Business Model and Strategy Assessment

  1. Industry Environment Analysis

Based on Porter’s Five Forces Model, the footwear industry has a high strength of competitory competition.

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The ground is that in this market, there are a figure of jobbers and retail merchants, and many of which are well-known and occupy the major market portion. In add-on, due to the low entry barriers and the low-cost capital investings, the force of menace from new entrants is high. Menace from replacements is low, ensuing from the fact that places are considered necessities.

Customers are more sensitive to monetary value, ensuing in all companies cut downing monetary value in order to provide and pull consumers. Besides, people are fond of trailing manner and comparing a shoe with all substitutive places. Consequently, the bargaining power of purchasers is high in this industry. All providers produce homogenous merchandises, taking to a low shift cost to buyers ; therefore the bargaining power of providers is low.Harmonizing to dynamic industry analysis, clients, merchandises, and engineerings dimensions are turning. The universe population will increase approximately 43 % to 10 billion in 2050 compared to 7 billion in 2013 ( Exhibit 1 ) .

With the growing of universe population, the demand of life necessities will increase, so the footwear industry will turn every bit good. At the same clip, as a consequence of people criterions of life going higher and higher, the shoe companies should better the degree of engineering to run into the new demands of clients. Now, healthy life style is a mainstream thought. However, a bulk of incumbent houses pay attending to bring forthing high quality and low cost merchandises, instead than lifestyle merchandises. Therefore, lifestyle trade names have a greater competitory advantage to interrupt the current market, assisting companies achieve success.In drumhead, although Porter’s Five Forces Model expresses the footwear industry as unattractive, based on dynamic industry analysis, the footwear industry systematically maintains a immense market that might pull a great trade of possible new entrants. Consequently, both incumbent and new houses should happen some ‘market holes’ to gaining control market portion and enhance net incomes, such as planing novel places that are good for wellness.

  1. Business Model Maps or Canvass

Brown Shoehas adopts an “Unbundled” concern theoretical account, which includes three cardinal types of concerns: client relationship, merchandise invention, and substructure. These three entities should be separated to avoid struggles. This company puts clients foremost, and it provides a broad-range of merchandises, and operates a assortment of e-commerce website s in order to better customers’ shopping experience. Furthermore, Brown Shoe focuses on making and introducing comfort and high quality places. Furthermore, it non merely owns some mills in China, but it besides has a web of planetary third-party makers.

Customer Segments, Customer Relationship, and Channelss:All ages of people can purchase merchandises in existent shops and the company’s E-commerce web site. The company uses both owned and spouse channels.Value Propositions:This company’s mission is “to inspire people to experience good and unrecorded better… pess first” ( Brown Shoe Company, 2012, P.10 ) .Key Activities and Key Partners:This company designs, green goodss, and delivers footwear for all sorts of people.

It has a figure of retail merchant and jobber spouses. A major part of its substructure is acquired from third-parties.Cost Structure and Revenue Streams:Cost-driven. The aim of this company is bring forthing net incomes with a wide- scope of merchandises.Vera Bradleyhas adopts the “Long Tail” concern theoretical account, which pays attending to niche markets.

This concern theoretical account requires a strong platform to introduce and make freshness merchandises, in order to pull clients, taking to high demand and gross.Customer Segments, Customer Relationship, and Channelss:Vera Bradley purposes at supplying freshness and stylish merchandises for adult females. It uses a “Dynamic Multi-Channel Distribution Model” throughout its direct and indirect channels. Furthermore, the existent and on-line shops allow people to choose and purchase merchandises easy.

Value Propositions:This trade name vision is “accessible luxury that inspires a insouciant, merriment, and family-oriented lifestyle” ( Vera Bradley, 2013, P.6 ) .Key Activities and Key Partners:This company designs, makes, and sells complementarily accessary merchandises for adult females. It has a good relationship with third-party retail merchants and makers.Cost Structure and Revenue Streams:Value-driven.

The company would wish to accomplish high net income by premium monetary value.Yue Yuenhas adopts an “Unbundled” concern theoretical account every bit good. The Pou Sheng Company, its subordinate, is a retail merchant in China, and is responsible for covering with client relationships. Its market research section collects information from clients to assist trade name spouses innovate and better merchandises. Yue Yuen manufactures branded athletic and insouciant footwear.Customer Segments, Customer Relationship, and Channelss:The chief market section of Yue Yuen is athletic and insouciant footwear ; therefore, athleticss partisans are its nucleus clients. The company chiefly depends on direct retail shops to gaining control market portion.Value Propositions:The merchandises quality of the company has resulted in important consumer trust.

