Age Essay, Research PaperThere were alterations that occurred from the Paleolithic Period to the Neolithic. Small alterations were made in this clip, from the civilization, to bigger alterations like economic sciences, and agribusiness. How did adult male trade with these alterations and what sort of impact did it hold on society?The Paleolithic Period is the earlier clip period adult male has been alive, and the longest of the Stone Age & # 8217 ; s. It dates from 2,000,000 B.C to 10,000 BC The people of the Paleolithic Period lived simple lives, which consisted chiefly of endurance. Man & # 8217 ; s life was merely to run, eat, and survive, while the adult female? s occupation was to garner and watch over the kids.The people of the Paleolithic Age were largely nomads.

To last they had to go everyplace, and follow the migration of animate beings ; as the animate beings were at that place primary nutrient beginning. Whenever they decided to remain, they lived largely in caves, tree short pantss, and those types of shelter. They had to eat, and to make that they had to kill the animate beings. They did this by utilizing tools as arms. The tools were chiefly rock, bone, and tusk. They could do the arms into tomahawks, knives, and spearheads. The usage of tools is one of import development that took topographic point in this clip period.

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The Old Stone Age ( Paleolithic Age ) is besides the measure frontward in engineering and faith. The people of this clip discovered how to command fire, and utilize it in their mundane demands. These demands include, heat, protection, and cooking. Scientists are still non certain whether people of this clip had faith like we do today, but artifacts show that they had a crude type of faith.The Neolithic Period extended from 10,000 B.

C to 3,000 BC. It is besides called the New Stone Age, and many new progresss and alterations took topographic point in this clip. Unlike the mobile life of the Old Stone Age, the New Stone Age was the morning of settled life. Peoples lived more towards lakes and rivers alternatively of caves, and tree short pantss. This led to the alteration of the occupations of the society.

Unlike Paleolithic clip & # 8217 ; s, adult male could hold more leisure clip to pass. This led him to broaden the society he was populating in and led to increased populations in the Neolithic Age. The more people there were the more discovery adult male made during this clip. The innovation of agribusiness led to the settled life. Since adult male no longer needed to roll, all they had to make was set a seed in the land and watch it turn.

Tool and arms became more advanced, and clayware and the throwers wheel was invented.The societies of Paleolithic adult male were far different so that of the Neolithic adult male. The Old Stone Age societies had no clip for other actives so what was necessary to last. They did non contrive many new things, and were invariably traveling and altering their environment.

Societies in he New Stone Age were a settled people, who invariably improved their life style? s to do it easier to populate by. Job & # 8217 ; s of the adult females no longer consisted of assemblage, it consisted of turning the harvests, since agribusiness was a new supplier of nutrient.In decision, the lives of the people populating in the Paleolithic and the Neolithic clip period were different in many ways and a similar besides. Through the betterments in engineering, instruction, and civilization they were able to heighten the quality of life throughout these two periods. As adult male? s head increased, it led into the new age, and the start of what may be civilisation, as we know it.