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The Cuckoo & # 8217 ; s Nest Essay, Research Paper

During the class of the last 50 old ages, society has changed significantly. In modern society a great accent is placed on individuality and diverseness within a society. It is rare that an person would be ridiculed or forced to alter merely for non following with what society positions as & # 8220 ; normal & # 8221 ; . This has non ever been the instance though. The 19 1950ss were much different. This was an epoch of societal conformance. The members of society who were purpose on keeping this societal province ostracized persons who were considered & # 8220 ; unnatural & # 8221 ; . Such & # 8220 ; unnatural & # 8221 ; persons merely merely accepted the fact that they were non portion of this normal society. Because of society & # 8217 ; s influence, these people sought aid in psychiatric wards in efforts to break themselves and therefore suit into society. By making so, they let society conform and model them into what was thought as & # 8220 ; normal & # 8221 ; . Ken Kesey was a adult male in this epoch that did non believe in societal conformance. Kesey, along with his followings set off on a mission to open the heads of people who were focused on keeping this position quo. Ken Kesey & # 8217 ; s journey led him to compose One Flew Over The Cuckoo & # 8217 ; s Nest. This fresh focuses on the battle between persons who are captive on maintaining things the same with those who are considered & # 8220 ; different & # 8221 ; . Harding is a character in the novel that is limited by opposing forces of society and who in bend, seeks safety in hopes to be accepted. With the influence of McMurphy, Harding alterations from an discerning & # 8220 ; coney & # 8221 ; to a self-confident adult male. This alteration illustrates Kesey & # 8217 ; s position that an person can recognize the worth of their life through self-acceptance and trust on 1s self instead than conforming to societal norms.

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Harding admits himself in the psychiatric infirmary because he is & # 8220 ; unnatural & # 8221 ; in a society that extremely values normalcy. & # 8220 ; [ He ] discovered at an early age that [ he ] was different? & # 8230 ; [ He ] indulged in certain patterns that society respects as black & # 8221 ; ( pg. 294 ) . Admiting himself in the infirmary is Harding & # 8217 ; s manner of yielding to the forces of society. He merely accepts the fact that without aid he will ne’er suit in the & # 8220 ; existent universe & # 8221 ; . Harding knows that & # 8220 ; This universe belongs to the strong & # 8220 ; ( pg.62 ) . For this ground he felt that is why he belonged in the infirmary. The infirmary is a topographic point where & # 8220 ; [ a ] good strong wolf like the Nurse [ could ] learn [ them their ] topographic point & # 8221 ; ( pg.62 ) . Initially with no self-esteem, Harding lets the Nurse and the other hospital staff state him how to populate. When ab initio questioned of his unnatural life by the other patients and the staff, & # 8220 ; Harding [ had ] his thin shoulders folded about together around himself his custodies trapped between his articulatio genuss seeking to look calm-but he & # 8217 ; s masticating his cheeks non quiet at all & # 8221 ; ( pg.54 ) . Harding is a nervous adult male who finds it hard to cover with his differences and merely follows society & # 8217 ; s bids in order to maintain things easy.

Harding & # 8217 ; s positions and behaviours start to alter easy as he associates more with Randle McMurphy. McMurphy enters the ward involuntarily and has a much different mentality on life than the other patients. McMurphy places a great influence on being an person and goes to great extents to be merely that. He is a leader and non a follower. His straightforward tactics and self-confidence allow him to freely show his values. Along with these properties, McMurphy besides treats the other patients normal and does non handle them how society does. By handling them as peers and by transfusing into them his positions and moralss, they are a

ble to see the universe otherwise. McMurphy’s concern with the music that “dulls the senses” shows another side of him every bit good. It shows his concern and consideration for his equals. A more of import characteristic of McMurphy is that he shows no shame. This shows the patients, including Harding, that there is no demand to fell shame for being who they are. Amongst these things, McMurphy teaches the patients the power of seeking and believing in 1s self. McMurphy attempts to raise the panel in order to seek to get away and he fails. Even though he failed in the terminal, he still had adequate assurance to seek. The lesson is learnt that it is far better to seek and neglect than to ne’er even seek. Looking at McMurphy’s actions and values shows that he is perceptive and sensitive to others. He is able to see the men’s failings and efforts to construct them up. He hopes that in the terminal they will see Big Nurse’s scheme and be able to stand on their ain pess and fight her ways.

It is with McMurphys lead and strong influence that Harding is able to see that there is nil to be afraid of. Harding easy learns from McMurphy and makes realisations about himself. From these realisations he starts to alter his ways and fight the powers of society. When the patients are told by Big Nurse that they can & # 8217 ; t watch the baseball game & # 8220 ; Harding shuts off the buffer. and goes pulls him a chair up aboard McMurphy & # 8220 ; ( pg.138 ) . Alternatively of obeying the Nurse as usual, Harding Begins to believe and move for himself. When McMurphy arranges a fishing trip Harding is eager to travel along. His nervous and discerning ways have begun to alter. The fishing trip is important because it shows Harding & # 8217 ; s independency and his initial ability to move without McMurphy. When the male child & # 8217 ; s fish are seize with teething Harding takes charge for the first clip. & # 8220 ; Harding eventually saw that McMurphy wasn & # 8217 ; t traveling to make anything, he got the gaff and jerked [ the ] fish into the boat with a clean, graceful gesture like he & # 8217 ; s been boating all his life & # 8221 ; ( pg.236 ) . For the first clip without McMurphy by his side, Harding sees that he is able to depend on himself in the existent universe.

When Harding returns from the fishing trip things begin to alter even more. Candy and Sandra sneak into the ward and they all have a party. Harding knows the effects of the party will be great and he begins to do programs as to what must be done. He makes programs for McMurphys flight and thinks of every facet of what must be said and done. Harding would ne’er hold thought of this type of action before McMurphy came along. Harding & # 8217 ; s intricate programs and clever defence of McMurphy show that he is no longer a follower. His assurance and new mentality on life have changed his ways drastically. Once a timid nervous adult male, who merely accepted his alleged abnormalcy, Harding is now able to depend on himself and accept who he is. Once thought of by Harding as & # 8220 ; the strong wolf & # 8221 ; , he now sees the Nurse as nil more than & # 8221 ; . full of so much Irish bull & # 8221 ; ( pg.307 ) . Harding fought against the Nurse and left the infirmary with his married woman after McMurphy opened his eyes as to what life was approximately. For the first clip in his life Harding rejected the position quo.

One Flew Over The Cuckoo & # 8217 ; s Nest is a powerful novel that has a deep significance. It does non merely state the narrative of a psychiatric ward. The novel goes farther to research the importance of self-esteem and autonomy. It focuses on the power of individuality in an epoch when such a thing was shunned. The alterations in Harding & # 8217 ; s attitude reflect Kesey & # 8217 ; s personal rebellion against societal conformance.