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The concern Plan.


For this assignment we as a group have been asked to bring forth a concern program with back uping analysis and justification. The purpose of the concern program is to concentrate on converting the company stakeholders of the viability of your company get down up. The justification includes grounds associating to the cogency of the merchandise choice and the content of our program.


A concern program is a written certification of which describes the concern, the aims of the concern, its schemes, the market of which the concern is in and the fiscal prognosiss. The concern program has many maps, from procuring external support to mensurating the success with the concern itself.

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It indispensable when get downing up a concern for a concern to hold a realistic working concern program.

Our concern program is a statement of purpose and provides inside informations on how we as a company are traveling to develop our concern, when we are traveling to make it, who ‘s traveling to play a portion and how we as a group will pull off the money.

The Business Plan.

The executive sum-up:

Our company is a Young Enterprise company trading in imported and homemade merchandises for the merchandise market. We as a company purpose to bring forth and sell a assortment of recognizing cards and tapers of which are homemade to the general populace. An aging population will heighten demand for specific card types. The types of cards that there may be an increased demand of cards that there may be an increased demand for include:

  • Retirements
  • Anniversary
  • Birthdaies
  • Yule
  • Easter
  • Valentines Day, female parents and male parents twenty-four hours cards

Handmade cards are likely to go on turning in popularity as card transmitter seek more and more to show their ain individualism.

The concern, its merchandises and services:

The concern.

ASGO4 is a alone taper and cards selling company we offer a assortment scope of merchandises which include all kinds of assorted tapers and cards for any all sort of particular occasions to run into all demands.

The company ASGO4 consists of 5 dedicated members who aim to turn this company to accomplish a successful concern.

Merchandise and services.

We have a broad scope of cards to suite assorted demands and for all particular occasions, i.e. birthdays, day of remembrance ‘s, valentine and tests.

Exam felicitation cards and best wants for classs can hold a broad scope of market ; these cards will hold a good merchandising point within Staffordshire University.

( Mention to appendix 1. )

Competition comparing

ASG04 merchandises contain many characteristics that distinguish them from those produced by rivals.

  • ASGO4 merchandises are handmade and are to suite all particular occasions.
  • The quality of the tapers and cards are produced at a brilliant degree, even to the untrained oculus, which makes ASGO4 merchandises more realistic.
  • ASGO4 are alone and offer a broad scope of tapers, non many similar merchandises is available in the domestic market.


ASGO4 merchandises are chiefly hand-crafted some of the merchandises produce by, ASGO4 will be provided by jobbers, these merchandises that are produced by jobbers will be produced at a professional degree.

Future merchandises

ASGO4 purpose to turn into a successful concern, by supplying a broad scope of tapers and cards to run into all demands. The tapers that are provided by ASGO4 have a possible market, as they can be used for many particular occasions.

What benefits its offers.

ASGO4 merchandises offer great benefits to its clients because what we provide to you can non be provided to you from else where.

Customers would purchase our merchandises because our merchandises are different compared to what ‘s already available on the market, so this makes ASGO4 more appealing to its clients.

Merchandise installations

The chief installation, we will utilize is the market shop, within our market shop vitamin E will hold a broad scope of infinite to expose our merchandises, we will utilize tabular arraies and colorful tabular array fabrics which we will engage, we will utilize the table fabrics to do our tabular arraies of show colourful and appealing.

Some tapers and cards will be manus made by the members of the ASGO4, but these will be simple merchandises, we will make this merely to widen our scope of merchandises.

Information engineering

Information engineering is of a portion of the about every concern twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life. We will utilize a promotional information engineering tool which will done by are of our category co-workers, he will advance our company ASGO4 and this will make consciousness of our company, what we offer and where we are based in Newcastle.

The markets and rivals:

There are a figure of rivals of which we have to see, the types of candle rivals of which we have to see are:

  • Johnson Wax – Glade – known as air-care tapers.
  • Bousius ( UK ) Ltd.
  • Dane.
  • Yankee Candle Ltd.
  • British Candlemakers Federation.
  • Colony Gift Corporation Ltd.
  • Monetary values Patent Candle company Ltd.

