Chapter 13Everyone was sitting in the drawing room looking at each other. Then everyone started leaving the room one by one because they were scared. Everyone was still trying to figure out who was the murderer. The everyone ran to their rooms and locked the doors. After some time everyone returns to the drawing room and sits. Then Vera decides to make some tea. While she goes to make some tea everyone follows to make sure nothing happens.

Then when Vera is done with her tea, she decides to go upstairs to take a bath because she cannot stay in the room any longer. When see get ready to take a bath she starts to have flashback about the smell of the ocean. She also remembers the previous deaths. Everyone thinks that she might be up to something while she is upstairs.Suddenly Vera starts to scream. Then everyone rushes upstairs to see what happened. She falls over and looks up and sees a piece of seaweed on the roof that she thought was a hand that tried to choke her. Everyone starts thinking who did this and they notice that the judge is not there.

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So they run downstairs and see him sitting in the drawing room. Lombard looks at him and sees that he has been shot.Chapter 14 They bring his body upstairs and eat after. Everyone tries to find out who the killer is again. The after dinner everyone goes upstairs together and locks their doors.

In their rooms, everyone sits in their rooms scared. Lombard starts to look around the house to make sure that everyone is in their rooms. Her runs back upstairs into the judges room to examine the body. Vera is in her bed while she tries to calm herself down but keeps on having flashbacks. Blore sits in his room getting prepared for anything else. He starts scouting his room for anything that might be able to kill him. Then he hears footsteps outside of his door. So he checks it out and sees nothing.

The he starts knocking on doors to see who is in or out of the rooms. He then knocks on Armstrongs, but no one was there. Blore and Lombard can’t find Armstrong but they did find another indian boy smashed.

Vera is upstairs worried that Armstrong might kill her. Then Lombard sees a window smashed and they both think that armstrong left the island or is going to kill someone. So Blore and Lombard tell everyone and also tell them to stay on high alert. Then everyone goes in their rooms and stay there because they are worried. Chapter 15The next morning, Vera, Blore, and Lombard go down stairs to eat breakfast. They all try to think of a way to get off of the island.

They think about how a indian boy was smashed even though they have not found his body. Vera tries to tell them about the song and less on Armstrong. As time went by nothing happened.

They were still thinking about getting off the island and about Armstrong.Then they go outside flashing a mirror. Vera feals safe outside and Lombard tries to offer her protecting. Blore tells Vera thet he thinks lombard is the murderer. Vera doesn’t believe anyone so she stays outside for a while and close to the others just in case. Then they all think of different ways to get off the island and to stay safe.

Then Vera says that she thinks someone is watching then on the island.Lombard tells her that she is going crazy. But then they hear a crash far away, so Lombard and Vera go to check it out. They find Blores head smashed and dead. They now know that Armstrong must be the killer since both Lombard and Vera were together. They both sit on top of the cliff and see Armstrong’s body in the ocean.Chapter 16Vera starts to bring Armstrong’s body to the shore.

Then Lombard noticed that the gun that was used to kill wargrave was not in his pocket. The he sees Vera pointing it at his head. Lombard jumps to her to steal the gun but it was to late. Lombard was shot by Vera because she got scared as he jumped towards her.Vera heads to the house calm because she now know that she is the only one on the island. She head to the dining room tired and thinks that it might be a dream because it is so peaceful now. She then goes to get the three indian boys.

She takes two of them and throws them out the window and takes one of them with her. Vera is now calm and at peace.Vera heads upstairs and drops the last indian boy. She then committed suicide.Epilogue