Carson OllilaMrs. PhillipsAdvanced English – Period 612 December 2017Animal Farm and the October RevolutionAnimal Farm is an allegorical satire on the revolution, and understanding the history gives deeper meaning to the novel. The October Revolution, an important piece of Russian history, is incorporated accurately in George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

The October Revolution played an important role in shaping Russian history. The Bolshevik Revolution, also called the October Revolution, was the last and second dominant phase of the Russian Revolution. There is a Bolshevik party in Russia, their target was to abolish the Provisional Government and to install a government for the lower class. The Russian Revolution was not, as several people may think, a well-coordinated act in which Tsar Nicholas II was conquered and the Bolsheviks took over. In Russian history, the October Revolution played an important role.In Orwell’s Animal Farm the October Revolution is represented by the rebellion of the animals after the death of Major. There is always a point in time where they have just had their breaking point, in Animal Farm it was when Old major past away and that was when they declared war.

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The breaking point for the Bolsheviks was after World War I and it was also when they did not agree with the government, so they wanted to overthrow them. Animal Farm was created to portray the Bolshevik Revolution, both the animals and the Bolsheviks wanted freedom and their own rights so they could do what they want to. The October Revolution is represented by the animals rebellion and Major’s death. ” They both disagreed constantly, and both had vital roles on the farm. Like Trotsky, Snowball was exiled by secret police in order to get rid of the only opposition in the area.

One major comparison between the book and the actual Russian Revolution, are the plans Snowball and Napoleon have about the windmill.”- Sheffery. The October Revolution is accurately represented in Animal Farm.