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Changing The World Essay, Research PaperChanging the World in Three Easy StepsWe should shave the ducks. I truly think they could feature instead nice tattoo work on them. While the pupils are involved with the scissors and tattoo guns, the module could cut intricate forms in the lawn.

Possibly subsequently, the occupant herb doctors will hold tiffin prepared with assorted uneven workss we seldom eat. If the pupils at Gulf Coast Community College protest the absence of these things aloud plenty, civilization might go a small more relevant in the day-to-day drone that is life.I think if I saw a barefaced duck, I might merely inquire & # 8220 ; Why the ground tackle tattoo? & # 8221 ; I might merely reexamine the fairness of today & # 8217 ; s coevals of ducks. I might merely take a favourite duck and speak to him. I might merely halt and believe.

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If a few more pupils merely stopped and thought about the universe around them, they might merely see absurdnesss in what they thought earlier. If one individual can make this per category per semester, so society might merely hold to halt and believe. A few people might non wish my line of ground. Socrates was disliked for his thoughts and take to decease for them. I don & # 8217 ; t truly believe shaving birds is deserving my life, but it might be fun however.A few rumours around Europe suggest that aliens seem to warm up to forms cut in tall grasses. I truly can & # 8217 ; t talk for the cogency of the harvest patterns associating to alien brushs, but so once more, neither can I denounce them.

If foreigners truly like forms in the lawn, so they might be attracted to the lawns of our college. Of class these & # 8220 ; small green work forces & # 8221 ; will frighten a few people that are slightly less than adaptable. Theycould interrupt categories for a few yearss.

Yet I think if they can carry through interplanetary travel, I think they can learn us a thing or two.After a delicious excursion around the solar system, our devoted squad of herb doctors and vegetable nurserymans could fix a lovely soup. I feel that more ingredients than merely chicken, rice, and H2O make a soup worthwhile. Anyone can hold that if there are really few meats that are eaten in this state, so why does the cafeteria have to restrict veggies in much the same mode? I think that Cynara scolymuss or even a few steamed vegetables over a bed of fried rice would be a healthy alteration. What I would wish to see is an international dish at least one time a hebdomad.

I don & # 8217 ; t mean a greaser home base or a VAT of lasagne either. I would wish to see hollandaise over asparagus tips and other such celebrations. The herb doctors could turn a great assortment of material and invent more than I can believe of. They can, at the really least, cook something that doesn & # 8217 ; t affect some combination of meat, murphies, flour, and maize though. I don & # 8217 ; t think that a chef is necessary, but a small life couldn & # 8217 ; t injury.

In general, the thing that this college needs most is civilization. Bald birds, harvest lineations, and asparagus tips may non be the reply, but they can invigorate up the inquiry. I one time defined my thought of civilization as & # 8220 ; A group of people with similar involvements, & # 8221 ; now I think & # 8220 ; A group of people with interesting similarities & # 8221 ; is more to my point. I know that all of the pupils might non hold with my thoughts, but I would wish to hear their thoughts every bit good. The methods outlined supra may non alter the universe, but we have to get down someplace. Then person has to get down it.

I think I & # 8217 ; ll travel shave a duck.