, and procedure can accomplish long term strategic advantage from implementing the ERP

Value Chain Analysis

Inbound logistics: This operation takes clip and interrupt the disposal of twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours work and errors can be easy made. Resort orders its merchandises through manual system which can be replaced to mechanization by utilizing ERP system and monitoring can besides be done with the tendency analysis.

Operationss: The operation is basic, affecting supplying good service to its patronage. Which includes supplying the collapsible shelters and suites for people to remain in, guided Tourss, and offering the information. The basic cordial reception installations are provided like nutrient services, cleaning, room services and cab services.

Outbound logistics: It consists of the service provided to the patronage. It involve the circuit bundles, rafting and other escapade athletics services including tracking and mountain mounting, For this intent the services are outsourced. The ticket engagement and all other value added services are besides outsourced.

Gross saless and selling: Resort does non publicize much, which is an issue because to increase gross revenues, selling is indispensable. The concern is good in extremum season when the ownership rates an norm of 97 % . But in the dry seasons, they need to advance to demo that they are unfastened all twelvemonth unit of ammunition and best bundles are at that place during this clip. To increase gross, resort should concentrate on winter season athleticss to pull new patronages.

Resort presently works with an old method where all gross revenues are written manually in a leger. They need to upgrade and put in an ERP, which will salvage clip and paperss can be backed up and filed off automatically. The sale squad could concentrate on the web site. This will be valuable as it will publicize new events and pull new clients.

Undertaking 4: The analysis is done on the footing of different direction methods to happen the effectivity of proposed system.Six C is a construct that is used by companies when implementing or finding the execution of an information system.

  • Cost Decrease: It is the cardinal driver for the debut of new systems here we can state that by the debut of information system the entire cost of procurance and direction will be reduced as the cost of mistake and losingss due to incorrect stock list can be reduced. The manual labour involved in the procedure can be removed.
  • Capability: The information system will supply a new ability to accomplish something that has non earlier been possible as the easiness of operation with best direction patterns can be implemented. The IS will convey the best hospitability and supply concatenation direction patterns with it.
  • Communication: Important purpose of a e-business is bettering intranet-based internal communicating between sections and external communicating with clients, providers and other spouses which can be achieved through the ERP System.
  • Customer Service: They can be improved by implementing “ customer-facing ” systems and on-line reserve installation and therefore they can be straight used by the clients. Assorted value added service like cab engagement can besides be introduced.
  • Control: Monitoring can be enhanced through better information bringing for direction and assorted dismaies can be implemented for critical events. A gross revenues director can hold hebdomadal studies on the public presentation of gross revenues force has better place to exert control. The tendency analysis will assist in better planning and use of the resources by diminishing the spreads and assisting in planning and budgeting.
  • Competitive Advantage: Since information system gives Pine state resort ; the border over its rival by the benefits above, a competitory advantage is achieved.

After pine resort adopts the accounting system, it would assist in maintaining a high degree of control with ERP accounting faculty. A web site would be a major advantage to Pine Resort, since a web site would salvage cost on staff. If they introduce on-line engagement, it would salvage clip for patronage and money every bit good as aid clientele to book in progress. The web site can be easy assessed and updated instantly for the new events and publicity. This will intend less public naming for engagements or to inquiry because all the information will be available on the web site. Online engagement is usually available all twenty-four hours, so resort will be able to accept engagements at all clip which besides saves clip and money and act as competitory advantage. Website would assist possible patronage to acquire an thought of what the resort services are, and the feedback on the web site will assist in constructing trade name of the company. Resort can besides implement HRMS i.e. Human resource direction system and it will be good to both employee and the direction for better working environment. It will assist in better planning of the work force. Thus it can be inferred from the instance that the Information System will assist the Pine Country Resort in accomplishing competitory advantage by doing it more efficient.


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