Character Analysis Essay, Research PaperCharacter Analysis- Nurse Ratched1. She came to life for me when McMurphy came to the infirmary. She could automatically see what sort of problem McMurphy was traveling to be for her.

2. She is decidedly a level character. You merely see the one side of her enchantress is a austere lady.

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3. She is a inactive character. She ne’er seems to alter her ways.4. The character ne’er seems to alter in any manner from what I see.5. She wants people to believe she is unsmooth and tough.

I think that is where a batch of the play comes from in this book. Besides, from a comedy facet. If she changed it would take a batch off from that. The narrative likely wouldn t be as amusing or dramatic.6. One of her biggest qualities is she is decidedly a leader. She is large on adult females pride, and she won Ts take a batch of heartache from anybody ; no affair who they are.

7. She is really of import to the narrative. One of the major struggles throughout the narrative is between the nurse and McMurphy. Without her it would take a batch off. Almost the whole thing.8. What makes this character major are that she is so rigorous.

She doesn t want alteration. If there were alteration, she would be upset and seek to acquire it back to the manner it was.9. I do like this character. If she weren T in the narrative it would be tiring.

She is really ill-mannered and austere, but without her there wouldn T be this feud between her and McMurphy.10. McMurphy is the foil for this character. She truly hadn Ts been challenged until he came. He brings out her personality better than any other patient.11.

Like I said earlier, McMurphy brings out her qualities to a 10. Everybody else, so to talk puts up with her, he doesn t. It s a challenge for McMurphy.12. She rises far above stereotyped qualities for adult females.

She takes nil from work forces. She is decidedly pro adult females.13. Peoples are really accurate about this character. She is a one-way individual who doesn T alteration and Thursdayat s merely the manner she is.14. Through the whole narrative she ne’er showed any emotion.

At the terminal you could state that she wanted to, but if she had showed emotion she would hold allow herself down.Fictional character Sketch:Name: Nurse RatchedAge: In her early 30 sPhysical description: Tall, blonde, nice looking, and slightly muscular.Citizenship/Ethnic Beginning: White/CaucasianOther Family Members: Not married, writer doesn Ts say but I would state she has some household members someplace.Spouse or Lover: NoneFriends: She has no friends. She is ill-mannered to everybody.

Social Class: Middle to high category.Education: High instruction. Probably college.

Occupation: Head nurse.Job-Related Skills: Neat, rigorous, ill-mannered, organized, and house.Political Beliefs: Doesn Ts say but would likely be a republican.Avocations: None. All she does is work.Personal Qualities: Rude, cold-hearted, shows no emotion.Ambitions: Keeping a neat and orderly ward. Endeavoring for flawlessness.

Fears: She fears alteration more than anything.Intelligence: Very high intelligence. Very smart.Sense of Wit: None. No emotions at all.Biggest Disappointment: Finally allowing McMurphy get to her.

Best Experience: Whenever she got the best of McMurphy.Health: She is in really good wellness. Clean and neat.Tastes in nutrient, vesture, etc: Likes classical music, her vesture is ever orderly and proper. It doesn Ts say what she likes to eat, but likely nutrient that is healthy.Attitude toward life: Very bland. Didn T like to see or bask it.

Something that McMurphy loved to make.Attitude toward decease: It doesn Ts say, but I bet she wouldn t be afraid of deceasing. She might be afraid, but she wouldn t demo it.Doctrine of life: Be posh and graceful. Don T be an embarrassment.