Chernobyl nuclear plant is one of the biggest disasters in history! It happened on April 26, 1986. It was a nuclear radiation disaster. About 4,000 people died. All the survivors suffered from the radiation side affects for the rest of there lives. This also ruined the environment! The nuclear plant exploded exactly at 1:23 A. M. The explosion killed two people.

Then radiation started pouring out of the reactor. There were 134 emergency workers that got involved trying to figure out how to stop it. Firefighters got there at 1:28 A. M.All the fires were extinguished at 6:35 A. M. but that didn’t stop all the radiation. The radiation spread hundreds of miles.

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They finally evacuated on April 27th, 36 hours after the explosions. The radiation levels already reached all the way to Finland! Many people were already exposed to the radiation. All 237 of the workers got acute radiation sickness. There were 31 workers that died in the first three months after the explosion.

The radiation not only affected humans, it also affected plants and other animals.Radiation contaminated rivers and lakes. They used some of that water for drinking so they had to find water that wasn’t contaminated. The radiation affected the fish too. The number of fish species varied from 0. 1 to 60 kbq/kg during the period 1990–92. In conclusion, if this didn’t happen then most of the people that suffered from the radiation would have lived healthy lives.

They could of utilized all the water and fish that was contaminated. Unnecessary lives were lost due to the Chernobyl tradegy. Hopefully something like this never happens again.