Last updated: February 17, 2019
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Butterflies are wonderful creatures. They can’t swim, but they sure are very very good at flying. They can fly for long long long long long distances and they are also good at eating and giving birth. They look beautiful. They used to be a creepy ant, but then they grew out of their “shell” and a beautiful butterfly cane out. Butterflies are spelt “”b u t t e r f l i e s”. There are tons of different types. “The Butterfly Website is the world’s oldest and largest website dedicated to butterflies and moths.

Here you’ll find hundreds of articles about butterflies and moths, an extensive clipart collection, many photographs, videos, butterfly gardening tips, links to purchase butterflies for your wedding or special event, and a lot more. Don’t miss our inspiring stories – over 1,000 beautiful stories – about ways in which peoples’ lives have been magically touched by butterflies. Have you ever found an injured butterfly or caterpillar and wanted to help it but didn’t know how? Butterfly Rescue International to the rescue!

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The Butterfly WebSite & butterfly expert Rick Mikula have compiled this group of butterfly experts from around the world who appreciate your love for butterflies and are here to help you help them. ” (http://butterflywebsite. com/) Here you can read many articles on butterflies, check out the gallery, see some nice art-clips and look out the conservatory. It is also possible to read inspiring stories (about the wonderful butterflies) and learn more about gardening. A new world has opened up many peoples eyes for the stunning gardening life, and to experience all our butterfly friends.