The types of card rivals of which we have to see are:

  • Birthdaies.
  • Hilary clintons.
  • Hallmark.
  • Card Factory.

Selling and gross revenues:

Market Cleavage

Enhancement tapers – unscented

Retail gross revenues of unscented tapers were A?48 million in 2000, a rise of 27 % over 1996. They account for 50 % , by value, of the sweetening sector, compared with a portion of 62 % in 1996. Figure 7 provides tendencies since 1996. Growth within the unscented tapers sector is slowing, as purchase of scented tapers becomes more popular. Unscented tapers include coloured family tapers, which can be used every bit decorations every bit good as for illuming. Many are purchased to fit family dA©cor, every bit good as to make a restful atmosphere during dinner parties.

Enhancement tapers – scented

It is the fragranced taper sector which is fuelling growing within the tapers market overall. Retail gross revenues of scented tapers are estimated at A?48 million for 2000. This demonstrates a rise of 106 % since 1996. Scented tapers account for an estimated 34 % of the entire candle market and 50 % of the sweetening sector by value.

Functional tapers – tea visible radiations

Tea visible radiations have reached the mature phase of the merchandise lifecycle, being one of the first candle fluctuations to be introduced into the UK after traditional white family tapers. For this ground, value market growing is set to decelerate over the following few old ages, although they remain popular as they are so various. In 2000, tea light gross revenues were A?27 million, a 10 % addition on 1996. They accounted for some 19 % of all candle gross revenues in 2000, which is a diminution of 6 per centum points since 1996, reflecting a bead in monetary value points instead than use.

Emergency tapers

Retail gross revenues of exigency tapers ( chiefly white family tapers ) are worsening easy and were A?4 million in 2000. This compares to about A?7 million in 1996. Mintel ‘ s consumer research indicates that every bit many as 18 % of homemakers had either bought or received white family tapers within the six months to January 2001, although non all will hold been bought for exigency usage merely. Figure 10 demonstrates tendencies since 1996.

Air – attention tapers

Air-care tapers designed for refreshing air/masking smells are increasing in popularity. Harmonizing to Mintel ‘ s consumer research, around a 3rd of homemakers use tapers as air fresheners in 2001 and one one-fourth claim to hold bought or received scented tapers made by air freshener companies. The air-care tapers market was deserving A?14 million in 2000, about three times the value of 1996 gross revenues. It is still at the growing phase of the merchandise lifecycle, with many of the merchandises being comparatively new. Figure 11 provides tendencies in the air-care tapers market between 1996 and 2000.

Target market section scheme

Target market: Enhancement candles – scented

Scented tapers have experienced a considerable growing in popularity since 1998, with 63 % of homemakers holding purchased or received them during the six months prior to the study. This reflects tendencies within the market topographic point by and large. A one-fourth of tapers purchased or received are scented. Consequently, our company aims to import and sell scented tapers since the scented taper is the most popular and profitable candle class so far.

Candle industry

Major factors act uponing the market

The tapers market is influenced by a figure of factors. Purchased chiefly by adult females, the growing in the figure of adult females working has impacted positively on tapers gross revenues, because of a subsequent addition in discretional income and fiscal independency.

There has been a displacement in lifestyle forms, with a turning tendency towards alternate health care and aromatherapy, and a resurgence in the popularity of pot pourri and incense, all of which have had a positive influence on taper gross revenues, particularly within the fragranced sector. There are besides seasonal fluctuations, with garden tapers of course executing better in the summer during use of barbeques, or Christmas tapers with particular Christmas colors and aromas for the Christmas period.

Changes in the age construction of the population have besides served to hike gross revenues of certain candle types. For illustration, the immature age group has expanded, hiking gross revenues of the more stylish natation tapers which have a high purchase rate among this age group.

