Positivity or optimism is something observed in the field of psychology that refers to two phenomena: That people tend to observe a neutral situation as mildly positive, or that people feel good at any given moment and this is easily observable to other individuals around a person.

With 8th graders thats an important factor for school work and social life as the work 8th graders do in school is critical for their grades and it is very important to keep up grades for their future life.In 8th grade it is often the case that when someone is bullied and thus unhappy or someone that is just being grumpy, that they need someone to talk to so they can ‘unload’ some of the negativity they are carrying. When someone has gotten compliments from an action the person feels good about it and this will be easily visible to other people and then the people that see this will almost always sense some positive ‘aura’ around the person that is positive or a person that has gotten a compliment. The people that have seen this will then begin feeling a positive warmth within them.So optimism is a sort of energy that can easily be passed on from person to person. Negativity will usually repel other people. But people feeling optimistic will often try to transmit their positivity to the negative people.

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This is an ‘opposites attract’ situation. Also when you see your life as miserable you will be more tired due to the facts that this miserable thought creates a big lack of energy and you don’t see the good part of life, you enclose yourself in negativity and ignore the positive and thus will lose interest in everything and will become more tired over time. th graders who see their life as intolerable and miserable will get more tired than other students and it will also lower their grade because they don’t see the value of doing it. Negative people have less friends and less happiness.

Students don’t like negativity because some students might be trying to make friends and the negative ‘aura’ surrounding the negative people might make them upset. This dangerous negativity can snow ball into a worse, self destructive state of mind, one that can have far reaching implication on one’s self and school life.When you develop the attitude that “the world is bad”, you can give up both physically and mentally on life, even worse this “auto pilot” existence can lead to intellectual apathy and social decline.

Things that people would see as boring and a waste of time will become more interesting if you try to only see the positive side of a job or objective and ignore the negative side of it. Optimists are also risk takers. Taking a risk is what makes life more interesting and fun!They are not afraid of the changes and challenges because the problems that may present themselves will only make life more interesting for their eager spirit to tackle. The problems and challenges are what keeps them just going and going. Optimists know that life is never without problems.

What optimists expect is that they will face the problems with an eager smile and enjoy the chance to overcome the problem and move on to the next. They see problems as part of a larger plan, given to us as so that we can find a way out of it.After we do so, we are stronger and happier than before and we get to enjoy even more things than we ever though possible.

Optimists truly have the key to life and they work very hard to turn that key every day and make their lives into something outstanding. And this is crucial as not only 8th graders but teenagers in general need lots of friends to make school a more interesting place as school is often the only place where you can meet friends or at least most of them.