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Professor Jusko

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Communication 188A

8 December 2017


exclusive glimpse into the scandalous and luxurious lives of Los Angeles’ most notoriously
famous family, the Kardashians. A documented celebrity series that will be synonymous
with fashion, glamour, and beauty.  The
series, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, abbreviated
KUWTK, will concentrate on the lives
of the five sisters; Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie. The cameras will
follow the Kardashian sisters, as they navigate through their dysfunctional
relationships, family drama, and disastrous marriages. The Kardashians will
take us into the most intimate aspects of their lives, in a raw and authentic fashion.

The series will premier with the aftermath of Kim’s sex tape with Ray J,
Kourtney’s boyfriend being spotted with another woman, and Khloe’s ongoing struggle
with her weight. There will be a constant flow of genuine drama and complications
when there are five sisters ranging in different age, personality, and status.  

         Keeping Up with the Kardashians, has one
essential intellectual property and that is the name. The Kardashian name holds
a prominent status within popular culture. Intellectual property will assure
that no other show can be produced with this name, without consent. By establishing
an original title that is direct to the point, it will give the series the
freedom to create a show without any existent precedents or guidelines.

series will be handled by Evolution
Media, a production studio that currently
produces both the Real Housewives and
Vanderpump Rules series. The
producers are already familiar with the reality television market, which will
help with selling the series to networks. The producers will also understand the
needs of the media consumers, which will make selling the product much easier,
because it ensures that you are satisfying what they are looking for, which will
help guarantee the show will be made. The producers would have performed
research as to which buyer would be most suitable for this type of series. Evolution Media, has a long working
relationship with Bravo Television
and Lifetime, which would presume
that the producer would know exactly what the network is looking for and would
be able to sell to the network. The production company would know Bravo Television would be a better channel
to air the show, rather than Lifetime
because KUWTK, would seamlessly fit
into their daily programming between the other reality shows of its kind.

KUWTK, will have a fully
produced sizzle reel, where all the footage will be shot exclusively for the purpose
of the reel. The series would benefit from a sizzle reel rather than a concept reel
because we will be using actual footage instead of easily acquired generic
footage, which would then lack the sense of how dynamic this family is. The sizzle
reel is also more engaging than a PowerPoint presentation deck, which would be presented
as a lecture rather than a compelling strategy to get buyers excited for the
show. A Presentation (shot but non-airable) may be effective as well, because
it is a bit longer around 5-15 minutes, which will give the time to really show
the look and the feel of the series, with the downside being that it is more
expensive. The casting reel will be footage that will be an edited into a video
between 1-5 minutes long with a compilation of all the Kardashian sisters quickly
describing their lives and then cutting into the drama and tabloids each one of
them is a part of, to show their ability to hold more than enough intrigue for
one season.

The packaging
for this series will need to bring together big elements that will make the
show more appealing so it will get sold. The main selling point of the series
is that the star will be the Kardashians. This is a marketable element because this
family already have a fan base. The series could possibly use the same director
as one of the Real Housewives show.

Some possible sponsors could be any beauty or weight loss brand, such as CoverGirl or Atkins. Finding a sponsors that will not compete or endanger any
current sponsors already present at the desired network is very important.

a show is the art of walking into a room filled with a few business executives and
advising them to invest in producing a full series order of ten episodes of KUWTK. In this sales meeting this is the
only opportunity the producers have to get the buyers excited enough about this
product to actually want to make this idea a reality.  The marketing hook is “Try to keep up with us
in a dash.” The hook will leave the
audience intrigued in what craziness will unfold in the next episode. I would not bring a treatment to the pitch meeting because the
concept of the show is fairly simple.

will be two pilots that will be made for KUWTK.

The first one will be a non-airable pilot,
composed of a video that is 30 minutes, yet it’s not quite polished and complete
given that it will not be broadcasted. The actual pilot can be structured to be
a standalone episode. The pilot will debut the family at an elite social
gathering filled with cameos from their famous friends. This will give the
audience a chance to preview a day in the life of the Kardashians.

audience testing would be expected to be done by the network/channel that paid
for development and production of this series. The developers would gather in a
room approximately 100 people, about half of which would be men, with the
balance being women. These participants will range in age and race which will
allow for analysis of what the possible prime demographic is for the show. The
network’s core demographic will be present as well to see if the show will be a
cohesive and valuable addition to the network. The anticipated demographic for KUWTK is women between the ages 15-30
years old. In the screening room the viewers will watch the pilot and review the
show based on whether they like the show and are there any drawbacks with the
celebrities attached to the show. This type of screening is necessary to see if
the show would actually be able to hold it’s own with the viewers and will they
actually be engaged if this show was broadcasted.

aspect of the series’ production that would be particularly challenging is the
packaging of the show. Since the main marketable element is their last name it
puts a higher risk on the show not being as appealing to all audiences. To fix
this possible problem each member in the Kardashian family would have to create
a strong social media presence and find their own niche. Each member would
appeal to a different group like Kim would gravitate to the fashion influencers,
Kourtney would be for mothers, Khloe would be for health conscious women, Kendall
would be for models, and Kylie would be for cosmetics. Having all these diverse
platforms could feasibly help enable this television series to survive.

are many potentials for marketing and distribution opportunities for the series outside of the revenue resulting
strictly from viewership in its country of origin. The first being an
international sales of the series to any another country that has knowledge about
this family, such as anywhere in Europe. There is also an opportunity to tie-in
with sponsors’ products. Each member of the Kardashian family is an influencer,
so any product that they use in public and speak highly about will sell out
almost instantly. They will easily be able to advertise beauty products,
restaurants, clothing brands, beverages, and dietary supplements throughout the