Industry participants ( Main rivals )

Colony Gift Corporation Ltd

Colony Gift Corporation is the UK ‘s prima quality candle maker and claims to be the largest manufacturer of scented tapers in Europe. Colony ‘s turnover in 1999 was A?22 million, up 21.5 % on 1998 turnover of A?18.1 million. It employs more than 460 people and its trade names are available in over 70 states.

Monetary value ‘s Patent Candles Company Ltd

The company produces tapers and related accoutrements. It offers a broad scope of tapers for all occasions, including: scented and aromatherapy ; out-of-door lighting ; Christmas and Easter ; every bit good as cosmetic tapers and the more traditional church-style tapers.

Yankee Candle ( Europe ) Ltd

Northerner tapers are positioned as premium-quality, giftworthy tapers for the intent of place fragrancing. Aromas are legion and include sage and citrous fruit, spiced apple, honeysuckle, Gallic vanilla and spiced pear.

Bolsius ( UK ) Ltd

Bolsius ( UK ) Ltd is owned by NLD Bolsius International BV. The company has been active in the UK for over 15 old ages. Merely approximately 40 % of the company ‘s end product is sold through retail mercantile establishments, while about 25 % of gross revenues are to spiritual establishments and 35 % to the catering trade.

Johnson Wax

Johnson Wax is owned by the US company SC Johnson & A ; Son Inc and is a major participant in a figure of family goods merchandises, notably household cleaning agents and glosss. The company leads the air freshener sector, with most of its selling attempt placed behind the Glade trade name.

( Mention to the concern justification Ansoff product/market matrix and Boston matrix to measure selling and concern development schemes ) .

The squad accomplishments:

Within ASGO4 there is in entire five dedicated staff members of whom all have different functions within the concern itself. Below is a list of the functions each of the staff members have and besides entails a description of what they are responsible for within the functions and what types of accomplishments are required for each of the functions:

Team accomplishments should place the strengths of the squads & A ; the programs to cover with any obvious failing.


Pull offing manager is finally responsible for the other members of staff, stockholders of the concern ; the pull offing manager demands to exert all of the leading skills every bit good as diplomatic negotiations equity & A ; strength. A pull offing manager is antiphonal for promoting teamwork.


Company secretary – are responsible for the carbon monoxide -ordination, communicating & A ; administration of all the countries associating to our company ASGO4. The specific functions of being the company ‘s secretary include the undermentioned

  • Completing enrollment paperss
  • Keeping the portion registry
  • Keep records
  • Administering company meetings
  • Organizing agendas & A ; proceedingss


Finance manager is responsible for fiscal & A ; resource direction, it is the occupation of the finance manager to maintain path of the money and besides necessitate to be after, cognize and enter where the money is coming from, who ‘s got it and where its traveling.

All fiscal passages should be recorded by the fiscal manager and to pass on fiscal advancement to members of the squad. Other functions of the fiscal manager includes making the banking and work a alongside with the company secretary on the company portion and duties to stockholders.

The fiscal manager is besides responsible for ciphering and paying the immature endeavor and corporation revenue enhancement.


Marketing manager demand to utilize their invention and originative accomplishments in taking a cardinal function in placing market and chances every bit good as specifying merchandise or service charlatanistic. The chief duties include PR and advertisement for the company, every bit good as transporting out market research and client observation to assist to keep client satisfaction.


Operationss manager are responsible for merchandise and service development, their function is the guarantee that a method of operation is decides and organize the production of the company merchandises and service, an operations manager is responsible for buying natural stuffs, stock, supply and demand of finished points. Health and safety of the other staff members and clients should be one of the operation manager concerns.

The operation:

ASGO4 will purchase tapers from its jobbers and so put its merchandises on the market, we will utilize a market shop in Newcastle market, and we will expose all our merchandises at that place within the market.

Newcastle market is amongst one of the biggest markets in Stoke-On -Trent, so this enables us to aim a broad scope of audiences this will do our merchandises more appealing as there are immense crowds in the market that we could pull.

The chief advantage of our locations is that every bit Newcastle market is one of the busiest markets to people from all background and different societal category attend this market and this is a great chance to take advantage of this because we will hold a broad scope of audiences.

