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Chemicals In The Environment Essay, Research PaperChemicals In The EnvironmentIn today & # 8217 ; s society chemicals, whether you like it or non are a fact of life. Many people are afraid of chemicals and their effects on them and the environment. This is apprehensible because the truth of the affair is that chemicals can make some atrocious things to worlds, animate beings and the whole ecosystem. Some would state that chemicals should be done off with for these grounds.

But this surely is non true and most likely impossible. Chemicals can besides hold some really positive effects on our lives. Some uneducated people would reason that there should non be limitations on chemicals. This is merely every bit brainsick as stating that chemicals should be done off with.

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If chemicals are regulated and people abide by those ordinances set in topographic point so we should be able to profit from their usage while at the same clip minimising their negative effects.The negative effects of chemicals in the environment is a long list. When populating things and ecosystems are exposed to some chemicals in certain doses bad things can and will go on.

However these same chemicals can hold good utilizations. An article off the lineone. net web site tells some effects:Breast Cancer has been estimated to hold increased in incidence by one per centum per twelvemonth since the 1940 & # 8217 ; s in theVeazey 2United States, and has increased by 50 per centum in Denmark between 1945 and 1980. It has besides increased in incidence in the United Kingdom over the last few decennaries. Research has suggested a nexus between chest malignant neoplastic disease and exposure to hormone interrupting chemicals such as DDT, dioxin and PCB & # 8217 ; s ( 2 ) .In another article on this site it tells the utilizations of the endocrine disrupting chemicals. DDT which has been banned is an insect powder that was used for many old ages in the United States. PCB & # 8217 ; s or Polychlorinated Biphenyls, and dioxins are chemicals in electrical transformers and capacitances.

Some people would state that because PCB & # 8217 ; s and Dioxins cause malignant neoplastic disease that they should be done off with. However they do non recognize that this would intend giving up their electricity in their places and their transit. This is because every place uses a transformer to change over its electricity to a useable electromotive force. And without capacitances to maintain the amperage and electromotive force in stage autos would non run decently. ( 1 )Talking of autos, who does non utilize one pretty regular? Cars, coachs, trucks, planes, building equipment, all run on burning engines. A burning engine must be fueled by some type of fossil fuel. When a dodo fuel is burned it releases many chemicals someVeazey 3which are likely pathogens such as, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Sulfur Dioxide, PM-10, Benzene, Formaldehyde, PolyeycheHydrocarbons.

The direct benefits of these chemicals may be difficult to see nevertheless they are a necessary if we intend to maintain on utilizing our autos ( Environmed Research Inc. 2 ) .Atrazine is a normally used maize weedkiller in the United States. The lineone web site says:The weedkiller atrazine has been shown to impact the generative system development in rats. Mothers were dosed with atrazine and their progeny showed a hold in vaginal gap in the females and a higher incidence of prostatic redness in the males.

Atrazine has besides been shown to impact endocrine metamorphosis in adult females, which may hold possible deductions for chest malignant neoplastic disease. ( 4 )Antifungals are hundredhemicals used to protect harvests from funguses that can destruct whole harvests. Carbendazim is a antifungal, in the same article it says:It disrupts the production of sperm and amendss testicular development in grownup rats, likely partially through interrupting the collection of cells in tissues which is the same manner as carbendazim works as a antifungal. InVeazey 4add-on, carbendazim is besides a teratogen damaging development of mammals in the uterus. Experiments haveshown that exposure of developing rats in the uterus leads to malformations such as deficiency of eyes and hydrocephaly ( & # 8221 ; H2O on the encephalon & # 8221 ; ) .

( 1 )The insect powder Trichlorfon was besides listed in this article:The organophosphate insect powder Trichlorfon has been listed as a possible hormone disrupter by the German Federal Environment Agency, who report that it can do mammary tumours and affect sperm and egg production. A bunch of Down & # 8217 ; s syndrome kids in Hungary was associated with ingestion of fish from a local fish farm after the fish had become overly contaminated by trichlorfon. A debasement merchandise of trichlorfon, dichlorvos, has been shown to damage immune system map in worlds ; trichlorfon itself amendss immune map in Carp. ( 3 )With all the inauspicious effects of chemicals shown in these research reports it would look that the bad outweighs the good by far.

This is non wholly true. For one thing this research can non be credited as being one-hundred per centum accurate. When chemicals are released intoVeazey 5the environment whatever manner that might be, they are by and large at low doses over long periods of clip. This is non how the trials are carriedout.

To happen out how organisms react to chemicals, scientists expose them to big doses over a short period of clip. Some would presume that one manner is merely every bit bad as the other. However if this were true so cereal would be lifelessly as it contains such minerals as Zn and Fewhich in high measures can be deadly, but little doses spread over a period of clip are really good for your organic structure ( Uncertainty 1 ) .The EPA or Environmental Protection Agency was started in 1970. It is responsible for protecting and keeping the environment for future coevalss.

They try to decrease air, H2O, noise, and radiation pollution. Besides pollution from pesticides and other toxic substances. They have established criterions for air quality and implement them. They conduct all sorts of research on noise and refuse disposal, They besides regulate the handling, control and usage of pesticides. They set and supervise residue degrees in worlds, nutrient, and wildlife ( Encarta 1 ) .I realize that chemicals can be unsafe.

However I feel they are something that should be respected non feared. In the United States we have the EPA which is making a good occupation at doing out state a safer topographic point. Because of the bureau I do non worry about the nutrient I eat or theVeazey 6H2O I drink. I am non stating that everything is every bit good as it could be and that everything is safe, but I believe the United States is far in frontof other states in footings of safety. I besides know that there is more that can be done and believe that it will acquire better.

If we continue to do safer chemicals, maintain utilizing lower doses so I believe the benefits of chemicals will by far outweigh any negative points they may hold.Car Exhaust Car Exhaust1999.