Catering for the future is one of the most beneficial practices of everyday life. It is hard to prepare for unexpected risks without being able to predict future liabilities. Having always had a fascination and flair for Mathematics, there was never a doubt that it would be an integral part of my career. The idea of using mathematics to examine complex data and trends to quantify risk, exploring the impact of fluctuating numbers on economy drifts, and the application of statistics in daily life intrigues me, influencing my decision to pursue a career in actuarial science. Beyond the classroom, I constantly try to extend my mathematical knowledge through independent reading and wider research.

I first learnt of the applications and importance of the subject whilst reading R. Eastaway’s “How Long is a Piece of String”, where I discovered the way a “pyramid selling” scam ruined the Albanian economy in 1996. I was surprised to discover that so many people were manipulated by this con. A better understanding of Maths or Economics would have seized the breakdown of that economy and avoid needless losses. My interest in probability stemmed from the documentary “The Joy of Stats”. I was impressed by H. Rosling’s animation of a health vs.

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wealth graph of many countries over 200 years. It highlighted a clear trend that every country was heading towards high income and life expectancy, but did not talk about ways of predicting which countries will prosper next. To answer this, I read D. Hand’s “A Short Introduction to Statistics”, in which I discovered that understanding statistical methods is a bigger problem in today’s world than computational power. This stimulated an appreciation of the importance of Actuarial Science and therefore, the idea using statistics to evaluate financial risk appealed strongly to me.

 During my month long internship in the financial sector at Catch that Bus and Viago, Malaysia, I was able to build upon my statistical knowledge and put my communication skills into practice. Working under the Head of Finance, I observed the importance of communication, especially when conveying complex information to non-experts.Both Mathematics and Further Mathematics have enhanced my creative thinking and problem solving skills, This was further developed P in the UKMT, alongside my ability to think logically, which will be useful when approaching problems or challenges in university and my future career. The approaches which are used by statisticians and actuaries in solving problems have become an attribute which I wish to emulate. Having studied Physics my awareness of its applications has increased substantially. For instance, the laws laid down by Newtonian Mechanics are seen to govern the everyday world and are difficult not to witness. My involvement in Model United Nations,  has further developed my public speaking, communication and team working skills.

As Head of the Student Council and Deputy Head Girl, a responsibility which enhanced my leadership and organisational skills, I have been responsible for introducing various new initiatives to the school. During my Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Awards, I put myselfforward as Team Leader, which gave me valuable experience to lead my team successfully inour trying challenge. These awards are particularly helpful at constantly challenging my physical and mental dedication, a valuable life skill. I am also captain of our school’s mathematics team and a part of the mathematics mentorship programme at our school, developing my ability to communicate and to simplify technical problems. Growing up in a culture different to the one I was born into has sharpened my ability tocommunicate with a diverse range of people.  I have learned the importance of global cultural understanding, one that is especially important in the financial world. Exceedingly motivated by Mathematics, I’m determined to succeed by developing strong statistical and analytical skills. I look forward to developing my subject knowledge and to becoming a part of your student community.