Peter is nice adult male and a difficult worker. but he is careless about his married woman and household. his married woman Carteria take attention all the housekeeping. he has been two month did non travel place. he was on a concern trip. when he arrived at place.

Carteria is non at place. he look at his ticker. it is already seven autopsies. Carteria should be at place with diner truly.

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He makes a phone call to his married woman. but no 1 pick up. He grap a buttle of H2O sit on couch bend on the Television wait his married woman to come place. he is tired from the work. Finally he fall in slumber on couch.When he wake up it already ten am at forenoon and he recognize Carteria has non come place. He start to worry about her. maintain naming her but no 1 pick up the phone.

It was ne’er happen befor. he seek to happen any figure relate to Carteria. except her figure he can non happen anything. all the figure are about his work.

what is happen to her. he start nervousnesss. He ne’er care about her like that. He merely state himself she is traveling to be ok. she may merely hang out with some friend.

and bury about clip. because Peter is non with her all the clip. possibly she merely experience longly sometime.

All he has to make merely be patience delay. He decide to sit on couch to let go of his nervousnesss. at same clip he turn on the Television. he peer at exposure merely on the Television stander. he ne’er know there is a exposure. The image is he and Carteria with lovely smiling on the park. A intelligence pull his attending. it is a auto accident go on on a few block a manner from his place yesterday.

“Oh no no no. non her” Peter say. “A 42 old ages old adult male dice in the accident” he shut off the Television and state “thanks god it is non happen her” he feels so release. he take out exposure album and expression at it.It remind his good memory with Carteria.

He has been long clip did non travel out with his married woman. Now he think about when she come back. he traveling to hold a trip with her. Suddenly the door is unfastened Carteria come back. Peter stand up from couch and walk to the door. expression at her with a happy face. he wants to state happy to see you once more.

but he does non complete what he say. because Carteria s face looks so sad something bad happen to her and the face can state she has been cry. the tear still on her eyes.Then Peter merely state “Hi what is happen to you” he does non reply it. She merely take off her places. “where have you been? ” Peter say. she does non even look at him and walk heterosexual to the room lock the door. Peter can hear Carteria is shouting so hard in the room.

Peter has no idear what is traveling on. He knock the door “what is happen to you” Peter ask. she does non reply it. Peter sits beside the door. delay when she gets better come out and inquire her what go on about her. How long has she call.

Peter can non retrieve Carterian come out. she still does non speak to Peter.She gets in to the auto.

Peter sit beside her. Carteria drive the auto. Finally they arrived at a funeral. “whom funeral is that” say Peter. The most of member are his household and friends. When they walk near.

Peter daze by the funeral. That is his ain funeral. his name on the gravestone. Carteria call once more. Flash back Peter all of a sudden retrieve the auto accident go on a few blocks a manner from his place.

It is he on his manner go place hit by a auto. and Carteria spend all dark with him. He does non cognize she love him so much. but right now he has no opportunity to love her dorsum.