Fiscal prognosiss:

After fiscal prognosis, such as hard currency flow and Net income and Loss Account, we have merely started our concern – ASG04. And we are merely preceded in one month preceded – January 2005. Our concern is running slow. So, it will take clip to pick up. We have a good mark market in Newcastle market. We have a broad scope of mark scope in this facet. Newcastle market is amongst one of the busiest unfastened market in Stoke-On-Trent.

We merely have a few disbursals, such as motor gasoline, premises and equipment hire. As our disbursals are really low, this allows us to increase our net income border. Because of low outgo, we have a low cost that means our monetary value of merchandise will non be set really high. Our concern will hold adequate on the job capital to last because of our low cost.

We intended to raise a immense sum of money as our merchandise attracts a broad scope of mark audience. We expect to do a significant sum of net income as we proceded without concern.

( Mention to appendix 2. )

Business Justification.

A concern program is produced to convert stockholders, Bankss to put into our concern. The construct of the concern is buying pre-produced merchandises i.e. tapers and some instances bring forthing merchandises. The merchandises that will be sold will be aimed to assorted age groups. In order for the concern to see success and do a net income it is of import to guarantee that costs are kept to a lower limit. the concern will concentrate on selling assorted types of tapers i.e. scented, unscented, drifting etc. our merchandises bought from manufactured will non be sold as they are, they will be packages and sold as gift battalions for illustration. This methods makes the merchandise unique and be able to do a net income. For illustration, 1 big taper will be the concern about 60p. If the merchandise was sold as apart of a set of assorted tapers i.e. sizes, colures and sold for A?5.00. This one taper may do a net income of surplus of A?2.00.

Researching into this merchandise and market is of import, so the company is able to calculate its success. It is clear there is a market for this merchandise. The right location is besides of import. As the merchandises will be sold on a market stall, our company will see less overhead costs compared to high street shops.

Above shows a table demoing the gross revenues of scented tapers between 1996-2000. This information is of import so that company is able to see the altering tendencies over clip. Un-scented tapers are non every bit popular as scented tapers. These merchandises frequently uses to make a desired ambiance and besides used for show. Increasing gross revenues can merely intend that there is a demand for these types of merchandises.

This undertaking has no major operating expense disbursals. Our chief disbursal will be leasing the stall that will be about A?16 per hebdomad. As no other major resources are required for illustration H2O, electric, our costs will be kept to a lower limit and be able to reassign deals to our clients. Analyzing the concern program there is a large opportunity for success with this undertaking. Gross saless for these merchandises are increasing every twelvemonth and the populace are looking for new merchandises to purchase. Demand for tapers are created by adult females and frequently purchased more by adult females. With busy, nerve-racking life styles combined with working, looking after households has created an environment for tapers.

The below illustrates UK industry gross revenues between 1996 and 1999. It shows that there is a bead in gross revenues in the UK. In 1999 it shows that gross revenues were down to A?1.57 per taper.

Beginning: tapers UK April, 2001

Ansoff ‘s product/market

The Ansoff ‘s product-market matrix helps to understand and measure selling or concern development scheme. ASG04 is able to utilize Ansoff ‘s merchandise matrix to see what blend strategic options to utilize. Product development is developing or happening new merchandises to take to an bing market. This is a scheme if the company has a strong market portion in a peculiar market. Developing merchandises are frequently a really expensive procedure. In this instance, ASG04 does non hold any market portion, but with the merchandise being sold are in demand and play apart of the market portion in the UK. A concern should seek non to hold any Dogs, but concentrating on hard currency cattles, job kid and stars that need to be kept in a sort of equilibrium. Fundss generated by hard currency cattles are used to turn job kid into stars that may turn into hard currency cattles.

Boston matrix.

The Boston matrix theoretical account is a tool for measuring bing and development merchandises in footings of their market potency. Our merchandises lay between stars and shortly to be turning into hard currency cattles. The market already exists and has assorted types of tapers that are sold. ASG04 is buying ready produced tapers and developing them by doing them more appealing to the populace to purchase.