Business Plan for Busy’s Baseball Complex: The Future, Forecasts, and Opportunity After doing extensive research on the current market, I am pleased to present the marketing plan for Busy’s Baseball Complex, an indoor area, where kids and adults may get instruction on fielding, pitching, and the extensive use of batting cages.  The center will be run year-round and set-up like an educational institution, where our trained “coaches” will run camps, clinics, and one-on-one mentoring.

  There will be open hours for non-members, as well to come and use the facilities when classes are not scheduled.  We hope that little league associations, high schools, and colleges will find our indoor facility useful in the winter months, as well, and we project most of our revenue to come from these teams.Sales forecasting will be a bit difficult in the sense that we are in a unique niche market.

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  We do on the positive side, however, have no competitors and outside factors to impact us negatively, such as cultural and political change, as baseball has a long and proud history and is unlikely to disappear in our lifetimes.  Our organizational style will be flexible and open to new and innovative advertising ideas and we will utilize the fact that our staff have all had some involvement in the sport, making us “experts”.  Our tag-line will be “Making the Fundamentals of Baseball Fun”.  Along those same line, “Busy’s Baseball Complex” will have an advertising campaign beginning before our opening that reads “Have you heard the buzz? Busy’s Baseball Complex-for all you baseball players that want to train year-round.  Stay Busy!”To cover our expenses, we hope to obtain critical success by utilizing help from friends and colleagues, who have a desire to stay involved in baseball.  All of our investors and employees have this desire and they will be our greatest asset in terms of giving further information to and involvement from others as clients.  We expect a few large contracts from high schools and colleges in the area before we open the doors.

  This will be, what we expect, as a beginning of a domino effect from happy clients, who will pass on our business success to others.We will offer nightly clinics three days alternating weeks and four day more extensive clinics the other two weeks of each month.  This way we will be catering to all skill levels.  The clinics will be $150 per person or $1400 per team for the three day clinics and $200 per person or $2000 per team for the four day clinics.  Similarly, we will offer one-on-one instruction with a rate of $100 per hour regardless of skill level.  The open hours will be by admission with admission prices of $25 per person for unlimited use of the facilities.  We believe that the revenue generated for all of these activities to pay for all expenses for the first year with little extra in terms of profit.

  But, we are forecasting profits to increase with each year we are in operation and with each client that we add.Finally, we anticipate our advertising and marketing campaigns to be inexpensive and successful.  We will use word-of-mouth, press releases, and have our name in the phone-book.  We are continuing to tap into new and exciting ways to advertise and attract clients.  Our website is still under construction and we hope that this will draw even more exposure to our great organization.

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