This predator who effortlessly took the lives of more than eighty women has long been punished, however, the torment, love lost, friends gone; one thing remains that these women, they will never be forgotten. Carl Eugene Watts was born in Fort Hood, Texas on November 7th 1953. His parents divorced in 1955. Two years old, his mother moves to Detroit. Carl grows up with his grandmother. As a child Carl had meningitis, which prompts high fevers.

As a result, Carl developed leaning disabilities. He was described as being a soft-spoken and polite young man. He had as well, an athletic bility. He also participated in the Golden Gloves program. He was considered academically below average. By the age of fifteen, it was all about to change. While doing his paper route, he knocked on a door of an apartment building and attacked her when she opened the door.

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When he was arrested for this crime, he told the officer “ I just felt like beating someone up. ” By September 1969, Watts was institutionalized in a hospital in Detroit. He was evaluated and placed on an out patient program by Dr. Gary Anisworth. The doctor stated “This patient is a aranoid young man who is struggling for control of strong homicidal impulses.

His behavior controls are faulty, and there is a high potential for violent acting out. This individual is considered dangerous. ” He continued high school after his release from the hospital. He was involved in sports as well as declining in his academics. He was reported to be a drug user, a loner, and often disciplined at school for his violent behaviors with female classmates. He was accepted to Lane College in a football scholarship. Due to injuries, he was unable to ompete his first year. He then went home to Detroit.

He went back to college after being accepted to into a special scholarship and mentoring program at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo. Watts was re-evaluated at the out patient facility and again found that he was still a danger. The murdering tirade is now beginning. On October 25th 1975, a woman by the name of Lenore Knizacky was attacked by a man saying he was looking for Charles.This woman survived and later picked Watts out of a line up. Oct 30th, Gloria Steel, nineteen, stabbed thirty wounds to her hest. November 12th, Diane Williams survived and managed to see his car and make a report. Coral was picked out of a line up by Kinzacky and Williams and was arrested on assault and battery charges.

He admitted to attacking 15 females. He refused to talk about the Steele murder. He had another evaluation, being court ordered before his trial. The evaluation was at the Center for Forensic Psychiatry in Ann Arbor. Being described as dangerous and most likely to attack again. He was found competent to stand trial. He was diagnosed with social personality disorder.He pled no contest.

He received one year for the assault and battery charges. Never was charged in the murder of Gloria Steele. June 1976 he was out of jail and went home to his mother.

April, 1980, Ann Arbor police, forty miles west of Detroit, were called to the home of seventeen year old Shirley Small. She had been attacked, repeatedly cut with what they think was a scalpel. She bled to death where she fell on the sidewalk.

Glenda Richmond, 26, found by her doorway. Twenty eight stab wounds. Rebecca Greer, 20, stabbed fifty-four times.A task force was formed at this time. With which, the evidence, was nil to none.

They had none. no witnesses or evidence. At this time Carl was working with this step-father at a trucking company. He had a child.

He would later meet a woman that he would later marry. July 1980, Irene Knodratowiz, 22, lived after having her throat slashed. Sandra Dalpe, 20, lived after being stabbed from behind. Mary Angus, 30, escaped by screaming when she realized she was being followed. Mary picked Carl out of a photo line-up but was not able to say for sure if e was her attacker. November 1980, Carl was following a woman who was able to call the police and hide in a door- way. They found him searching for her frantically.

They pulled him over and identified him as Carl Eugene Watts. They found in his car a screw driver and wood filing tools. Most chilling was a book with Rebecca’s name on it. Late January 1981, watts was brought in on a blood sample warrant. The police did however take the opportunity to talk to Watts.

They did not get a confession. The blood test failed to connect him to a any crimes.Spring of that year had, had enough of the police and task force and moved to Columbus, Texas. He found work at a oil company. Houston was 70 miles away. September 1981, Lillian Tilley, drowned at her apartment. Elizabeth Montgomery, 25, stabbed in the chest. She was walking her dogs.

Susan Wolf, 21, murdered as she got out of her car at home. May 1982, roommate Lori Lister and Melinda Aguilar tied up, he then tired to drown them in the bathtub. Melinda was able to escape by jumping off the balcony, head first. Lister was saved by a neighbor. Watts was arrested.

Michele Maday was found later that day, drowned her in bath tub in an apartment not far away. Watts refused to talk. The Assistant DA made a deal with Watts in order to get him to confess. He agreed to give him immunity to the charge of murder, if he would confess to it. They simply wanted closure for the families. Carl eventually admitted to attacking 19 women.

13 of which he confessed to murdering. He did admit to eighty additional murders in Michigan and Canada. He did not have immunity to these murders. September 1982, Carl Eugene Watts was sentenced to sixty years in prison.

After a failed attempt to escape in 1987 he decided to appeal his sentence. His appeals was not supported by his attorneys. In 1989 the State of Texas decided that because the judge failed to inform Carl about the bath water could be deemed as a lethal weapon. He now would not have to serve his entire sentence. He was now eligible for retroactive good time earned equaling three days for every one served.

This would put him free on the streets on May 9th, 2006. Carl Eugene Watts died in prison on September 21, 2007 from Prostate cancer.