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Growing up I was always taught that everything you do has a cause and effect to it. Many things people do may or may not have the expected effect they desire due to different things. While in grade school I thought only cause and effect meant something in the classroom, just because we were in school. Fortunately as I grew up I learned that it took place in everyday life. Voting is a big and essential event in which occurs every year for something. With that being said, voting is very ineffective when people (us) don’t go out and vote. The effect from us, the U. S citizens not voting is the election of the wrong or a bad representative for the job. All cities, states, and the United States as a whole need representatives to be elected. Not only do they need to be elected, they need to be elected as the best candidate possible; not because only a few people went to vote and they came out the victor. I feel that it’s our job as citizens to listen to the information provided by each candidate who’s running for something, and be able to decide whose best to represent us. Many people don’t know it be we (as citizens) play a big role in what happens to/in our country.

Also a lot of people fail to realize that nine times out of ten when they’re mad at a representative for something he/she has done that it’s just as much their fault. I say that because if we stop being so lazy and take the time to get to know the candidates, and what they have to offer then people probably wouldn’t get so upset. I feel that the effect of bad representation among us by our elected officials is caused by us as voters not going out to vote, not tuning in to what they’re saying in the campaigns and on the radio to learn more about them, as well as just picking who you think is better based on what other people have said.

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Therefore in conclusion, I feel that the effect of people in the U. S not voting is well deserved. It was documented that in 2004 it was about 216 million people who were able to vote, but only about 126 million actually voted. That only 58% of us Americans that voted in 2004, could you imagine the percentile for 2011? That’s the reason I say the effect from Americans not voting is well deserved, simply because we don’t vote!