When we work in a team, group, company or more, the leader takes a very important role. Although the task is equally contributed to every member in a group, it is the leader who orients and directs the process to its destination. In my opinion, a good leader is responsible, good-scheduling and impartial.

First of all, it is the leaders’ onus to make the group’s work come up to standard and satisfying. Therefore, they must handle with the task in a careful and conscientious way.If the process is not conducted well, it should be the leader who takes the blame for that and is in earnest to make amends for the wrongdoings. Whenever his group are in hot water, the leader should be present to give them advice and instructions. Seeing their leader attentive and dedicated to the task is an encouragement for the group to try their best to fulfill the work allocated. In addition, good leaders need to have a rational plans, schedule along with task apportion.

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As a leader, he definitely knows which field each of his members is major in so as to allot them their suitable assignment. Moreover, to keep the progress go smooth and prevent unnecessary delay, it is advisable to plan distinctly and clearly. For example, when a group is working on a nature conservation, each member has to deal with the situation of the natural world this week, conservation and solution next week, and do the rehearsal five days before their presentation. In terms of working atmosphere and group relationship, impartiality is a required characteristic of good leaders.If a leader is unfair, he will give different amount of task to his members, especially the members who are obsequious or in relation to him will be given superficial or less amount of task. That will cause a feeling of partial treating in the others. It is common knowledge that a good leader is sensible, learned and talented. However, as he is lacking in good traces, his knowledge and talent will be nullified in his group.

When working in a group, I believe that a leader with characteristics above will make our process come off.