Charlotte Kasl once stated, “A life-long blessing for children is to fillthem with warm memories of time together. Happymemories become treasures in the heart to pull out on the tough days ofadulthood”. This beautifully articulated statement speaks to myheart’s desire in regards to where I wantto make my impact within the field ofpharmacy. Having an active clinical role in providing a child that “life-longblessing” by simply providing them withmore time. Before the start of my pharmacy career, I knew pediatrics wasa specialty that genuinely held my interest and has consistently remained aniche within the field of pharmacy Iwould like to pursue. My passion for this area ofpractice has never wavered eversince I discovered this specialized profession duringmy pharmacy school’s open house four years ago.With that said, my name is Winfield Whittington III, and it is with great enthusiasm that Iwrite this letter to express my heartfelt interest in the Nemours/AlfredI.

duPont PGY-1 Pharmacy Residencyprogram. An ASHP-accredited program with unique opportunities that I am excitedabout taking the journey to discover.  Weight-based dosing, off-label drug usage and specializedcompounding highlight some of the many challenges faced when treating thispatient population. Making it vital to have specially trainedpharmacists who are capable of working intimately with doctors and hospitalpersonnel to meet the needs of the individual patients. Attention to detail,critical thinking, and compassion are all core elements required when it comesto caring for this population. In addition to my work ethic, I know that Ipossess the qualities that would allow me to excel in this specialized area ofpractice. Even with said elements, I still lack the clinical training and experiencedesired by potential employers and future colleagues.

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Thus making the pursuitof a PGY1 pediatric residency pivotal in reaching my short-term goals ofpediatric-focused residency training followed by a PGY2 in a specialized areaof interest.The Nemours/Alfred I. duPont PGY1 Pharmacy Residency program mostcertainly fits the bill in fulfilling my goals of pediatric-focused residency training.  With the institution being ranked by the U.S.News and World Report as one of the best children’s hospitals in the nation ina variety of specialty areas. I have no doubt that my clinical knowledge andskills will be nurtured and cultivated under the care of medical staff who are consistently ranked among the “Best Doctorsin America” year after year. I value and search for programs that place heavyemphasis on their commitment to thedevelopment of their residents.

That thestructure and opportunities provided not only allow for a customized learningexperience but also produces competent and highly skilled clinicalpractitioners upon completion. I appreciate the fact the program workswith a resident’s interests to develop a rotation that best fits them with the added bonus of a steering committee that’s there to guide and assist you. Furthermore, theprogram provides a multitude ofopportunities that coincide with my owninterest and long-term goals. With adedicated research rotation, it gives methe opportunity to continue my involvement in discovering novel potentialagents in the treatment of therapy-resistant epilepsy. My years spent in theJackson-Ayotunde lab synthesizing novel compounds, learning about medicinalchemistry and drug discovery, has inspired me towards working on my own research path in regards to epilepsy andthe pediatric population. Long-term, I foresee the realm of academia asanother role that I would like to fulfill in addition to a career as apediatric clinical pharmacist in an academic teaching hospital. I hope that asan educator I’ll  be able to foster andencourage students to search for areas within the field of pharmacy practice tospecialize and showcase the wealth that pediatrics has to offer.

  Overall, the kind of training provided by your program aligns with my career interests and will give me the knowledge and skills necessaryof any practicing clinician in the pediatric setting. Attention to detail, criticalthinking, and clear written and verbal communication were all skills that Ideveloped throughout my four years ofconducting pharmaceutical research and various leadership roles. Synthesizingnovel compounds with the potential to treat therapy-resistant epilepsy has provided different modalities forlearning outside of my didactic studies. My oratory skills were refined andimproved via poster and oral presentations at various research symposiums.

Conducting organic synthesis reactions enhanced my critical thinking in regardsto knowing the reasoning and purpose behind the utilization of chemicalreagents, and why specific processes were employed. This skill translates tothe need of clinical pharmacist having a thorough understanding of the drugsutilized in the treatment of individual disease states.  In addition to my work ethic, I know that I possess the qualities andskills that would allow me not only to excel in your program but in my practice asa healthcare professional. As stated previously, time is the giftthat I would like to offer to this cherished patient population. Time to makememories with their loved ones, to experience the joys and wonders that this worldhas to offer. Time to discover their dreams and the opportunity to turn theminto realities.

Being a pediatric pharmacist is more than just its title,you’re in a position where you can give a young patient a fighting chance atlife. As a pharmacist, I want to be ableto establish meaningful relationships with my patients and their families. To empower them to the point where they areconfident in being an active participantin the patient care process. Moreover, what I most enjoy about theprospect of this career, is that you get thepotential to see these young patients turn into young heroes. Champions who’vefaced their afflictions with great tenacity and pride and overcame them likethe victorious conquerors they are. Which is an image that puts a smileon my face every time I think about it.

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing thekids you work with on a daily basis growup into amazing individuals and it makes my heart happy when I know I played asmall part in that process. I respectfully would like torequest the opportunity for an on-site meeting during the specified interviewcycle to further discuss the prospect of a residency opportunity. Should youneed more detailed information, my curriculum vitae is attached within theapplication for your review. If there are any questions, please do not hesitateto contact me.With heartfelt sincerity,