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The Flies Essay, Research Paper

Fictional character Analysis

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Many characters in the fresh Lord of the Flies, changed as the narrative went on. The novel & # 8217 ; s writer, William Golding, made the alterations obvious with the things that the characters did. Ralph, Jack, Piggy and Samneric were all reasonably close at the beginning of the novel. Throughout the kids & # 8217 ; s experiences they started to change the things that they did. In the undermentioned paragraphs, descriptions will be given to demo what transmutations took topographic point with the kids in the narrative.

Ralph, one of the chief characters in the narrative, didn & # 8217 ; Ts have many drastic alterations in the manner he did things. At the beginning of the novel, Ralph was voted the leader. He took the place and he proved to everyone that they made a good pick with their ballots. Ralph told the kids that they needed fire and that would be the lone manner to be rescued. He took duty and made the right picks in order to profit the full group. He wanted to make what was just. When the group decided that they wanted to hold fun alternatively of work, Ralph began to alter. He bossed people around

and didn & # 8217 ; t even seek to compromise. Ralph was disliked by some, including Jack. This made some kids leave his group and travel to the group that Jack formed. The lone 1s that stayed with Ralph were Piggy and Samneric. When Ralph went to the & # 8220 ; tribal & # 8221 ; party and tried to hold merriment, Simon was murdered. Ralph didn & # 8217 ; t want that to go on once more so he stayed off. At the terminal of the narrative, Ralph was running off from the other male childs alternatively of go oning to be the leader.

Jack changed for the worse in this novel. At the start of the narrative, Jack was a male child that followed the regulations most of the clip. He tried to acquire along with everybody. Then as the narrative went on, he started to alter. Jack didn & # 8217 ; t want to make anything except Hunt. It didn & # 8217 ; t affair if the male childs needed to eat the hogs or non, Jack wanted to kill them. He turned into a barbarian. Then Jack didn & # 8217 ; t want to remain in the group that he was in because all that they did was work. He wanted to hold a good clip because there were no grownups about. He took most of the male childs with him in this new group. Jack changed into a male child who made the kids do whatever he wanted done with no inquiries asked. For illustration, Ralph asked Robert why Jack wanted to crush Wilfred

and Robert didn & # 8217 ; t cognize the reply. Jack made the male childs tie the male child up and cipher asked why. They were afraid of what Jack would make to them so no 1 questioned him. It was merely the manner things were. After the & # 8220 ; tribe & # 8221 ; killed Piggy and Simon, Jack turned the male childs against Ralph and wanted to kill him excessively. Everyone went with the program. Jack got so involved with the thought of killing that jobs started to happen. Jack came to the decision that he wanted to kill Ralph by puting the island on fire. What he didn & # 8217 ; t recognize was that he was killing himself at the same clip. All of the animate beings would decease along with all of the fruits. Thymine

he boys would hold nil left to eat, and they would hunger to decease. The actions of Jack weren’t the lone things that

changed. A more obvious displacement in things was when Jack & # 8217 ; s name was no longer Merridew, and it wasn & # 8217 ; t Jack. Everyone called him head and nil else.

Piggy, like Ralph, didn & # 8217 ; t alter much throughout the novel. Piggy was the sort of kid that did what was right all of the clip. When grownups told him what was right to make, he listened. Piggy wanted to make what was right when he was with the other kids stranded on the island. He besides wanted the others to follow the same regulations on the island that they would follow at place or if there was adult supervising. Piggy didn & # 8217 ; t want to alter the manner he was because he liked himself for what he was and it didn & # 8217 ; t affair to him what the other male childs did ; he wanted to make what was right. The other kids didn & # 8217 ; t like Piggy because he ever wanted to follow regulations and because he was different than everyone else. Piggy wore spectacless at a immature age, and the male childs weren & # 8217 ; Ts used to that. Piggy besides had asthma and he was fat for his age. The male childs didn & # 8217 ; t like holding to cover with a male child that was different. He was left out from most activities. Piggy didn & # 8217 ; Ts have much clip to alter the manner he was because at the terminal of the novel, Piggy ended up acquiring murdered by the male childs. The manner that the kids acted around Piggy and treated him is a good illustration of what society does to people who aren & # 8217 ; t the same as everyone else. Peoples like Piggy wouldn & # 8217 ; t survive in a society without regulations and ordinances. Samneric were male childs that acted as one. Whatever one did, the other had to make the same thing at the same clip. They had one major alteration in the group that they were in. They believed in Ralph and the things that Ralph did. Samneric both stayed in his group when everyone else betrayed him. When Piggy was killed they were forced against their will to fall in Jack & # 8217 ; s group. Alternatively of running off when they had a opportunity, they stayed. Samneric & # 8217 ; s fear for Jack was huge and they knew that Jack would ache them if they left his group. They didn & # 8217 ; Ts have a pick as to whose group they wanted to be a portion of. They still believed in Ralph, and when they could assist them they would. For case, Samneric gave nutrient to Ralph when he asked them what Jack was traveling to make to him if he found him. Samneric besides helped Ralph by stating him where they were traveling to seek for him the following twenty-four hours. However, the two male childs had a alteration in bosom. When they saw Ralph, they told Jack and Ralph had to run off.

A batch of alterations in characters occurred in the narrative for the worse. In a universe without regulations to obey, people will turn into people that they don & # 8217 ; t truly desire to be. Laws hold the society together and do certain everyone stays largely civilized. Lord of the Flies is a perfect illustration of the devastation of the manner of life. Humans turn to savagery as a manner to go on on with life if person wasn & # 8217 ; t there to state them why, when and how to make things.