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Catcher And The Rye 2 Essay, Research PaperCatcher and the Rye versus Old Man and the SeaBoth novels portion the subject of a ocean trip which leads to perplex psychological ill will conveying about emotional turbulence and enlightenment.In The Catcher and the Rye, there are many minutes when Holden Caulfield withstands serious psychological struggles. Throughout the novel, Holden is seeking to happen himself. He neglects his responsibilities as a pupil to protract his journey to adulthood. During this hunt for individuality, interesting obstructions approach Holden which in bend lead to his enlightenment.

Holden frequently becomes highly depressed for several different grounds. In fact, it is merely because of his depression that, at one point, he chooses to hold a throw with some cocotte. This is shown when Holden says, It was against my rules and all, but I was experiencing so down I didn t even think. This self-generated determination subsequently creates great quandaries for Holden to hold to confront.

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There are other times when he says things without thought. For illustration, when Holden goes on a day of the month with Sally Hayes he tells here he loves her. Then he says, It was a prevarication, of class, but the thing is, I meant it when I said it.

Holden besides has a phantasy about running off with Sally, but Sally opts non to travel with him. Afterward, Holden realizes he truly does non desire to run away with Sally. He merely asked her because the thought sounded good at that minute.Sometimes Holden would be so emotionally overwrought that he would go delusional. He would do believe that he was speaking to his deceased, younger brother Allie. He would state to him, Allie don t allow me vanish. . .

.Please, Allie. This proves that Holden has critical issues which need to be resolved.

Along with Allie, Holden has an older brother named DB, and a younger sister named Phoebe. Holden is non excessively close to DB. On the other manus, he is highly close to Phoebe. Near the terminal of the novel, Holden decides to catch hiking out West. However, before he leaves, he wants to return Phoebe s Christmas dough that he borrowed from her.

Phoebe is ferocious because she wants to travel with Holden, but he refuses to take her along. In hopes to comfort Phoebe, Holden lets her skip the remainder of that twenty-four hours of school. This effort does non look to rectify the state of affairs.Subsequently, when Holden takes Phoebe to the carousel, he realizes that person really cares for him. It is obvious when he says, I felt so bloody happy all of a sudden, . . . .

in her bluish coat and all, that he was genuinely uplifted by the sight of her circling about on the carousel. It did non affair to Holden if he got soaking moisture because that was non theof import thing. Besides, he was have oning his and Phoebe s particular ruddy chapeau. He told Phoebe that he would return place and for one time he truly meant it. Suddenly, everything became clear to him and for the first clip, in what seemed similar everlastingly, he was content.

Similarly, The Old Man and the Sea contains merely every bit much fighting as The Catcher and the Rye does. The old adult male, Santiago, suffers enormous adversities during his expedition at sea. His agonising conflict begins early on when a elephantine marlin starts eating pilchards on the old adult male s hook. After a piece, something causes the fish some uncomfortableness which so makes a sudden, crisp motion. The old adult male so realizes his right manus is cut by the line.

You re experiencing it now, fish, he says. And so, God knows, am I. The old adult male was able to cover with the hurting now, but shortly there would be more for him to digest. His left manus becomes cramped which gives him greater hurting than he had before.

Even though the old adult male was non hungry, he decides to catch something to eat for nutriment. He says, How are you manus? . . . . I ll eat some more for you. Fortunately, the tuna helps the old adult male to recover some strength to complete the conflict with the great marlin.The immense fish is strong every bit good as obstinate and strives to last.

Like the fish, the old adult male is merely as obstinate and finally is able to harpoon the fish until its long and unawaited decease. The old adult male s dream of catching the fish eventually comes true. He is my luck, he thought. This was the old adult males minute of enlightenment. The old adult male wanted to kill the fish so severely that he did non care if he died during the procedure.

Curiously adequate, after Santiago got his want he felt as though he lost a brother. For the balance of the trip, the old adult male merely regretted killing such a great animal. Even after the old adult male s enlightenment there is more unsought escapade for him to subsequently get the better of.My immediate reaction to The Catcher and the Rye was the reality of Holden Caulfield.

He was merely like a typical adolescent whom you might see at High School North. Besides, the people he referred to as hypocrites are the sort of people I encounter about mundane. I loved how J.D. Salinger wrote in a manner which made the subject easy to grok.

The Old Man and the Sea reminded me of the film, The Perfect Storm. Both were narratives about dedicated fishermen who were willing to decease making what they loved. Furthermore, they both achieved similar ends of catching their dream fish. Nevertheless, neither could be acknowledged for their brave effort because one unfortunate ground or another.

Overall, there is a great trade of emotional turbulence and psychological injury which occurs to the chief characters of both novels.