“The Group complies to ‘put employees first’ as a promised action” ( Yue Yuen Industrial ( Holdings ) Limited, 2012, P.188 ) .Key Activities and Key Partners:The company makes and sells a wide scope of international athletics trade names footwear. Brand name clients, joint venture companies, and providers are its cardinal spouses.Cost Structure and Revenue Streams:Cost-driven. This company wants to increase market portion by supplying a assortment of athletic wear, ensuing in a high gross revenues volume.Similarities and Differences:First, all these companies have same cardinal activities, which include bring forthing and selling footwear and accoutrements.

Additionally, their similar point of value proposition is seting clients and employees fist, but the difference is that Brown Shoe and Yue Yuen are interested in supplying high-quality merchandises to clients, and Vera Bradley is effectual at making fashionable and premium trade goods for clients.What is more, these three companies have wholly different client sections. Brown Shoe targets all age groups ; Vera Bradley purposes at adult females, and Yue Yuen keeps a alert oculus on athleticss fans. Furthermore, in the facet of channel, both Brown Shoe and Vera Bradley sell goods in existent and on-line shop through direct and indirect distribution channels. Yue Yuen chiefly uses direct retail shop to sell places. Finally, Brown Shoe and Yue Yuen are cost-driven and want to better net incomes via a broad-range of merchandises.

On the contrary, Vera Bradley is value-driven through introducing premium merchandises to accomplish high net incomes.

  1. Corporate Scheme

Brown Shoeutilizes multi-corporate schemes. First, it promotes organic growing through the gap of new installations. In the following financial twelvemonth, the company expects to open about 55 new shops in the US. Then, a planetary footmark scheme drives the company to open 26 shops in China and programs to open five new retail shops in 2013. In add-on, Brown Shoe wants to join forces with Hongguo International Holdings Limited, a joint venture spouse, to add about 22 shops in 2013 ( Brown Shoe Company, 2012, P.

11-12 ) .Furthermore, this company makes usage of the acquisition of related companies to accomplish a horizontal variegation construction in order to increase its market portion. In 2010, Brown Shoe Company acquired the staying 50 percent involvement of Edelman Shoe Company, which is a taking stylish footwear interior decorator. In 2011, the company acquired a taking athletic footwear interior decorator and maker — American Sporting Goods Corporation. However, it sold AND 1 in 2011 and Avia and Nevadors in 2013, in order to pay down debt.Vera Bradleychiefly expands its retail sale in the United States by opening new shops. The company plans to open approximately 20 new shops yearly during each of the following five financial old ages ( Vera Bradley, 2013, P.

10 ) . To catch planetary market portion, Vera Bradley sells merchandises through 15 section shop locations and an E-commerce web site in Japan ( Vera Bradley, 2013, P.6 ) . Furthermore, this company made a strategic confederation with Von Maur in 2012. Get downing on July 10, clients could purchase Vera Bradley’s merchandises through Von Maur, a company that provides first-class client service and creates a more pleasant shopping environment, so this cooperation helped it spread out multi-distribution channels.

In add-on, the company founded the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer in 1998, and contributed about $ 1 million to back up chest malignant neoplastic disease research ( Vera Bradley, 2013, P.36 ) . Although philanthropic gift is different from its primary concern, this unrelated service can better its repute with an added benefit of increasing sale volumes.Yue Yuenis the world’s largest maker of branded athletic and insouciant footwear, so its services are all over the word, such as Asia, USA, Europe, Canada, and so on. Furthermore, sing retailing activities, the company focuses on China, and has 3,659 directly-operated shops and 2,276 bomber distributers ( Yue Yuen Industrial ( Holdings ) Limited, 2012, P.13 ) . In 2003, with the intent of spread outing related horizontal variegation merchandise lines, Yue Yuen acquired Pro Kingtex, a maker and retail merchant of athletic wear, and formed a joint venture with Hua Jian Industrial Holdings Company Limited, a interior decorator and maker of ladies’ places.

