Cell Phones Essay, Research Paper

Composition I

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? The Cell Phone, and its ruins?

Have you heard of the cell phone? A great technological promotion to many people right, or is

it? Imagine you speaking on a cell phone with one of you closest friends. Then your phone starts to interrupt

up, and so you are disconnected from the individual you were speaking to. This is merely one of the many

disadvantages of having a cell phone. When having a cell phone the most common disadvantages are

the cost, the job of ill-defined response, and the accidents caused by the cell phone.

Cell phones might be a great plus to people who have the money to buy one. Unfortunately,

many people are unable to buy cell phones because of the cost of the phones, and the hideous

phone measures. I? thousand sure you? ve heard the great mottos stating, ? Thirty-nine dollars per month and the

phone is free, ? but that? s non the instance at all. The advertizement might advert that great trade, but it

forgets to advert all the other excess points that you might hold to pay for. For illustration, the

advertisement forgets to advert about the activation fee. In add-on, how many proceedingss you will hold to

usage and how much will the phone measure be in a month? s period. After you have figured out all the excess

points that you will hold to buy for you phone, you? ll realize that the free phone trade wasn? T as great

as you thought. In add-on to how much you will pass to acquire your fantastic cell phone, there are besides

the cell phone measures that you will hold to pay for. While you find out that utilizing your cell phone to name

many people while on the spell is really convenient, you are incognizant of how much you? ll have to pay for all

those calls. I have a cell phone, and I am allowed to utilize a sum of three 100 proceedingss a month. To

many people this might sound like a batch of proceedingss, but it does travel by fast. In my instance, those three hundred

proceedingss did travel fast. The little information that I was unaware of was, if I did of all time travel over the three

hundred proceedingss, I? d be paying a 30 five cents a minute rate. This 30 five cents a minute rate

totaled out to go a reasonably high monetary value. So as you can see, there is a batch of money spent when purchasing

yourself a cell phone.

The annoying sound of ill-defined response is besides a major job with the cell phone. Many

times when utilizing a

cell phone, there tends to be some kind of inactive sound in the background. That is one

of the most bothersome things that can go on when speaking to a loved one, or even a friend. You start

holding a great conversation merely to be interrupted by the uneasy inactive sound. You might believe that a

annoying inactive sound is the terminal of your jobs, but it? s non. I have encountered bell sounds, long interruption

ups, and besides and occasional shriek. Many of the phone out in the market today, have their ain kind of

response defect. Although many companies have the guess of holding clear response, I assure you

that all cell phone will more than probably have this job.

Make you cognize how cell phones can do accidents? Not many people look at accidents as

something that you can associate when having a cell phone. Nevertheless, people should be cognizant that the

cell phone can do serious accidents, and bother many people. I have been a informant to one of the most

serious accidents by a cell phone. There was an incident where a adult male driving his auto to work, was

interrupted by his cell phone pealing. Unfortunately, when seeking to make for his cell phone, the adult male was

unaware that in forepart of him there was a auto decelerating down to do a right bend. As you can likely

image the result of this incident didn? t bend out really good. His cell phone pealing caused a really

terrible auto accident, which had the driver of both autos hospitalized. On the contrary, this is non the lone

serious accident caused by cell phones. I work at the exigency room at St. Petersburg General Hospital.

Patients are notified ne’er to reply a cell phone while in the exigency room. In the event that a patient

of all time replies their cell phone in the exigency room, there is a really good opportunity that bosom machines that

are active will misfunction. These are the two merely serious incidents that I have come across covering with

cell phones. This might even do you believe twice when replying your cell phone, it may ache you or

even others.

High pricing, ill-defined response, and serious accidents are merely three of the many complications

you might hold when purchasing a cell phone. I personally have a cell phone myself, and I can state you it? s

non all that I expected at first. So possibly, merely possibly, you? ll believe twice earlier buying one of the

universe? s most technological promotions, the cell phone.