Last updated: July 14, 2019
Topic: Food
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Castaway symbolize that someone or something thrown away from some kind of attachment like love of some one, from society, family ,and so on. This movie is directed by Robert Zemeckis based on William Broyles Jr. knowledge where Tom Hanks and Helen Hunt are main character. The movie is simple and meaningful which explain about the importance of relation between beloved, friends, families ,and societies.

In other words, how major social institutions likes FedEx, religious, economy affect our life; how ourselves affect other individuals, groups, organizations, and even to the society.However, in my view it try to show the interrelationship of natural science, social science, and developmental science(education, economy ). According to the movie, life of each individuals will changed with time period , situation( natural condition), and social factors. For example, Tom Hanks was very happy with his job, beautiful wife and the community where he used to leave. His wife and he always shared love ,kiss, gift between themselves and they had party some time with neighbors and relatives.

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This year they are planning to celebrate Christmas Eve in home and he promised to his wife that by any how he will back home from abroad.On the way towards the south pacific the FedEx plane was crashed then the situation became worsted. Luckily Tom was survived and reached in an uninhabited Island but other four are passed away. When he reached there his body became restless, tired, feel cold, hungry ,and sleepy. When he waked up next morning ,he saw many FedEx packages in a soar that came from crashed plane. Beside that he got the one dead body of pilot ,he surprised ,cried ,but no one was there to listen him . Finally, he gave funeral to the pilot body.

Now he need to struggle for survival in that Island for food, shelter, cloths and so on. He started to open all boxes that he collected from soar where he found cloths, volley ball, shoes etc. He build small hut with tent to sleep and he feel alone so, he make volley ball as friend and called as Wilson.

This fact symbolized that, no one can leave INTERDEPENDENT or without the help of other. By applying the sociological imagination in this contest what I analyzed that, to remain happy, cheerful ,and survive all need friends or society. He faced the PRIVATE troubles to survive in Island.