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Cantebury Tales Vs The Decameron Essay, Research Paper

There are many different functions for adult females shown in & # 8220 ; The Canterbury Tales & # 8221 ; and & # 8220 ; The Decameron & # 8221 ; . Both books take topographic point around the same clip frame, 1300AD. & # 8220 ; The Canterbury Tales & # 8221 ; , takes topographic point in London, England and & # 8220 ; The Decameron & # 8221 ; takes topographic point in Florence, Italy. It would be merely to believe that since both books take topographic point in a western civilisation, both books would reflect the same ethical motives and day-to-day life manners. This is non the instance at all. Throughout this paper I will try to demo how these two books portrayed a wholly different life style.

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In & # 8220 ; The Decameron & # 8221 ; , by Giovanni Boccaccio, the axial rotations of work forces and adult females are what you would anticipate of a western society in the 1300 & # 8217 ; s. Womans are by and large seen as soft existences that were slightly na? ve. There was a really distinguishable line that separated work forces from adult females. Through out the narratives I noticed a consistent narrative line of adult females being really loyal to their work forces. The work forces would stop up making awful things to the adult female. In some instances the hubbies would really set the married woman through monolithic agony and non even think a thing of it. The adult females seemed to merely take what was thrown at them. They had no say in what went on, and they were to cover with the actions of their male friends, lovers, or relations. For illustration on page seventy-nine of & # 8220 ; The Decameron & # 8221 ; , there is a narrative about a miss that is holding a love matter with a adult male. When her male parent walks in on her and her lover in bed together, he takes action out of retribution and kills her lover. He so sends the bosom in a aureate goblet to his girl. The girl so out of utmost unhappiness, fills the cup with her cryings and a poisness solution and drinks it go forthing herself dead. This narrative efficaciously shows the axial rotations that are placed upon adult females in this clip and epoch. The adult females in this narrative were expected to, and dealt with her male parents & # 8217 ; determination. She did non seek to halt him. I do non believe that she would hold been able to stand up to him. It seems that adult females in this clip truly did non hold a topographic point in the male universe. Everything was male dominated and all actions done by a male were surely non to be questioned by a female.

In “The Canterbury Tales” , the functions that society gave males and female was much different.

Throughout my reading of & # 8220 ; The Canterbury Tales & # 8221 ; , I noticed that the functions society placed upon work forces and adult females were much different than that of & # 8220 ; The Decemaron & # 8221 ; . In this civilization work forces were seen as naif and fleeceable. Womans did non hold a direct function over the work forces of society, but behind the scenes of public life, adult females ruled over work forces. It was non that work forces were powerless, it was that work forces were merely tuned out to what was traveling on and allow themselves be manipulated. For illustration in the narrative titled & # 8220 ; The Millers Tale & # 8221 ; , the hubby appeared to merely be blind to the fact he was being cheated on. His married woman had been holding a sexual matter with a adult male that was fundamentally populating in with the household. Over clip, she manipulated both of the work forces into making things she wanted. She had entire control over both of them and neither of them suspected a thing. The married woman had her secret lover tell her hubby a great inundation was coming. She did this hoping that he would go forth and she could go on her life with the other adult male. When her hubby heard of this he thought merely of his married woman & # 8217 ; s safety. He was wholly unsighted to what had been traveling on the whole clip. He put tonss of attempt into building things that can be used as boats, and hive awaying supplies for the clip when this great inundation comes. This obviously shows the domination his married woman had over him and the other adult male. Womans are portrayed as Masterss of use and the work forces merely travel along with whatever is traveling on ne’er surmising a thing.

& # 8220 ; The Decameron & # 8221 ; , by Giovanni Boccaccio and & # 8220 ; The Canterbury Tales & # 8221 ; , by Geoffrey Chaucer, show two really different societies. These societies live life much otherwise. The functions of work forces and adult females are wholly opposite in these two books. It is astonishing to see how different two countries of the western civilisation can be. This shows that there were different civilizations and beliefs in the western universe. From reading these two books you merely grasp a position of two civilizations that are in different countries of Europe. I am certain that from reading other civilisations books, we can happen even more cultural differences in the western universe.