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Poverty is a very big problem in the United States that is said to have really been a problem in the 1930s, also known as the great depression. Poverty is the state of having a lack of necessities. Poverty effects over 58% or 43.

8 million of Americas population. Some causes of Poverty in the United States is that many of the cities in the United States suffer from or have overpopulation, high standards of living, bad education systems, and have very few job oppurtunities.Overpopulation happens in many cities throughout the United States. When this happens, it is very hard for a person to make a living. People therefore have a hard time finding jobs. Overpopulation can rise the poverty line and put many more people in the state of poverty.

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One thing that contributes to overpopulation is because that United States has a high birth rate. This is a contributor to poverty because the birth rate is rising making it a growing problem.Another cause to overpopulation is that people usually do not worry about the number kids they tend to have, then this leads to the parent not being financially able to take care of all of the children. High standard is a cause to poverty because the United States standard of living is pretty high and if a persons income is under the poverty line, it is hard for them to pay for the necessities in life like clothes, food, and shelter. In other countries the poverty line would be known to be pretty wealthy but the United States is much more developed.People in other countries are considered to be doing well if they have gardens and some livestock, this differs greatly in the United States.

The location of the person who is in the poverty line is also a key reason to if a person is in poverty because if someone lives in a rural area there standard of living is not as high as someone who lives in an urban area. Many people in rural areas are usually accustomed to not having plumbing, electricity, or any formal health care. People who live in urban areas have all of these.