Furthermore, the acquisition of Zhanxin and Pengda sportswear retail merchants allowed the company to beef up and consolidate the retail distribution channels in China.What is more, Yue Yuen pays attending to prosecuting in perpendicular integrating by geting some supply concatenation services companies, for illustration, Luen Thai and LINE. “The perpendicular integrating and horizontal variegation concern theoretical account enhances the company’s visibleness into client demand and synchronizes its supply ironss to assist it command costs to accomplish higher margins” ( Jia Chu, Paper 1 ) .

  1. Competitive Scheme

Brown Shoeinvolves three cardinal market sections to serve all walks of life: Family, Healthy Living and Contemporary Fashion trade names. These markets sections provide a wide offering of merchandises at a assortment of monetary value points through Omni-Channel distributions to carry through a distinction scheme. Furthermore, the company extremely invests in advertisement so as to hike trade name acknowledgment and create trade name distinction. In 2012, the investing of advertisement and selling support was about $ 21.

5 million ( Brown Shoe Company, 2012 ) .Furthermore, Brown Shoe built a client trueness plan, which is its members can gain points toward nest eggs certifications for measure uping purchases at its Celebrated Footwear shops. This plan improves the possibility that clients will take to buy goods in Brown Shoe alternatively of other companies the first clip. The information indicated that about 66 % of net gross revenues in the Famous Footwear shops were made from the wages members in 2012 ( Brown Shoe Company, 2012 ) .Unfortunately, the distinction scheme generated a high variable cost that leads to a low operating border for this company ( Exhibit 2 & A ; 3 ) .

The company’s merchandise lines are excessively diverse to pull off. Based on its 2012 one-year study, the sweeping operation’s net gross revenues accounted for about 50 % of the net gross revenues generated from retail sections. Additionally, the healthy life market should be intensely attended, because it fills current client penchants. Therefore, contracting the range of concern may better the company ‘s profitableness, such as giving up portion of the sweeping concerns.Vera Bradleycarries out a niche scheme by supplying fashionable complementary merchandises for adult females to do their life distinctive and cheerful. Furthermore, Vera Bradley advocated a ocular selling scheme, which is utilizing homelike ornaments to make shops that have a friendly feeling of place. This typical client shopping experience encourages clients to see once more and buy more ( Jia Chu, Paper 1 ) .Furthermore, this company places its trade name as a lifestyle trade name stressing high quality, vivacious styling, and functional design, all of which extremely match the modern-day consumer ideal.

At the same clip, Vera Bradley releases new patterned merchandises and amusing advertisements often in order to maintain the trade name fresh. By making this, it promotes clients to buy over and over once more.In add-on, Vera Bradley has both international and domestic fabrication mills. This scheme helps the company salvage costs well. “Meanwhile, domestic mills help Vera Bradley adapt to the fluctuations in the market demand and consumer penchants rapidly. Besides, uniting in-house fabrication and outsourcing makes its suppliers’ power lower” ( Jia Chu, Paper 1 ) . As a consequence, a lower cost brings a higher operating border ( Exhibit 3 ) .Yue Yuenfeats a cost leading scheme by seting frontward “a proactive supply concatenation theoretical account, which shifts the company from an basically domestic fabrication works to a planetary sourcing platform” ( Jia Chu, Paper 1 ) .

Integrating and acquisition supply concatenation sections allow it to successfully increase “flexibility and truth of stock list direction. In financial twelvemonth 2013, stock lists accounted for merely 18 % of entire assets” , so this cut down a great trade of cost ( Jia Chu, Paper 1 ) .Furthermore, “from assisting trade name name clients design, green goods, and sell merchandises, Yue Yuen has the market power to pull strings merchandising and general administrative expenses” ( Jia Chu, Paper 1 ) . Besides, the company has minimum advertisement costs. Furthermore, this low cost construction allows the company to assist its trade name name clients offer all sorts of merchandises at a comparatively low monetary value, in order to increase sale volumes.

As a consequence, the company will keep the leading function in the market, because of the cost-effective concern theoretical account.

  1. Decision

Brown Shoe Companyshould set its distinction scheme so as to derive the competitory advantage and better net income its border.Vera Bradleyachieves success in the niche market by concentrating on supplying complementary merchandises to accessorize a woman’s life.Yue Yuenbenefits from its perpendicular integrating concern theoretical account that contributes to a low-priced and high-profitability public presentation.1