Child labour is one of the issues of most manufacturing company where two sides are to be considered for the manufacturing company will have to consider saving on the cost of production by getting cheap labour and giving cheap labour cost to the people labour and debate on the Rawls’ theory of justice, or to follow the ethical theory of Kantian that is not to use child labour for its against human rights to not respect the children rights. In Rawls’ theory of justice towards child labour is that sometimes it make sense to trade off some parts of the child’s life for the sake of making the whole of your life better.This is part of Rawls’ theory that is the maximin strategy which is by having identified all the worst-case scenarios that exist within each option before us, and by having identified all the worst-case possibilities, we then select the one that is the least worse, thus for the child that has done child labour they have choose to work, for they are unable to feed themselves or any other issues which is much worse than working and then will have the chance of getting 3 meals provided and not starve while continue to stand the rights of being a child and not work.Rawls’ theory of justice also to look at the scenario using the veil of ignorance which is by positioning oneself as an individual that has no knowledge on any ethnic origins; whether we will have privileged or deprived upbringing; whether we would be intelligent or slow-witted; male or female; be sexually abused or lead an idyllic childhood; be short or tall, or any other circumstances.

We will be asked a question is that the type of society we would like to live in.As for the situation of child labour this question will be ask to the personnel that has used child labour whether he or she would want to be in if their as a child, and from there the case will be evaluated. Using another theory which is the Kantian ethics, where human beings are put at the very priority of all others. Respect for fellow human being, and the need to treat other people as one would want to be treated one-self, which is to all ages of human.As for the case of child labour, definitely would the an issue to be banned by using the Kantian ethical approach, for child labour is to use a underage child to work as a labour which is against the child’s willingness to work and at times forcing the child to work over the time limit with underpaid low wage, by all this means causing harm toward the child or any human being that is being put on the child shoes. Kantian ethical theory have a ‘Golden Rule’ which is normally xpressed as’ do on to others as you would have done on to yourself’, this maybe support by a couple of cases where one of the case of Addidas company using child labour as part of the manufacturing team in Thailand where the case is brought up when some people are aware of this situation, but Addidas in charged personnel counter with statement that the children’s are given food and providence of education.

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Based on the Kantain ‘Golden Rule’ the Addidas personnel is then counter back with the willingness to allow his own children to be treated as labour’s.