Changes in the Roles of Males and FemalesWhen an article is entitled similar to the one above, perhaps one should ask if there was any? From the traditional sense to the more contemporary perspective, one can say that the roles of males and females had improvements over the past years. But did it really change through time? The roles might have been altered from a women who wore corsets and the women who wore a mere flimsy piece of glittering cloth. But was the change significant? Perhaps this can be established through observation and experience.In a traditional sense, men have been assumed to be the stronger one in a relationship. He is the breadwinner of the family.

He is the leader of a community. He has the rights. He has the power. He has the tool—that organ between his legs. He is the man.On the other hand, a woman of that time is a trinket displayed by the fireplace. She is meek. She is submissive, She is wrong if she does not give birth to sons.

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She is the icon of wantonness. Emotions lead her. She is a second class citizen.

She is the woman.Movies and other forms of art and literature has bound the definition of a man and woman into concrete words. They were considered absolute. To deviate from these expectation, one is given worse treatment than any crime, or even death.

They are given labels and are branded for life. Movies and stories can only give us a glimpse of how it was like to be a man or a woman earlier in history.On the other hand, the more contemporary male and female almost completely changed this description. The times have changed. There are no horses and carriages on the streets unless its for touring purposes. Ideologies have changed.

Advertising drove a lot of these people to this point.Men today are either accomplished business persons or alcoholic bums. Some of them are charmers, and some could really top the scales of being rude or disgusting.

They can also succeed in the fashion industry, something that was assumed to be a woman’s specialization. There are a lot of men of art and style. More importantly, a lot of men also announced that they were gay the entire time.On the other hand, women have also outdone themselves.

Wave after wave of the feminist movement, the eyes of the women have opened. Their opportunities broaden in scope. They are no longer repressed. There are a lot of women who hold high positions in multinational companies. Some have also surpassed expectations in science and art. They are also able to say what they wish to say.

Simultaneously, lesbian women also revealed themselves.The changes are definitely striking. However, even if there are evident changes in how males and females carry themselves today, the fact remains that the way they live are still turned by the assumptions of the majority in a community. Maybe it is too  early to declare that the tables have turned. Men still think they are so powerful, and despite the feminist movements, there are also a lot of women who did not move along with them.;