stableness and harmoniousness have ever been ends of states and these take a life-time of be aftering to accomplish. By virtuousness of her littleness and dynamism. Singapore has taken a comparatively short clip. since her independency.

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to alter and develop into what I hope will be a better topographic point to populate in.Family be aftering steps were introduced in Singapore in the early 1970ss. The consequences show that the populace has accepted the strategy good. The chance of accomplishing a zero population growing within a decennary is really promising.This will work out the pressure of public lodging in our limited land country. The planning governments will so be able to change over the excess land into schools. swimming pools and pockets of green Parkss. With more land to save.

occupants in public lodging estates will experience encouraged to get down their ain small spots of gardens in forepart of their flats. This will surely forestall Singapore from quickly turning into a concrete jungle.Singapore could be in danger of confronting deficit of two of import resources in future: energy and H2O. I hope that within the following few old ages the populace would hold leaned how to conserve and do the most economic usage of these resources.

I besides hope to happen more edifices constructed with specialised roofs designed to use solar energy. We will besides be able to happen a cheaper method or recycling sea H2O for domestic usage. Possibly this manner people will recognize how of import it is non to foul our seas.It would be a welcome alteration to hold our schools map as full twenty-four hours schools alternatively of the present two session schools. This manner lessons. prep assignments and excess course of study activities can be carried out within a planned time-table. The importance of physical of physical instruction demands to be farther stressed to get by with the increasing job of fleshiness.

School kids besides need to be taught about dental wellness and major diseases such as high blood force per unit area. malignant neoplastic disease and diabetes. More instruction excessively should be made to cut across the full course of study alternatively of being confined to one or two period per hebdomad.

This would hopefully convey Forth in good balanced. responsible and caring persons.Excessively frequently nowadays.

people engrossed in the hunt for luxury and position forget simple courtesies and the beauty of filial piousness. I hope. in future. to happen that attention. concern and consideration for the weak.

hapless. aged and handicapped would non be reduced to lipservice and contributions by public members. Institution such as the old folks places and places for the mentally retarded need non be built in future if people learn how to cover with these jobs.

I hope to happen Singaporeans who have learned from the current recession. non to take our 25 old ages of economic prosperity for granted. It would be nice to see Singaporeans cast their selfish work attitudes and halt occupation skiping and lend through hardwork. subject and teamwork.

A big pool of homemakers will be free from their domestic jobs and be able to lend to the nation’s economic system if attitudes towards humble occupations changed.In position of the present province of the world’s agitation. Singapore should be prepared to support itself. Within the following twosome of old ages.

I hope every able Singaporean will be equipped with accomplishments to cover with the ordeals of war. be it with a gun or with patchs.Last. as a member of a multiracial society. I hope to happen bias and barriers among different civilizations and faiths disappear in the following 10 old ages. A better apprehension that consequences will pave the manner for the civilizations to interplay. Possibly with clip we might be able to emerge with a truly alone Singaporean civilization that is so frequently talked about.