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Transformative leaders are leaders who seek to control situations by representing clear goals and visions with the involved group. Individuals involved in this type of leadership devote and lot of time and energy so that positive change can take place. According to Burns (1978), transformational leadership can be seen when “leaders and followers make each other to advance to a higher level of moral and motivation. ” With that being said, the challenges that this learner sees for the organization and current state of professional development are: co-worker commitment and perception to change, trust and power, and time and commitment.

Co worker’s commitment and perception to change There are not still many people today who do not like nor do they accept change. It is very evident in the older teachers who are still teaching in the schools settings today. Organizations, schools, and workplaces have to make changes in order to keep up with the fast paced world that we are living in. When individuals resist change, it is not good for the organization, school, or workplace. In this learner’s school district, many changes take place, with some being good while others are bad.

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Many of the teachers complain about the changes that are made without any justifications. Strong leaders can help change the way people resist change simply by teaching them to change their attitudes from avoidance to acceptance. After learning about transformation leaders, transformational leaders are needed in workplaces, organizations, and schools. Reasons being, it produces flexibility and innovation. Even though it is important to have leaders with visions, it is even more important to have leaders who can bring organizations into futures that have not been developed yet.

Transformational leadership is simple being creative, sustaining and competitive. According to Kotter (2001), transformational leaders work toward a common goal with followers; put followers in front and develop them; take followers’ to next level; inspire followers to transcend their own self-interests in achieving superior results. Trust and Power This learner sees trust and power as a big obstacle in the current workplace and professional development.

This learner has taken many academic courses and worked in settings that allowed employees to be under my leadership, but nothing really prepares leaders for the real world of leadership when working with people. As a leader, many things are expected out of the individuals. This learner works hard to be fair and to treat everyone right. With that being said trust is a big issue that many people face because of this learner’s age. It takes a long time to establish trust and only a few minutes to destroy it.

While many people want individuals to do well in life, there are those who don’t want individuals to accomplish more than the next person. Because this learner is young in age and seeking to grow in leadership, many older people fear that because of age, this learner can not be an effective leader. Time and personal commitment This learner has set and met many academic goals in life. In the midst of it all, this learner has neglected family, friends, and work. There is so much to do and there is never enough time to complete all of the things that one needs to do in a day’s time.

With all running, this learner sometimes wonders if there will be a difference in the things that are trying to be accomplished. As a transformational leader, it is important to expect and know that there are going to be challenges no matter what. However, the leader must continue to focus on the fact that they must continue to establish environments in which the people under them to see their potentials and purposes in life. The key to any successful organization is the people that are involved with that particular place.

Leaders who inspire great performances will receive great successes. Conclusion A person’s authority can be as strong as the people that they lead. It is evident that the problems that people have can be solved at some point in their lives. However, when people know that they have a leader who serves as their coach and mentor to help them to become self actualized, then the role of the transformative leader had been achieved.


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